Saturday, June 21, 2008

Latest league results

So 3.5 is getting close to wrapping up.

HP/Jameson posted a big sweep and added a last minute player-Victor Rodriguez. Always a fan of a fellow Latino, hopefully he played some Davis Cup for S. America so he can takedown dirty Garland next weekend. Sisk I would love to come watch but it is my daughter's 1st B-day party so I don't think I will drive her down to the GTC to celebrate. Good luck to both teams, who am I kidding...go get 'em High Point.

In flight B there is logjam or teams as Stonebridge beat Gleneagles today. It is a good thing GE starts strong because they always seem to fizzle at the end of the season. They are still in the mix for the playoff spots along with GH, CC and Stonebridge and OC/Nehlsen has a say in what happens as well. Should be a great last weekend.

Flight C will be decided next week as Lifetime plays Brookhaven. OC nailed down 1st place today with a convincing win so the other three teams will sort out positioning next weekend.

No results yet on GH v. Hackberry that match should tell us who will get the top spots and the order will work itself out next weekend.

In flight B the Village and HP posted wins. BH hasn't reported but it looks like those four will fight it out for the playoffs in this flight. Sorry to see Uhlig didn't qualify for the playoffs, knowing Erik's game from playing with and against him he could have played with anyone in the 4.5 league here in Dallas and gave HP as chance to score some big upsets.

Corey, what happened? Hard for me to envision someone taking you to the woodshed like that. Looks like Collins might be a 5.0 come mid July...


  1. It was hard for me to imagine also. That was my worst loss ever in 4.5 team tennis I believe. I didn't play well but it wouldn't have mattered. I would think this score would definitely lead to a mid-year bump. He also beat Kevin Durten 0 and 1 last week, and he was conference player of the year for my college in early 2000s. He was obviously a serious junior player who is getting back into the game and only getting better I would imagine.

    Anyway, we finished second so we need to win one match in the mini-playoff to go to the DCCs. Have I mentioned how happy I am with the DTA for the 4.5 playoff format? We haven't seen many 4.5 complaints here.

  2. I have to say I'm not upset to see that Erik didn't qualify for the playoffs. I don't really think he was a 4.5 player based on watching him. But Brian Gilson looks like he has really picked up his game since I played him so they will still be tough.


    The Lakes (0-6) beats Royal Oaks (5-1). I've been saying all season that if Royal Oaks didn't have there A lineup they were an average team at best. They proved that today. They have put themselves at risk to miss the playoffs, especially since they are playing Branch next week.

    Branch's team beat Feldman's in what looks like it was a thriller. Three of five matches went to 3rd-set tiebreak and Branch's team pulled it out 3-2.

    Anybody have any thoughts?

  4. wow Corey that is huge. Shows how good some of those 4.0 guys playing up on that team are as well. That really does mess with their playoff hopes, they will have to play their way into which will be tough in that flight especially with their limited depth as you mentioned. I know how that is, I have an A lineup I would take against any team but getting those 8 on the court is tough.

    As far Erik I do think he is a legit 4.5, he played .500 tennis in Nor Cal, granted Nor Cal is a notorious place for ringers so he was probably playing against some stiff competition out there. I actually tried to get him to play 4.0...We were going to name him Erik Uhligh. He is also a great doubles player

  5. No we haven't talked about the 4.5 league playoff format. I really like it. I know you don't get to play as many matches in the QT weekend but I like the idea of the lower placed teams having a chance if they can beat the two teams in front of them.

    This format was used in Spring 2006when I played 3.5 and our team had a great record but we weren't the best team in the flight and sure enough the Village played their way up from 3rd or 4th to beat Garland then us and then go on to win the DCC. They deserved to win that year because they were the best team and in other formats such as the 3.5 and 4.0 ones this year they would not have even gone to the QT.

    I wouldn't be opposed to having the QT look like this at other levels as well, it might mean less matches but I think that is what is happening already but it would keep more teams interested longer in the season. Also I think the better teams would do well in this format and that is what we are looking for right?

  6. Corey,

    What else do you know about Collins? If it is who I think it is he played at Lewisville H.S., i played him in HS and Juniors once or twice, if he is about 28-30 y.o.
    Pretty good player if he can beat Durten 1,0

  7. I know very little. He is 29 years old and went to Baylor (or tried). He said he lived in Flower Mound but I don't know if he meant now or as a junior. I really can't imagine anybody beating Kevin 1 and 0. I saw Kevin lose to John Nallon like 5 and 4 a couple of years ago, and he was playing for A & M at the time. The heat was probably a factor though since Kevin plays mostly doubles now.

  8. I agree . . . I think the 3.5 and the 4.5 guys had no beef with the playoffs. In both 3.5 and 4.5 they continue to play a round robin City Championship.

    But the 4.0 guys do have a legitmate concern. They no longer play a round robin. So it means less matches, less fun and maybe not the fairest way to pick TWO teams to go to Sectionals. I know several guys called the DTA office about that but the DTA just blew them off w/o much of an explanation.

  9. I was talking to Brian Modic yesterday and he said many 4.0 guys e-mailed him and he responded to their questions. He was very friendly and informative to me with the questions I was asking him yesterday as well. I wouldn't respond to e-mails or calls from people who are angry or rude if it were me. I don't know if that was the case, but based on some of the posts I would guess it was.

  10. If Brian Modic responded to some emails, that's really good!

    But why not post something on their DTA website? There are several thousand league players and hundreds of 4.0 players. And a lot of those people have questions.

    The real problem is not so much what the DTA does, but the lack of communication. They haven't figured out how to communicate with large numbers of players. Posting more info on their website would be a help.

