Sunday, June 8, 2008

More results

So the playoff outlook is starting to come together especially at 4.0 and 4.5.

As the rest of the results roll in we should know exactly what needs to happen for playoff spots and positioning.

Garland over BH, I have a feeling I won't stop hearing about that result. UGH!


  1. Speaking about the playoffs . . .
    When our captain emailed us with the new format I could not believe they would no longer play a round robin at the 4.0 City Championship. That means only 2 matches for most teams and is not a good approach for picking TWO teams to make Sectionals. I called the DTA office and they just blew me off. Others have called or written to the DTA with little or no response. How do you communicate with an organization that does not seem to care about the opinions of their players?

  2. High Point/Somabut had a 4-1 win against a pretty good T-Bar team. High Point has like 20 guys on their roster.

    What do you think is High Point's best line-up?

  3. The outlook for 3.5 playoffs is still uncertain but the possibiliites have been narrowed down a lot.

    Garland likely beats HP in the last match of the season so Garland goes directly to the City Championship and HP and Canyon Creek grap spots in the QT.

    Either Glen Eagles or Canyon Creek can finish first. The other finishes 2nd place and heads to the QT along with Greenhill/Kayser.

    This one is pretty much history. Oak Creek advances to the City Championship while Oakridge and Life Time make the QT.

  4. High Point/Jameson is 7-0. What happens if they upset Garland in the last match?

    I guess both HP and Garland go directly to the City Championship because Garland was the fall winner.

    Canyon Creek makes the QT for sure. But does Westlake also make the QT or just Canyon Creek? Technically Westlake would be a 4th place team.

  5. If HP wins, I think only CC goes but I am not sure. I really do not think that will be an issue but I am curious.

  6. Royal Oaks beat Greenhill 3-2 in an important 4.5 A match. Looks to be a 3 Team race for first with Greenhill still in 4th one loss out.
    Royal Oaks plays the Lakes which should be win before playing OC-Branch last weekend of June, while Feldman plays Branch in a huge match on the 21.

  7. Level 3.5
    Yes, my first thought was no way High Point can beat Garland. However, these are meaningless matches for Garland. Win or lose, Garland goes to the City Championship. So the smart play for Garland is to NOT use their best players and avoid any danger of someone picking up a red flag. So I don't think Garland will use their top 8 guys against High Point.

    If HP beats the Garland second-string, then what happens with Westlake? I'm not sure what the rules are on that.

  8. If anyone knows the answer to what happens to Westlake in the off chance HP beats Garland, please let us know. I am the third person who is curious. Put me in the camp that does not think HP can beat Garland but it can happen on any given day. My team has lost to both of them and I will take Garland... easily.

  9. not sure if this helps:

    Qualifying Tournament - In the QT, teams finishing 2nd or 3rd place within each flight (six teams in total – divided into 2 round robin flights of 3 teams each) compete to determine one “wildcard” QT winner.
    City Championships – The 3.5 City Championships will be either a 4 or 5 team round robin. Competing in the City Championships are the three teams which finished 1st in their respective flights as well as the wildcard (QT winner) team. In addition, the winner of the fall league from the prior year also advances to the City Championships. If the fall league winner finishes 1st in their spring flight, the spot of the fall league winner is vacant in the City Championships.

  10. not totally clear but I believe just two teams other than Garland.

  11. Barring CC losing against the lesser teams, Westlake is finished. Actually, I think Lifetime/Kaiser can beat CC. After they started 0-4 (of which 3 were against Garland/HP/Westlake and they were not embarassed in any), they have not lost since. If LT pulls off the upset, the most interesting race could be the one for the final QT in flight A.

  12. The 3.5 QT tournament will be brutal. It is a shame that only 1 gets to the DCC.

  13. Looks like LTF Kaiser has some work cut out for them in the next 2 weeks. We get a chance to see if they were beating up easy teams, or if they were just gelling better. True story will emerge next time they play

  14. LTF Kaiser should beat Springpark. In the unlikely event they beat CC, I still think they are left out of the post season but they have improved a great deal. Starting with Garland/Westlake/HP in 3 of their first 4 is a brutal way to start.

  15. Brookhaven needs to beat Oakridge and Lifetime to make the QT.
    Do they have any chance?

    It seems like Lifetime is fading fast with injuries, and Brookhaven might have a chance against them,

    And they play oakRidge the same weekend as the Tyler major Zone maybe some players AWOL.

    Will we see the New self-Rated 3.5 player for Brookhaven Juan Kreamera?

