Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another week off (challenge matches?)

So we have yet another bye week for Father's Day.

Come join the singles or doubles ladder and get in the action.

For those of you I have talked with about playing my knee is about 60% so hopefully by next weekend I will be good but more likely it will be middle of next week.


  1. I'm looking for a match Saturday the 14th after 4pm,
    If anybody is froggy, jump on!
    I have a location in The Colony I would like to play at,


  2. Damn those Links look Good!

  3. those links are awesome

  4. ouch Marc, I thought you would take him. I heard he plays a lot like you though. HP looking better since this guy didn't make their A team.

  5. I would take him on my team anytime,
    HP lost out I guess,
    May be he just needed to get into form, I like his chances in the Plano Open,
    it was a good match until the 9th game,
    Then the heat got to me a little and my wheels fell off.
    I need to get out in the heat and do some wind sprints this week-end.

    But "He Good"
    Fast, in good shape, really good defense.

    I was looking forward to a rematch with him next sat, but he said father Bob is leaving him on the bench to play some guys who have not gotten a chance to play.

    Just goes to show you need more than 1 good player to be a competitive team.

  6. I had seen the man play... I had seen the man play. this so called "Brinkman" guy was good. HP must not have an eye for talent if they dint take him

  7. I am pretty sure that HP would like to have him considering their singles' woes. I was told they tried to get him moved to the other HP team but it was against the rules. Bender was suppose to have a better team but several players that were expected to sign up never did and left Bender with Sean and a pretty average team.

  8. It's a shame,
    This so-called "Brink Man" could have helped somebody's team out this season and in the play-offs, but was wasted.

    He will probably get the mid-season bump to 4.0,

  9. If Brinkman gets bumped, he should appeal. He needs to have 1 good, strong season at 3.5 with a chance to showcase his skillz on a good team. We don't even know if he can stand the pressure play yet of when a match in on the line, and his line actually matters. Great kid to watch though. Nice strokes.

    I don't know if he has played enough to warrant getting bumped yet. I think they pretty much skip Bender's team when they are handing out upgrades. Heck, on that team, he probably stands a better chanc of getting bumped down to 3.0 with one massive click stroke.

  10. I know you're reading this shit Sean,
    You need to speak up for yourself,

    It's been my experience that if a self-rater does not lose a match they pretty much get bumped automatically.

  11. Bender's team is not that bad. They likely finish 4 -5 for the year. Not every team can be at the top.

    I think there's a 95% chance that Brinkman will be bumped to 4.0. He's a goner!

  12. I don't know about "Not that bad"
    But, 4-5 is not that Good!

  13. True, 4 - 5 is never good. But flight C is the toughest 3.5 flight by far and they'll finish close to middle.

  14. Brinkman has gone from an unknown to a blog star. I do not know him and have never met him. I looked at his results and he looks like a real fighter. His matches are all close and usually go to three sets. He has beat some pretty good players. He is definitely at the top of 3.5... which means he is ready for the next level. Good Luck to him.

  15. If Bender did not have Brinkman, they are probably winless. Brinkman is the only thing making them "not too bad."

  16. If a frog had a square butt . . .

    They beat Canyon Creek without Brinkman. Also, I'll bet they could beat the crap out of Hackberry or Eldorado without Brinkman. In fact they might be one of the favorites in the "best of the worst" tournament coming in August.

  17. Well Brookhaven/Kraemers team really came out to play on Sat.6/14, playing early for next weeks scheduled match and got us 3-2, beating us in two of the matches in straight sets and finishing us off in a tight three setter beating Molina. They played really well and made a close division even closer. Now if they can beat Lifetime, that'll knock Lifetime out of the QT, so Brookhavens future in in their own hands. A loss will put them out of the QT and a win puts them in.
    Congratulations to all the players from Brookhaven.

  18. Doesn't take too much to be a blog star though. Hell, some of these people that are blogged on the 4.0 4.5 level aren't near as good as their blog legacy. except for Gene and Mitch of course. damn open players playing down. I think I saw gene on tennis channel 1997 replay match vs Justin Gimelstop.