  11. Corey,

    Lakes had Royal Oaks' number last season as well, won them 3-2 in a close match. Valtierra/Richardson won 6-0, 6-0 yesterday, somewhat of a surprise. Lakes' line 1 doubles guys Jannasch/Pollack pretty strong 4.5s, no surprise there. Biggest surprise was line 2 singles win by Matt Dunford. Matt usually plays doubles, but hung in to pull the win.

    You're right Royal Oaks didn't have Molina and a few others, but Lakes 4.5 team is a weird team, they have only eight 4.5 players, the remaining are all 4.0.

  12. Anybody know who won the Greenhill v. Hackberry 4.5 match? Not posted as of Sunday at 6.

  13. 4.0 Lakes lost a line, and HP won all 5. Way to choke the #1 seed away. Now you have no shot at sectionals.

  14. Now HP is the #1 seed, which is the only way they would have made it to the sectionals. They were crapping in their pants worrying about SP. Lakes has a better match up against SP than HP did. Be ready to see Lakes in the finals. Don't act surprised.

  15. Lakes kinda sucks.

  16. The Greenhill/LBH Jones will officially be replayed next weekend. Arnette's team is not very happy and they are appealing the case to Texas USTA. It looks like LBH/Jones is back on track towards their magical season to beat HP. GO LBH.

  17. Both HP and SP kinda suck too, along with Lakes - just a bunch of sand baggers.

  18. So every team that is better than yours is a bunch of sandbaggers?

  19. Actually, being in a different flight, as a team, we think we are better than those three teams, but that doesn't change our opinion about them.

    The way they have been beating up on their competition, either their flights are filled with 3.5s or they are sand baggers or a combination.

  20. So what is the story on Greenhill and LBH-Jones? Why would a match need to ever be replayed.

  21. Man I miss Eddie Hill

  22. DTA's decision, they won't talk about it. I think some miscommunication between the teams, that they couldn't play at the scheduled time.

  23. Nice Choke Lakes. HP is going to run away with this whole thing. Too bad the missing piece to the puzzle is EDDIE HILL

  24. Sorry, Eddie's shoulder is really hurting...he hasn't picked up a racket in weeks.

  25. Looks like the two third place teams to get a ticket to the QT will be from Flight A (Tbar) and Flight B (BH Helterbran). BH/Pearlman missed marginally.

  26. Yep, all the haters ran Eddie off the blog. 26 comments this week... (down from about 100+)

  27. Wow, Greenhill 4.0 lost to BH/Bartlett, and is now at the verge of not making the playoffs - looks like 23 players wasn't enough.

  28. Did LTF 3.5 add ANOTHER unranked player?

  29. interested to see how that LBH/GH match comes out, I didn't talk about this LB team but they look rather strong. Lakes v. SP, toss up but SP looked impressive sending Burt's team home today. Stonebridge had a good win but will miss the playoffs in a very tough flight even though they beat LBH today.

    QT should be interesting, I think LBH should be the fave but Ratana and Walker didn't look overly impressive today not sure if they were tired from Tyler but I would have picked both of them to win easier v. SBridge singles players.

  30. In all USTA tournaments they put the 1 and 2 seeds on opposite sides and then draw for 3 and 4. Will they do this for the playoffs?

    Garland 3.5 has added several big-time ringers late in the season in hopes of making Nationals.


    Plays at a 4.5 level. He played #2 singles for Highland Park in 2001 when they made the state finals. He was a dominant player on one of the best HS tennis teams in the country. He is an excellent athlete who has played tennis nearly his whole life and has had outstanding coaching. He is WAY, WAY better than 3.5

    Played #1 singles on his HS team both junior and senior years. Also played QB on the football team and was a pitcher on the baseball team. Also played athletics at Seton Hall. He has played high-level tennis for many years. Plays at about a 4.5 level.

    Both these guys have been warned by John Sisk to keep their scores close.

    A solid 4.0 player who sat out a few seasons and was talked into playing 3.5 by Sisk. Hardwick was very competitive at level 4.0 just a few years ago.

    And let's not forget the player who changed the spelling of his name to try to self-rate below his real level. That was Jonh Sisk's "creative" idea.


    Captains, are you guys going to file a few self-rate grievances or just let Garland steal the 3.5 Dallas City Championship???

  32. Mr. Anonymous

    You sound rather bitter and your complaints would hold more merrit if your data contained facts about the actual players on the team.

    I am loving your data on Glenn Flora. While I agree there is a Glenn Flora that you can find on google that went to Setan Hall and did the things you have stated here - that is not THE Glenn Flora that plays for Garland's 3.5 team. Let me help you with your search by telling you Glenn went to Purdue.

    Here is another google search I found interesting. John Sisk is the speed and conditioning coach at the University of Vanderbilt. He runs a 4.5 and helped train Jay Cutler. We really appreciate him using his spare time to coach the 3.5 team here in Dallas.

    As for Zach, claiming someone played tennis on a good high school team seven years ago, does not quantify a grievance.

    Let it go. Are the guys you mentioned 3.5 players?? That is for the system to work out. If they are deemed higher than 3.5 then they will get bumped.

  33. Just saw the results and can't believe the Lakes lost a line and let HP win the league title. Just noticed Valtierra from the Lakes won a 5.0 match this year and still has his 4.0 rating?? And you guys were hounding Ratana. Go LB

  34. wow now seeing Hackberry beat Greenhill, Royal Oaks really screwed the pooch losing to Lakes, Zachary must feel horrible losing to a guys who had not won a 4.5 match in the last 2 league seasons.
    Royal Oaks now must win at least one match next weekend against Branch, which may not be difficult since Branch has already clinched 1st, in order to clinch 3rd place.
    Hackberry/Greenhill will come down to who wins the most matches next weekend for the 4th spot.