  16. I doubt BH can beat both. LT may be getting hit with the injury bug but they have 19 guys signed up. Surely they can field 8. This is the most interesting year for 3.5 that I can recall. There are some really good teams that will not make the DCC and even the QT.

  17. How does the QT determine the team that goes to the DCC if there are two groups of 3 teams with round robin format? Do the winners of each round robin play each other?

  18. yep the winners of each flight will play each other. Could be a Lifetime v. Oakridge rematch but if HP is shoved in the QT things could get real interesting.

    Not sure Brookhaven could pull it off but I wouldn't be shocked if they get one of two of those matches.

  19. I guess it is safe to say that the 3.5 DCC before QT is:

    Garland, OC & ? I will stick with CC Jolly. They have an easier time coming in and willprobably have fewer individual losses.

    The QT will probably be

    Flight 1
    CC Carman
    Probable Winner: Oakridge

    Flight 2
    GH Kayser
    Probable Winner: Lifetime

    Oakridge v Lifetime
    Prediction: Lifetime in the rematch

  20. How can you tell which teams go into which flights at the QT? Just curious!


  22. "How can you tell which teams go into which flights at the QT? Just curious!"

    I really do not know but I took and educated guess. I did not put any two teams from the same flight in the sat QT flight. If I am wrong, you can say some anonymous dude is a moron instead of my real name. :)

  23. KEY 3.5 MATCHES ON 6/21 . . .

    Brookhaven vs Life Time

    Stonebridge vs Gleneagles

  24. Interesting how Greenhill/Kayser went from possibly out of the play-offs to definitely in the QT in one week.
    This may be the team to watch.

  25. I am not sure GH/Kayser is definitely in. They must still win out. They do control their own fate into the QT.

  26. Is 4.0 QT pretty much decided other than seeding or is there a meaningful match left? (This is my desperate attempt to halt the 3.5 talk) hehe

  27. 4.0 does seem about set since there is only one match to go:

    DCC: HP, GHill, Lakes and Spk
    QT: Lifetime, TBar(WC), Garland, LBH or Brookhaven/Pearlman

    I guess the big mystery is the Flight C with GH and LBH/Jones. I have been trying to find out something but no luck. Unless that match is going to be replayed a team deafult takes you out of the running and also your results against other teams do not count so I am throughly confused in that realm. I guess Canyon Creek will get the 2nd slot there. Springpark technically could lose their spot if they get swept by BH but I don't see that happening.

    Seeding will be interesting. Right now the Lakes and springpark would battle it out and then HP would be in the other flight w/ GH.

    4.5 seems pretty set as well

    Flight A
    GH v. Royal Oaks rematch for the right to play Oc/Feldman.

    Flight B
    HP v. Brookhaven (Brookhaven swept them the first time they played)
    The winner gets to play Corey Noel's team.

    TBar and Branch's group will wait for the two winners to join them in the QT.

    I think the QT winner in A and if one of the flight B teams can take out corey's team could be potential scary teams in the DCC.

    Only prob for Kirby is some of his best guys are 4.0s and can't play in both but he has some pretty solid 4.5s on that team, GO HP!!!

  28. Someone asked who is HP 4.0s best lineup. I think we saw one of Bob's fav lineups this last weekend as they beatdown TBar.

    Kind of scary that Hai, Jean and Kirby were on the bench and they destroyed a solid team.

    Maybe my love affair for the Lakes is waining. Although I watched Mike and Randy play a little on Sunday, they are pretty tough. Runda is very deceptive as he crushes people because he doesn't have ringer skills but he has weapons and for a guy of his size has very good defensive skills.

  29. looks like The Lakes is going for the overall sweep.
    Cary, how can you be waining after seeing them not only sweep last week, but do it in the fashion they did. Mike and Randy were off the court in 30 minutes from what i heard!

  30. After watching them play even Cary is beginning to think the Lakes are overrated. They would finish fourth at best in a round robin city playoff.

  31. The man crush is over. Cary finally saw Lakes play in person. I figured they weren't as good as there record showed. Don't feel bad Lakes. There is no shame in being #5 in Dallas.

  32. I do not see anywhere where it states a player can not play on two teams across various levels in the playoffs. Most of the rules say you can not play on 2 playoff teams in the same division. Thus it appears a player could play on a 4.0 and a 4.5 playoff team if scheduling allowed as obviously a player couldn't be in 2 places at once. Anyone read that rule differently?

