Saturday, June 14, 2008

Plano Open (early results)

So some pretty good competitors this weekend at High Point. I wish I could have played but maybe I will stop by for some matchups.

Blumberg took out Jim Walters in the first round and then gave a double bagel to his 2nd round opponent.

Trae Bowman will fact #1 Trevino after he took out tough defensive player Taketomi.

At 3.5 Brinkman (new blog star) is doing well and into the 3rd round. He looks like he will face Whitt of Lifetime in a good match up if they both win their next match. Teammates Jolly and Reitzer will hit each other in the top half of that draw probably to decide the finalist in their half.

In the 4.5 draw Miles and Griggs are peforming well as is Keller of the HP team who crushed Steven Terrell of Springpark. Sandbagger Ratana, apparently isn't playing out of level unless you consider the consolation bracket impressive.


  1. I no longer feel any guilt over having Gene and Mitch on my team. Keller is a good 4.5, as is Gene, but Gene didn't appeal (not that there is anything wrong with that) to get down to 4.0. Adam and Mitch are good players that haven't played a lot in the last few years. Both self rated. The difference is 15 years and 40 pounds. I think Bob and I both hope we are on opposite sides of the city playoff brackets although it would be a great match.


  2. 3.5 singles draw - 2 matches on friday!!
    Brutal, is this a major zone of something? I'm glad i did not sign up 1pm on a friday is a "no can do".

    BMO out in the first round again,
    He does do well in the consolation usually,
    Lost to Whitt, Who has an Ugly game,
    Hack and Slice.
    I hope the so-called "Brink Man" is ready to run down some ugly slice shots.

  3. Yep Jim Dan is a solid player, by far their best. Not sure if he could beat mitch but I would like him against Davis in dubs or singles.

    sorry about your tough draw Jim, wish I could have played and given you a good easy first round win.

    I plan on playing one in August for sure I will let you know so you sign up and hope for a free shot into the 2nd round.

  4. Trevino as a 1 seed at 4.0 says alot about the lack of competition at this tourney. Where are the big dogs?

  5. Reitzer got taken to the woodshed, Again!

    Maybe that guy should not have been DQ'ed.

    I think Reitzer won the Plano Open last year.

    Maybe he lost his mojo.

  6. Cary,

    I'm insulted. Does my straight set win in doubles against Keller in the fall not count for anything?

    Are you calling me out Bazan?


  7. Whitt got beat bad by Robert Wisdom "Brink Man" will not play Whitt.

  8. Local tournaments count for so little points in comparison to major zones it is hard for them to bring in the top players. Also, a top-ranked player will probably not get a tough match until the later rounds in a local tournament. A first-round win in a major zone gets you more points than winning the entire Plano Open.

  9. oops didn't know you were reading today Gene.

    I am not saying he would beat you but I think he is even with you in talent.

    calling you out, I wouldn't mind a rematch of our match as long as you spot us a 4-2 lead in the 2nd again.

    gotta play Jim first, he is losing a lot lately and I like to pick on the weak.

    I am playing Darth Prather this week in my first match back from my knee injury so we will see how it goes then I can start crushing some 4.0s.

  10. Hey, oc bi, you might want to consider that Reitzer had open heart surgery about three months ago. That would knock anyone's mojo out of whack. Mike Getz

  11. That's OC BL
    Not OC Bi
    I'm Not Bi, I only like the ladies my friend.

  12. Sorry, no sexual orientation suggestion intended, simple typo. Mike Getz

  13. Looks like once again HP Somabut is dominating another tournament.

  14. "Brink Man" won his semi final match in 3 sets and is in the finals. I do not know him but for some reason I am rooting for this guy.

  15. Keller got knocked out by Feldman. This looked like a good match after Todd got bageled in the first but I more than most know getting a bagel dropped on you means nothing as long as you are learning something from it in the process.

    Feldman is a strong 4.5 player and Keller will be rated as such very soon.

    Why is someone picking on Paulie T, he is a solid tourney and league player and just took Blumberg to 3 sets who is a very good player.

    It just so happened in the this tourney many more league players signed up than tourney players so they didn't have any points to gain seeds but he did well.

    Brinkman in the finals v. someone from Benbrook, is that in FW? I like Sean in that match up.

    A Lifetime v. Garland match up in the 3.5 dubs final. I like Howk/Vandifer in straight sets but if they are frustrated by Gary's odd style of play and Mark is putting shots away I could see how Lifetime could win this one.

    Did you like that I just picked both of them, I am working out my BS predictions for the DCC and QT.

  16. yep, out in the first round AGAIN. I said the same damn thing. I am pulling out of future tourneys if I go into the loser's bracket 3.5 1 more time. I don't need that reputation.

    Challenging Brink Man on ladder.

  17. Brinkman won the tourney, Gonzalez of FW had an easy go of it in the 4.0s. Feldman wins 4.5.

    Jim Walters wins the consolation, not bad Jim. You and Anwar, battle of similar styles but at least you have "some" offense.

    Garland crew wins the 3.5 dubs in straight sets. The battle of team Somabut goes to Smith/Pickett. Not bad for line #3 or whatever they are.

  18. These local tourneys seem almost pointless. Trevino loses constantly in the bigger tourneys. He lost 1 and 1 in Waco in the first round. I am just surprised more local guys don't play Plano. It seems like a perfect warmup for Tyler.

  19. i don't see why so many people are worried about the points? i just thought it would be a great opportunity to play a bunch of guys from around town. Very surprised by the lack of turn out both singles AND doubles. Very disappointing.