  35. I agree with T McKinney _ "let the system work".

    But self-rated grievances ARE an important part of the NTRP system. That's a new rule just added this year. When two High School tennis stars (Courntey & Flora) drop down to play 3.5 the self-rate grievance should be used to keep the competition fair. That's what that rule was designed to do.

    Anyone who has seen some of the top Highland Park tennis players knows that this guy, Courtney, has no business playing 3.5. Same goes for Flora.

  36. The posts like the one above from anonymous at 5:48 a.m. Show how ignorant most folks are regarding the rules and regulations surrounding USTA league tennis. It is laughable to hear people say dumb shit like "he played high school tennis," "he was a QB in high school" and "he went to Seton Hall.".

    There are probably only a handful of people who actually know how the system works and who know the rules well enough to actually file a grievance that the USTA does not throw in the trash.

    You can't file a grievance because someone is good but there is no rule against being a moron but there should be.

  37. Thanks, John Sisk for your comments. Filing a self-rate grievance is explained in the USTA rule book, section 2.02e page 9. Even a moron, like me, can read. It was added to the rules in 2008 so that captains and players could help stop abuses like we are seeing with Garland 3.5.

    Playing #2 singles in the HS state finals is EXACTLY the type of information that the USTA uses to DQ out of level players.


    Don't let the cheaters intimidate you.

  38. I would hate to play 3.5. You guys are a bunch of crybabies.

  39. Garland 3.5 kinda sucks . . . and cheats!

  40. 4.0 League Update...

    Looks like Greenhill Arnette must have won their appeal vs LBH Jones. The match is now shown as 4-1 Greenhill with Marcus Dillender of LBH being DQ'd. Must have been self-rated, because his previous wins have been overturned resulting in two more losses for LBH.

  41. Leave Garland 3.5 alone. They have not done anything wrong. Time to move on.

    - Hardcourt

  42. I love this blog but have to admit I am tired of all of the whining. Just play your damn matches and if you can't win, practice harder. If someone messes with the system because he desires to play at a lower level than his ability, that's his problem. I personally would claim absolutely no victory in winning in that manner but realize others want to win regardless of how they do it. I don't care for or about those people but I also don't care to whine about it either. Just show up every week and play the man on the other side of the net and if you don't win, don't make excuses. Just work harder to improve.


  43. Hardcourt = Hardwick?

  44. The biggest correlation to success in 3.5 league tennis seems to be the combination of 4.0 players that have appealed back to 3.5 and the addition of quality self-rated players.

    19 of the 20 appeals back to 3.5 play on play-off contenders.

    Garland had only one appeal but has added 5 self-rated players to the team that won the Fall and went to sectionals last year.

    Are they within the rules? Technically yes.

    Are they doing everything in their power to make a run at nationals?

    Does the rest of the league think their behavior is ethically correct?
    Probably not.

    My bet is that not too many people would be disappointed to see Garland fail.

  45. people have different set of ethics thats for sure; but there is no way to completely control.

    In the end, this our hobby, there isnt anyone making money at this if they make nationals.

    Agree with Wines' comments, complaining does nothing for us, just go out and improve or play harder and let it all happen on the court. those that do it the right way will have much more satisfaction than those that manipulate the system


  46. I even have to agree and they are my competition. Leave Garland alone. 3.5 IS becoming crybaby-ish.

    I think ALL the bitterness was spilled on here 3 weeks ago, and now, its just overkill.

    They have a good team. Deal with it. Practice more, play harder, and rise to the occassion.

    I hope to hell we play them and beat them. I feel great about my teams chances to beat them. We will have everyone healthy and back come playoffs. If we don't beat them, I hope they win Nationals. They just better do both or neither.

    There will be a lot more 4.0 players next season, that is all I really know. Let's just stop the complaining for now... please....

  47. The 2.02E Grievance Procedures are not new in 2008. Those regulations have been around for as long as I've been a captain. The only difference in 2008 from previous years is the separation of the "self-rated" grievance procedures from the "generic" grievance procedures.

    I agree you can follow the instructions and file as many grievances as you would like. Under no circumstances, EVER, has a grievance been sustained with flimsy evidence such as "line 2 on a high school tennis team." that type of junk just does not work, it just wastes everyone's time. The ONLY way you will EVER win a self-rate grievance is to show that the person lied on thier self-rating application in tennislink by showing evidence that the person does not fit within the Self-Rating Guidelines. That is it, the only way. You can talk all day long about this and that and how great this person looked, etc - it will get you nowhere. The same goes for pointing to tournament play results - it simply does not matter. For example, Forrest Fueille can go 200-0 in tournaments and win every 4.0 and 4.5 major zone winning 6-0, 6-0 and he won't be DQ'd based upon that evidence pursuant to a 2.02E Greivance. It is not fair but that is simply how the system works (you typically have to wait a year and let the system bump these guys up automatically).

    By all means, keep filing your protests so the DTA can make sure to fill up their garbage cans.

  48. honestly I think these guys are probably within the limits but there is grounds for a bump to 4.0 depending on the level of success at the HS level. I know a have quoted this story before but I attempted to get a player put on my 3.5 team and he honestly filled out the Self rate form and was issued a 4.0 rating. He appealed to Tosha Smith in Ausin and was rejected and played on my 4.0 team. He made it to the state tourney a couple of times but lost at that level in HS.

    His name is Forrest McMillian, you can look up his stats, he lost all his matches at 4.0 but was a good player, I guess I should have changed his last name or something...

    Truly i don't think these players on the Garland team could hang with previous 3.5 ringers like Jermaine Mayfield, Vijay Singh, Antonio El Rincon or even the famous Eddie Hill, in fact Mark Wines might be in that group as well, but i am with him there is only so much to do about it.

