Monday, June 2, 2008

4.5 this week

Looks like things will start to take shape at 4.5 after this weekend.

In Flight A Royal Oaks takes on Greenhill in what should be a great match.

Flight B has three teams tied at 3-2 but the Village seems to have the upper hand there and signed up Jason Warren. Corey follows my philosophy, if you can't beat them, get them signed up on your team. Village has two bottom feeders to finish off the season with so 2nd place should come easy.

High Point has TBar and OC/Bovermann so should be tough but possibly since TBar can play a little loose and still maintain their 1st place slot.


  1. T Bar is in firm control after their win over Brookhaven. I really don't know who will come out of the other flight. Probably Branch and Feldman will be top 2.

  2. June 2nd Rankings:

    1) OC Branch (1) (5-0)
    2) Royal Oaks (t3) (4-1)
    3) TBar (t3) (5-0)
    4) Village (6) (3-2)
    5) OC Feldman (2) (4-1)
    6) Greenhill (7) (4-1)
    7) Brookhaven (5) (3-2)
    8) High Point (9) (3-2)
    9) OC Juhn (13) (2-3)
    10) Hackberry (14) (2-3)
    11) OC Boverman (10) (2-3)
    12) Springpark (8) (2-4)
    13) LBH (12) (2-4)
    14) DFW (11) (1-4)
    15) Canyon Creek (16) (1-5)
    16) Collin County (15) (1-4)
    17) Lakes (17) (0-5)

    Matches of the week:
    4.5A- Royal Oaks (2) v. Greenhill (6)- both are 4-1. Greenhill is fresh off an impressive win against OC Feldman (the same OC Feldman team that handed RO's its only lose this season. How many teaching pros will RO's be able to get out for this match? Prediction- RO- 4-1

    4.5B- High Point (8) v. TBar (3)- High Point is a great candidate for new comer of the year- probably will make the QT tournament- a surpise win against TBar would wake up the rest of 4.5B. TBar has too much and should win 4-1.

    Brookhaven (5) v. OC Boverman (11)- Brookhaven has some good wins and some bad loses- OC Boverman really has to have this one to have any hopes of making the QT- Sorry OC Boverman- Brookhaven 4-1- The best wager for this match is the over/under on how many Coman's OC Boverman will lose- the line is currently set at 4.

    Last week in Review-
    Village 5-0 OCBoverman- Wow! OC Boverman really needed this one in the hopes of making the QT as the 4 seed- remember, they won the QT last year and made the city playoffs as the 4 seed last year- not so much this year- this lose almost assures they will be resting up for next year- they can blame Coman again- Is it in your heads? 4 Comans- 4 Comans lost- Good singles win by Corey

    TBar wins 4 to 1 over Brookhaven- Just when you thought Brookhaven would start making a run- TBar puts on an old fashioned hurtin'- The only Brookhaven win came in a tight singles match where Sechen lost his first set in at least 2 seasons- One Coman away from the 5-0. TBar is looking strong!

    The zero bowl-
    Canyon Creek v. The Lakes- I guess somebody had to win. Congrats to Canyon Creek. The Lakes has 3 more chances to get that 1st win.

    Season Saver-
    OC Juhn wiggles by Collin County 3-2. Looks like Mike Waters and Thomas Juhn may have saved the season by winning the 3rd match in a Coman. This win keeps OC Juhn with a slight shot at the 4 spot.

    Season Saver #2
    Hackberry 4-1 over Spring Park- This one pretty much puts Sprinpark out. Hackberry keeps a very slim hope of the 4 spot alive. They need to be perfect and hope others go into the tank.

    Greenhill 3-2 over OC Feldman- Not many saw this one coming. Greenhill was able to take out 2 of OC Feldman's top lines to win this close one- Howard over Feldman (probably one of the top 5 4.5 singles players in Dallas) and Hopper & Romerhaus over Durten & Wright (previously unbeaten as a team as far as I can tell and unbeaten at Texas Sectionals 2007). Greenhill came back in 2 lines to win in the Coman after surrendering the first sets 6-1. Both teams will make the QT tournment so we may see this one played again in the future.

    Coman Tracker- I got curious-
    OC Boverman's Coman stats
    7 point Comans (team totals)
    won 2 lost 7
    10 point Comans (team totals)
    won 3 lost 7
    All Comans (team totals)
    won 5 lost 14-
    Just get them to a Coman and you have a better than 70% chance of victory

  3. I'm not ready to give Royal Oaks any credit until I see how they do against Branch. I still think without Molina they are an average team. Although you can probably say that if you take away any team's best player. I notice there are only two teams from our flight in the top 6. Do you think the other flight is that much stronger? If you do, I agree. There is too much inconsistency from week to week with the teams in our flight, mine included.

  4. The drop off after TBar and your team to Brookhaven (a slight disappointment thus far) to whoever is next (probably High Point) is pretty big. Y'all beat Brookhaven easily. Brookhaven beat High Point 5-0. In 4.5B- TBar will get the bye to city- Village #2, Brookhaven #3, High Point #4- Brookhaven should beat HP and the Village should take care of Brookhaven (I think it will be closer the second time around). 4.5A is much more interesting. Royal Oaks picked up some names since they lost a close one to OC Feldman 3-2 early in the season. At this point, RO and Feldman are in a virtual tie. Both have to play OC Branch and both have 2 other matches in addition to the Branch match. Felman's 2 other matches are cake. They play the Lakes and Canyon Creek. 1 win between those two. RO's has to get their pros out and they have to play Greenhill. My guess is that Branch #1, Feldman #2, RO's #3 and Greenhill #4. This probably goes down like this if OC Branch decides to play its people to try to limit city to 4 teams rather than 5 (and as is always the case- teams get most of their best players out). The QT will go down like this- RO's will take down Greenhill. RO's will then take down OC Feldman. What would make it interesting is if OC Branch loses a match and enough lines to let RO's or OCFeldman in as the top seed of 4.5A- Having 5 teams make city makes it interesting. RO's beat Feldman in the Fall with Molina for what that's worth. He didn't play in the first go round this season. If I had to predict on the 2 Dallas reps at Sectionals (if they get 2). I go with OC Branch and RO's (if their pros can take the weekend off to play cities).

  5. racer x I love reading your post it is like reading some foreign language since I have no idea who 95% of these teams are but I look forward to playing some of you soon. I have to agree with your assessment from purely looking at stats as I have I think Royal Oaks and Branch look like the top teams. We all know Branch will win out but if Dallas gets another WC which it should I think the fight for 2nd place could be very tight between Royal Oaks, Village and TBar

  6. Royal Oaks has some dogs now that I was not aware of. It looks like Gonzales is a player (although probably needs to watch strikes), Bui should be a 5.0, Molina should be a 5.0, Rauschuber will beat 90% of the 4.5s, Greg Zachary when his head is in the game can beat quite a few players, Jeff Smithson can play some ball when he is not teaching 24/7, Robert Meek and Adam Webb (played at Hardin-Simmons)are solid but not spectacular. Matt Eckel can be dangerous player if he has been practicing, was a decent junior. Also looks like Richard Charles is a solid player, but I have never hit with him before, all of the others I have hit with while I lived in Dallas.
    I might have to stop by the club and watch the match this weekend.
    If Royal Oaks has Molina, Bui, Gonzales, Rauschuber playe they should win 3-2, if missing 1-2 of them they will lose 3-2 or 4-1.

  7. ok probably do not expect Molina and few of the teaching pros to play Saturday more than likely due to the Texas Grand Slam Tournament in WF.

  8. That is the problem with getting active teaching pros on your roster. There are too many other things going on for them to play, especially for the away matches.