    I do think we will have a huge number of teams at 4.0 next year which probably means if we form 65 teams, the DTA will put us in like 20 flights and have us play 4 matches. :)

    I think for the Fall we should see about how many teams we have and drop/combine or add teams to make sure there is a number that would force them to create flights with a least 9-11 matches.

  49. school of BenderJune 23, 2008 at 1:35 PM

    We need as many matches as possible in the fall. That way I can lose a bunch of matches and keep my rating.

  50. Yes, the scores of some of the top players in the Spring are quite different from their scores in the Fall. Fall back and Spring forward rings true for many players.

  51. if they lower the number of matches, then expect the usta fee to go up accordingly. expect to pay more and get less.

  52. Bender's teams never play in the fall. He hasn't had a fall team since 2003. According to TennisLink his fall 2003 level 3.5 team did pretty good but got beat in the playoffs.

    But you are right _ we do see many top players do better in the spring than fall. The term "ratings managment" comes to mind.

    We have seen a number of late roster additions by 3.5 playoff teams trying to find a few more ringers for the playoffs.
    - Zack Courtney (High School star)
    - Jerry Defeo ???
    - Glenn Flora (High School star)
    - Jeremy Hung ???
    - Victor Rodriguez ???
    - Johan Mudsam ???

    Don't know these guys but I bet they are all ringers. You don't see guys added to rosters with only 2 or 3 matches to go _ except where they have been recruited by the top teams.

    These are NOT guys that happen to be new to town just looking to play some tennis.

  54. You have got to be kidding me! I can say that Glen and Zach are good players but by no means have they been able to beat me down. I have lost to both of them but by a break of serve and no less and I am a benchmark 3.5. Yes, they are better than most 3.5 but they are not playing 4.0 tennis just not yet...give a few more months and they may be par with VJ and Trey. Maybe? But grievences? For real? I know one thing I will never play 3.5 again after this is all said and done. I know and have read 4.0 does not have this issue of whiny ass people complaining about other players being better.

  55. okay, thats a BIG stretch. I don't know anyone that would tank a Fall season for a Spring Season.

    Let me guess, professional atheletes rig their games as well to make more money for the league. These competitive atheletes that were so competitive to go all the way to the top, give up games in the playoffs to make more money for the league?

    Sorry, don't believe that one either. Competitors compete to be the best.

  56. SHUT UP YOU 3.5 CRYBABIES!!! You obviously play for a team that can't compete with the big boys. Just because your captain doesn't recruit top talent is no reason to hate on the teams that do. I don't even play your level and I hate you. Drop down to 3.0 or improve your game. You sound like an idiot complaining about people who were good in high school 10 years ago.

  57. Players are added to a team late in the season, cause they spot a good player, and know he could help the team. Not Rocket science. Sure the hell aren't going to add shtty players late in the season.

    I have said this before too. Blog lore is a lot like urban legend sometimes.

    By the time you finish reading some of this blog stuff, these guys could have played in the US Open and won it ... THEN, you see them play in a tourney, and your just not impressed. They don't hit a 130 mph serve, they arent 7' tall, and they don't hit tennis rockets for returns. They are very average, or maybe good, but not great.

    But until you see them play yourself, the Urban Legend just continues to grow.

  58. actually you probably will not find tanking of players at their same level, but rather players chucking matches so they can get bumped back down for the spring season. There are several players that have done this after getting, what they considered an unfavorable ESR.

  59. To who said: "okay, thats a BIG stretch. I don't know anyone that would tank a Fall season for a Spring Season."

    Check out the records of C. Carlquist from a year or two ago. Try and convince me he was not tanking matches at the 4.5 level.

    If you look you can find more like this.

  60. LOL. Do you know Chad? Chad is a good 4.0 player, but I seriously doubt he was tanking at 4.5 - he was getting beat. Unless he told you specifically that he tanked all his matches that season - you need to stop spreading this garbage.

  61. Why do I suspect everyone of those "late additions" for Garland, HP and Lifetime are really good.

    Nobody seems to know anything about any of them and they get added with 2 to 3 weeks left. They are either really bad or really good.

    Lets see... 3 contenders... 3 teams that are not short of players to fill out their rosters...

    I bet all of these guys are completely legitimate and will be good 3.5s and could not be very competitive in 4.0. Sure one of them played 2 singles on a state runnerup team in Highland Park and one was on a 4.0 team several years ago (even if he did not play any matches). Most of have foreign names and for some reason those foreign guys nobody ever heard of can play really nice tennis.

    We shall see how they do in the post season. The Garland/HP/Lifetime folks all need to win and will actually have to show their cards this weekend. I think we will find out more about them this week.

  62. Chad Carlquist has a BIG forehand (but it is not a model of consistency) and a really good serve (especially since he is left handed) but he is not out of level at 4.0. He is a nice player but he is just a strong 4.0. Can he compete at 4.5? Only if he is on but on a day in an day out basis; he is just a real good 4.0.

  63. Jane Gilpin told me she was personally flying in to show up for those matches with a red card in her hand. She said she has nothing better to do besides hit the delete button on emails, but she said that gets really boring.

    it will be a good weekend for these matches. Obviously, Garland would like to test its mettle. LTF/Brookhaven needs to win it outright.

  64. And for the record, a strong 3.5er is a "competitive" 4.0 player.

    Some1 said on this blog earlier that a very strong X.x level player could play 2 levels up, and not get blown out. I agree.

    If you can't win a few matches playing up ONE level, you need to rethink your game cause your not very good.

  65. There are three big matches in 3.5 this week.

    The biggest:

    Flight A
    Garland 8-0 v HP 8-0
    This should be interesting. Due to the much better singles players at Garland, I like Garland in this matchup but HP has enough double and if they can steal one singles they can win. With that said, I suspect Garland wins 4-1.

    Flight B
    Greenhill/Kayser v Stonebridge/Cook
    Winner goest to QT and loser stays at home. I like Stonebridge. With the GH DQ, I think that will ahve taken wind out of their sails and Stonebridge wins 3-2.

    Flight C
    Lifetime v Brookhaven
    This is the same as Flight B. Winner goes to the post season and loser starts getting the roster ready for the fall. I like Lifetime in a 4-1. We shall see how the new guy does for LT.

  66. Jacques,

    As a player who went 7-0 at last year's QT and city play-offs, it is good to know that your new self-rated 3.5 players can't blow you out, but they can beat you.

    All that says to me is that you should all be 4.0 players.

    That said, anything less than a win at cities would be a disappointment.

  67. 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 why is the DQ not consistent. You have 1 3.5 player beat another 3.5 player & is DQ. Then a 3.5 beats a 4.0 and nothing. And yes next year it moves players up, but right behind them are another bunch, so doesn't level out. One of the reasons lots of players don't play leagues or tournaments. I think a 3.5 player or 4.0 player really knows what he is, but just can't take getting beat. We forget that there is a range of 3.5 & 4.0, some are 3.1 & some are 3.4 if you take a close look at it. Some at the low in & some at the high end and always will be.

  68. If you will notice all Chad's losses were in singles at 4.5. He won some of his doubles at that level. He is not a 4.5 singles player. That is why he got moved back to 4.0.

  69. If you didn't happent to see...Eddie's shoulder is really hurting...he hasn't picked up a racket in weeks.

  70. Nobody cares about Eddie except Eddie. He is an average 4.0 at best.

  71. Eddie kinda sucks. actually he really sucks

  72. Lets be nice on the blogs. Eddie hasnt done anything to get all the harrasment

  73. 4.5 update

    I missed a week. I had to go on strike. Cary wasn't paying enough. Glad we worked that out. In the last two weeks, the 4.5 world went a little nuts. A couple of huge upsets and an even bigger shocker.....OC Boverman's team won a coman breaker. On to team rankings:

    In 2 the last 2 weeks, this became a mess. I may have to just start drawing names out of a hat. Quick guess. Which team has the longest win streak after OC Branch. Surprise- Hackberry is tied for 2nd with 3 wins in a row. They should get number 4 against the Lakes this week. They are what you call hot. Making that late push for the QT.

    1) OC Branch (1) (7-0)
    2) Village (4) (5-2)
    3) OCF (3) (5-2)
    4) tbar (5) (6-1)
    5) Royal Oaks (2) 5-2
    6) High Point (6) 5-2
    7) Brookhaven (7) 5-2
    8) Hackberry (9) 4-3
    9) Greenhill (8) 4-3

    WTF Match Number 1:
    High Point over tbar 3-2- I really, really underestimated High Point this season. High Point was 1-7 in the Fall. Great turn around here. Maybe I shouldn't consider this one a shocker. HP has now beaten the 2 teams ahead of them in the 4.5B standings. This was a tight match with the #2 singles coming down to a coman. Yoshida is the hero here.

    WTF match #2
    Lakes over Royal Oaks 3-2 (and coulda been 4-1).
    If you are Royal Oaks, how do you lose this one. The Lakes was the last winless team and they go out and beat the previously number 2 ranked team. This is one of the biggest upsets in 4.5 in a while. Either the Lakes has been playing all year for next year or Royal Oaks isn't as deep as they might need to be. This match featured a WTF inside of a WTF. Matt Duford (0-10) this year at 4.5 takes down Greg "the club pro" Zachary in a third set coman. This singles match reminds me of a conversation I had with the wife (only 7 years here- Cary's got me beat). I yell to the wife- "what is that smell. Are you cooking something." She answers, "Just cooking up some of that chicken you like." Hmmmm, after much thought I yell, "wow, something smells fishy. Is that you or the chicken." I discovered the couch was a bit lumpy to sleep on that night.

    WTF #3
    Hackberry over Greenhill 4-1. Never seen this before. All 5 lines went to 3rd set Coman's. This could have gone 5-0 either way. This is where you would really like to see OC Boverman on the other side of the net. This was a tough lose for Greenhill because they clinced the playoffs with a win. Now they have to hope to win more lines against a tougher opponent than Hackberry wins next week. Not quit the penthouse to the outhouse but close.

    Match of the week.
    OC Branch over OC Feldman 3-2. These old rivals go after it. Another close one to pin on the wall. This one included 3 3rd set Coman's. Coulda gone a lot of different directions. Probably a preview of something that will be seen at Cities.

    Next week.
    4.5B is done. Tbar gets the bye to city. QT has High Point playing Brookhaven with the winner going against the Village. A bigger breakdown will follow in the days leading up to the QT.

    1 biggie. OC Branch v. Royal Oaks. Had RO's won last week this woulda pitted the 1 v. 2 match up. OC Branch can't be caught so I anticipate they empty that deep bench and who knows what RO's will do. A good solid win might bump them up to the 2 seed (doubt that happens).

    And a couple of results to watch.
    Hackberry and Greenhill are tied for the last spot in the QT. They go in tied in record and lines won/loss. The good news for GH is they go in with a 2 set advantage. The bad news for GH is they play a slightly tougher Springpark while Hackberry plays bottom dweller the Lakes. Prediction- Hackberry says hello to QT. Of course, by just predicting HB's win, I have just cursed HB. Sorry!

  74. I love it!!!Don Harvey has beaten Zack and Glen and I don't see his bio!Maybe you're respecting my AARP man,thank you! Anonymous how could you have missed those matches,if you know us so well?

  75. I missed your analysis racer x. I posted that that was the biggest 4.5 upset I've ever seen in team tennis. Thanks for putting us back in the #2 spot. We will have our hands full in the QT though, but I think we have a much better chance against one of the teams than the other. Royal Oaks got saved by Greenhill's loss. Now they will make the playoffs for sure.

  76. I was wondering when the anti-Sisk campaign was going to start again. Were you guys on vacation or what? As usual somebody is talking without any firsthand knowledge of the Garland players. Glen, Zack, and George haven't exactly been lighting up the scoreboard in their matches this season. John is right. Don is the one to worry about.
    Also, good luck filing a grievance based on somebody's results 8 or 10 years ago. Ten years ago I had never held a racket. Completely irrelevant history. I'm assuming Mr. Anonymous is focusing on Garland because his season is already over. Am I right?
    John and I will see you guys at Sectionals.

  77. Dallas Tennis blows. You guys all suck. come down to the ATX or Houston for some real tennis.

  78. HP, SP, and Lakes would be subpar teams in Austin or Houston.

  79. The Lakes is subpar here in Dallas too.

  80. That last comment was pretty funny.

  81. Maybe this year Houston will use a few Houston players and not have to recruit DFW players for thier team.

  82. Bmo, If our teams meet up,introduce yourself! Btw if I met my new additions in January,they would've played on day one. I'm trying to model after sumabut and bender they have been there and done that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Haven't noticed a lot of good Austin results in the Major Zones. Has Austin 4.0 ever made it out of Sectionals?

  84. 859 posting,who showed up from your terf in waco or tyler?

  85. LOL! Houston and Austin have to shit talk on the Dallas website??? Obviously u guys must have no personalities (exceptions to Dutch, who at least isn't a jerk), so you have to go out of town to our website to find some.

    Embarassing that you can't even create any shit talk on your own blogs. What's happening on the South Dakota tennis blog? Do you guys know that one too? eh?

    Dallas just hasn't finessed the ability for EVERYONE to play below their level like Houston has apparently.

  86. What determines the seeding for the QT?

  87. I'm just guessing, but I would assume they would seed according to their records. I would think they would seed the four #2s and then seed the two #3s according to their records.

  88. If they seed all six teams in the QT I would think that the #1, #4 and #6 seeds would be in one flight and the #2, #3 and #5 seeds would be in the other flight, but again this is just a guess.

  89. So is it based off records and then number of individual wins?

  90. Anyone know why Hackberry (Ellis) and JCC (Steinberg) haven't played their match from in 4.0 flight C? It was scheduled for May 18th. It will dertermine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in that flight.

  91. The tiebreakers are:

    1. Team Wins
    2. Team Loses
    3. Individual Wins
    4. Individual Loses
    5. Sets Lost
    6. Games Lost

  92. Anyone notice that Eddie's shoulder is hurt and he hasn't picked up a racket in weeks.He probably won't be available for the QT due to his pending surgery. Good thing LTF picked up a 4.5 player to replace him.

  93. Welcome back "Anonymous". Where did you go???

  94. LOL!!! I love it. Welcome back. Just in time for the playoffs. Something tells me with that short and sweet comment that the court is going to do all the talking this time for him.

  95. John Sisk,
    Don't try to justify your cheating by naming Somabut and Bender. Somabut has all computer rated players that have played 4.0 for several years. Sure Bender sucks. But he is over 60 years old and not competitive at level 3.5. And his 3.5 team is below average this year. YOU are the one bringing in self-rated ringers that are way out of level, including HS tennis stars, and adding them to your team.

    And by the way, you will NEVER be as good a captain as those two guys!

  96. Some Good 3.5 Matches this week, but they are very predictable.

    Garland will crush High Point 4-1 or 5-0. Any of their new ringers (Courtney, Harvey, Flora) will sweep singles and doubles will also be too much for HP. Garland advances to the DCC while HP and Canyon Creek make the QT. HP is over rated.

    Greenhill beats Stonebridge 3-2 or 4-1. Remember Stonebridge lost 0-5 to CC. Stonebridge is way over rated. Canyon Creek/Jolly advances to the DCC while Gleneagles and Greenhill make the QT.

    LifeTime with their new ringer, Mudsam, will be much too tough for Brookhaven. Look for a 4-1 or 5-0 blowout. Oak Creek advances to the DCC while Life Time and Oakridge advance to the QT.

    I favor Life Time to win the QT

    Garland finishes 1st place. 2nd place is up for grabs and probably goes to Oak Creek. If Oak Creek falters then Life Time finishes 2nd place.

  97. When are the QT and DCC tournaments?

  98. Wow.. there is some whining here. Although, I am glad to see that someone else noticed how these foreign names always seem to be pretty good. Guys with names like Johan (probably Swedish) and those a little older recall how good Swedish players were just a few years ago.

  99. For 4.0, when are the QT flights announced? I believe its being played at Brookhaven.

  100. Why is Stonebridge overrated?

    Lost to Canyon Creek (1st place) included three third set tiebreakers. Other loss 3-2, included two third set tiebreakers.

    Just beat Glen Eagles who was in first place last week.

    Should be a close match.

  101. SB is not overrated but I don't think any of the teams in that flight will make noise in the playoffs so who really cares which one of them make it to the playoffs, at best they can play the role of spoiler.

  102. It's only Tuesday. Go back to work.

  103. Houston and Austin will crush Dallas at 3.5 and 4.0 so I hope you all have fun at your little tournament in July there in Dallas, celebrate because that is where it ends for you all and for 4.5 as well, Branch's team will come up short yet again at Sectionals.

    Maybe Not so Lucky lightning or whomever or little John sisk can get team together sometime but it isn't this year. That bender guy has the right idea, you all should focus on 3.0 and maybe 2.5

  104. i don't know. i heard glen flora played tennis, football and baseball at seton hall.

  105. Somnabut's 2 best players are self rated. Keller last fall and Blumberg this spring. They give him a better chance at sectionals than he had last year. Doesn't mean there is anything wrong. Just y'all quit making up "facts". Also, I wonder how many of you have commented on people's ratings when you have never seen them play?

    Isn't anonymous wonderful?

  106. I saw where Marcus Dillender joined the DQ club. I looked at his results and a DQ was not in order.

  107. Depends, he may have been DQ'd for giving incorrect information when he self-rated. If you don't fully disclose everything such as previous college experience you can be DQ'd whether you suck or are a "ringer".

    My guess is that he is pretty strong sine he beat Arnette's "ringer" in his final match this season as a 4.0.

  108. Dillender may have had something in his background to get him the DQ... ala.. played Superchamps in juniors within some time period or college tennis and not old enough to self rate as a 4.0.

    I don't know either but those results do not look like they warrant a DQ.

  109. He beat Chris Ellis to start the season and he is pretty good. It was 3 sets but that is a good win and should push you to the top of the 4.0 threshold.

  110. yep the only true strike was against Theimer. The Abercrombie match obviously drew a flag but Abercrombie is a new player and not doing well this year, I think his rating must be high after posting some good fall results. the final strike is the curious one, a 3.5 who got DQ'ed then plays one 4.0 match and wins and the next one sparks someone else to get DQ'ed, wierd stuff.

  111. Anonymous 12:41
    Dan Keller is NOT self-rated. He has a COMPUTER rating. Adam Blumberg played level 3.5 and lost a few matches at that level. He sat out a few years and came back as a 4.0.

    Somabut's team is nearly all computer-rated players and they play hard every match.

    Sisk, Garland 3.5 captain, tries to compare himself to Somabut and it is not a valid comparison. Garland has brought in a bunch of SELF-RATED ringers that have no business playing 3.5 including a few HS tennis stars. And they keep their scores close to avoid DQ. In addition he finds solid 4.0 players who sit out a few years and come back at 3.5. Big difference between Somabut and Sisk.

  112. zzzzzzzz. who gives a crap. go work on your game and compete.

  113. Seeding of teams in the QT
    Why doesn't the DTA publish that on their website? It might take them 5 minutes to outline their method and a lot of guys would like to know. I guess this is just another big secret.

  114. Looks like the great "Brink Man" has now beaten Jonathan Marcus. HP could have used him.

  115. I Don't compare myself to those guys! they've been to nationals. apples to oranges!!!!!!

  116. I Don't compare myself to those guys! they've been to nationals. apples to oranges!!!!!!

  117. Bender, Somabut, and Sisk are all the same, a bunch of sandbagging cheaters. I dont care if they are adding "ringers" to the team or having players "tank" matches or "keep them close" or self rate knowing they should be at a higher level... its all still cheating. How many players on Somabut's team have been bumped up to 4.5 and appealed to stay so they can win a trophy??? Play at the level you belong and win because you are better than them on the court not because you should be playing up a level or two... Its just pitiful!!! What must your egos be like to feel good about the way you all "leading" your teams??? You all make me sick. Now you got guys like Lifetime team Ferral and E. Hill learning from you and starting to play your games... Hope your all proud of cheating ways!!!

  118. anonymous from 5:03pm state your name big talker

  119. Sorry anonymous, all good teams keep their better players scores close to avoid the DQ. Maybe one day you will be as good as the rest of the league. Until then try hitting the courts instead of the blog.

  120. Regarding the QT . . .

    Does anybody know when was the last time a QT winner actually won 1st place at the City Championship?
    In 4.5?
    in 4.0?
    in 3.5?

  121. I think Somabut's team did it last year. I am pretty sure they went through the QT and finished second at sectionals.

    As for Bender, Sisk and Somabut... I would rather be winning and having others complain than be losing and everyone ignoring me.

    I find this odd considering how average Bender's team is.

  122. Anonymous 5:03pm is just a pathetic LOSER. He sooooo jealous of the teams that have had success!

  123. Playing within the rules is not cheating. If you don't have several players who could play up a level you can't compete at the sectional or national level. It's not our fault other captains don't recruit better players.

  124. I agree anonymous 503 IS a pathetic loser. Its like your complaining because they WIN or because they recruit? Or both? How funny.

    What - you want no new memebers to USTA ever? Only retreads? Is that your own personal new rule or "your a cheat"?

    I think he wins idiot of the year award. He couldn't have said anything more STUPID!!!! And then what did Eddie do? Turn around a sub par 4.0 team? Does that make him a cheat?

    Wow I have always had that definition wrong, cause I thought that was the definition of a WINNER!!!

    What did Mark do? Recruit new players to play on his team? Is that now classified as "cheating"? MORON

  125. Obviously posted by someone who has never been to City, let along Sectionals.

  126. Many of these same teams that you are calling "cheats" are not going to even make it through sectionals with a decent record. Wake up and smell the coffee loser.

  127. Any news on Eddie's shoulder?

  128. He now has a bionic shoulder, but sadly he is still just an average 4.0.

  129. I think Village won the QT in 2006 and then went on to win the City Championship.

    Don't know what will happen this year, but it is always possible for a QT winner to win City.

  130. Somabut won the QT last year and then made it to Sectional finals.

  131. Good example. We'll have some really good teams in the 3.5 QT this year also. So you never know . . .

  132. I agree with most of what anonymous 5:03 said! Also now I know where Sisk found one of his new "star" recruit's Zach Courtney. He kicked Big John's ass in ultimate tennis 4.0 a week or so ago and big john add's him to his "3.5" usta team. Sounds like these two deserve each other. What there were no 5.0's available to add to your 3.5 team. I guess the old addage holds true "if your not cheating your not trying" right John?

  133. That 4.0 Ultimate tennis IS 3.5 USTA. Its a weak league. You ALWAYS have to play up in that league. Everyone knows that.

    I agree with what 658 said, except that you must not know how to build a good team either. (That part was re-written)

    John is FAT!! Of course he gets his ass kicked in singles. Doesn't everybody kick his ass in singles??? He has a big serve. Thats all he is known for.

  134. For the record, John has not lost a match in ultimate tennis since he started playing last season, regardless of what the score sheet says. Second of all, he recruited Zack before he played him, after Zack won the 3.5 division which, as somebody else said, is weak compared to USTA.

    As for the comment that everybody keeps matches close to avoid getting bumped up, I have been playing USTA team tennis for 6 or 7 years and I have never had a teammate do this. I do consider that cheating and anybody admitting to doing that should be disqualified.

    I was talking to some buddies of mine who are on a mid-level 4.0 team and they were trying to figure out why they are never successful. The answer I gave was that their roster stays the same every season, with no effort by the captain to recruit new players that can compete with the big players. You only have yourself to blame if you can't compete with the better teams. One of my players told me I should have a team next season that just plays for fun that everybody could play on. I thought that was the most ridiculous idea because if you are not playing to win, why bother?

    If you can't compete with the upper level teams, recruit better players. BOTTOM LINE. It does not take 5.0 players to win at 4.5, 4.5 players to win at 4.0, etc. I have a team with nobody who would be considered a 5.0 player, and we were two points away from winning the fall city championships. It takes depth, effort, and players at the top of their level who show up on a weekly basis.

    Just because a team beats you does not mean they are sandbaggers. I would argue that the level of the top teams at each division has not changed much in the last 10 years. A few weeks ago everybody was adamant that Cary's 3.5 team from last year would kill John's team from this season. Why now is this an issue? If your captain is not out recruiting players and trying to make the team better, I would find somebody else to take over. I've probably had 20 potential players I have tried to recruit both before and during the season to improve my team.


  135. By the way, whoever posted the last comment about John has no class. I'm sure he would take you on anytime, anyplace in singles.

  136. So your saying John is not fat?

  137. If your getting blown out and losing most of your matches at the higher level, you should appeal down to the lower level, as you are not ready yet to go to the next level.

    This doesn't mean that if you are on the team that sux, and you are part of the issue, they should just recruit better players to replace you. Instead, next season, appeal down until you know how to win the matches and come back up to the next level again.

    USTA should and does have a place and divison for everyone. I think that is why USTA puts certain teams in certain flights. A weak flight is weak, cause they want to develop a flight that those people could have some fun matches in.

    Some people may hate that, and think its unfair because all the hard teams are in a hard flight, but I think ultimately, it is a good thing. NFL does the same thing. Schedules weak teams against weak teams, so that these people can win. some of you just don't know or understand that. They are smarter then you think up there.

    by the way, John is fat. He is not a girl. He should already know this by now.

  138. Anon-y-mous is a 3.0 player, but his ego has him convinced everyone else in his 3.5 league that beats him is 4.0.

  139. Anonymous poster from 5:03. I am sorry you are so bitter. Seek some professional help because I bet the blog is not the only place that your personality causes grief. Seriously!

    Please, tell me if I am wrong but the Team tennis league that we all have formed teams is set up for serious competitive play for adults. It is not a social play for fun atmosphere. There are city and sectional and national playoffs. This is a place for competition and recruitment is part of the system. The Garland team has been to cities and sectionals and has had their asses handed to them by teams outside of Dallas. So, we are not cheaters. The players we have added are good and will help us if....IF we make it out of cities but sectionals that is a whole different ball game. I can't believe the anonymous posters don't go after Houston and Austin but rather go after teams that are essentially their neighbors. Did anyone read that bullshit posted by non-dallas site? Wake up Dallas teams it is time to make it a priority to shut Houston and Austin up and bring the sectional trophy home....but go ahead and file greivences and just be pussies and roll over and hand the trophy to them.

    By the way I think John knows he is big...hence the name BIG JOHN! Again! Seek proffesional help the world is tired of you shitting all over the place and people.

    Jacques Delira

  140. Hey Rockjock, You might want to seek some professional help as well, as in a tennis professional to help you try and improve your game. Looks like you have been stuck in the 3.5 level for what now about 5 or six years? I would think if you are playing as much tennis as you do you might start seeing some improvment, unless of course you have reach your maximum potential which sounds like it might be the case with your game. They have people to help you with that, try taking some lessons.

  141. Well put Rock!!! And I am not a croony, I am a competitor in 3.5 as well. NM on the hater. He is obviously a pussy, and finding a reason to hate.

  142. Cheating? Sandbagging? Have any of you taken a good look at the teams from Austin & Houston that make it to 4.0 sectionals. Dallas does not have the corner on the market

  143. Houston will own just like they did last year against Dallas and the pitiful HP team.

  144. Anonymous' all vaginas!

  145. That's kind of offensive.

    I happen to like vaginas.

  146. Dear Anonymous poster,

    For once you are right about something. I have been a 3.5 for about 3 to 4 years and it has taken me this long to get where I am at in my tennis game. But, I guess you failed to look at my record. Was I winning or losing? My game has evolved from someone who never really played the game competitively until 2002 and I had a ton of bad habits to try to break from being self taught. I agree with you in the fact it should be time for me to move up.

    Thank you for your advise! I will take more lessons but you still need to seek a shrink about your bitterness and hate filled mind. My game can get better but I am afraid you will always be an asshole. I hope one day you can rid yourself of the self deprecating bitterness that controls your every thought.