  33. Cary,

    I think you are right about HP. I predicted that we would see a playoff qulaity line up against TBM. I also precticed a 4-1 score, but felt the one loss might be at line one singles. Blumberg easily beat Scott Wallace. Newman/Voss lost in a third set tiebreaker. They do have options in doubles with Nguyen/Nguyen and Bob Somabut and Kirby Martin are very good doubles players. In the city finals I think the third team would be H. Nyugen/ J. Nyugen.

  34. To answer the question about HP's best lineup, this is what I think it would be if they played it straight up:

    #1 Singles: Adam Blumberg
    #2 Singles: Daniel Keller

    #1 Doubles: S.Brouer/K.Robinson
    #2 Doubles: T.Newman/D.Voss
    #3 Doubles: H.Nyugen/J.Nyguen

  35. I'm probably playing singles during the playoffs. I only play doubles during the regular season.

  36. Concerning the Lakes,,, I just don’t see anyone else beating their opponents like they do...

  37. If Keith is playing singles then I will put my money on the Lakes. Heck if Keith is in the lineup I will bet on Lifetime.

  38. I am not sure if my man crush is waining but maybe just a bit. It is hard to judge them on what I watched since I had already seen many of those guys play before other than Valtierra and Tran. Tran is beatable but Valtierra looked good.

    i think the players on their team that aren't playing that often are the scary ones like Holt who destroyed Mckinney and Buccorara from BH. He might be up there with McGowan and Davis.

  39. HP Playoff Lineup



    I would sacrifice Pickett and Smith at line 1 because on any given day they can beat anyone. They mostly played line 1 last year in Sectionals and won. Looking back Kern was the only guy who destroyed them and we see how good he is at 4.5.
    Get line 2 and 3 doubles with the others and snag a singles line. That looks tough but Go Lakes!!!!!

  40. Lakes best lineup



  41. It's no secret anymore that Lakes is a top 3 team, along with HP and SP. Just see the consistent record the last 3 seasons, the numbers don't lie. And man the way they have gone about their business, great job Lakes.

  42. Sheesh - isn't the term "Destroyed" a little harsh. Isn't a guy allowed a bad day?? :)

    Russell is good, I look forward to a rematch. To the doubters, Lakes is solid.

  43. Pickett and Smith are one of the toughest doubles teams in Dallas - I am sure LT will vouch for that after a bagel/bagel loss.

    Having that being said, I saw Pickett and Smith getting beaten convincingly by a 4.0 Lakes doubles team (Valtierra/Balan) in Dallas cup - it was a very high quality match though.

  44. Sorry Trey, how about crushed? I was speaking more to the way he played the BH player, that was downright ugly. At least you made him sweat. I think singles scores tend to get more lopsided sometimes for different reasons.

    Steven beat up on Lynn this Sunday but Lynn wasn't himself at all and kind of just gave up after the first set so the score wasn't that indicative of Lynn's game.

  45. Trey, I will vouch for that, the match was closer than the 2 and 4 score. Russell had to really fight for every point and it was down to the wire. It was a well earned win for Holt. "destroyed" by no means, whoever wrote that is wrong, and must not have witnessed that match.

  46. It was me who said it and have since justified comment. I am sureeeee it was close. :)

    Trey isn't the type of player to get beatdown by someone in his class. But hopefully he and Russell will be playing 4.5 very soon.

  47. Cary, I was surprised by the 0 and 1 crushing of the BH player Boccarra by Holt. I would call that destroyed.

  48. Yep me too. If he was a self rate player he would probably be gone but he is a downrate so it is OK.

    So looking at the teams in the QT, who makes it out at 4.0. Garland, LBH, Lifetime?

  49. Cary just saw 1 of five lines. Valtiera and Richardson play with others, as well as play singles. The other two lines were not their regular line up.

  50. I like our odds, but it depends how it plays out and whether we see Spagnola in final or earlier. I like our matchup with LT (probably will get flamed for that), but we beat that team in the fall and our team has quite a few additions that should keep that result in check. It will be interesting to see what they do to get Forrest qualified. In looking at the Tyler draw I will be shocked if he isnt playing out there on Sunday.

  51. I've been playing against the Lakes team the last five years. They've really blossomed over the last two years, just like how Frisco has.

    I think this year they are ready to win it all - whether they do it or not remains to be seen.

  52. People will hate this and coming from a HP player it's tough for me but I like Lifetime to move on from the QT. With Forrest and their #2, they have singles that will likely at least split and could win both. People don't know their #2 but he wins. They have two strong doubles lines and a third that can win. I think they will surprise people in the QT...and get hammered at the DCC. They are improving.

  53. Barring a miracle, I don't see Forrest being qualified to play in the QT - if that miracle occurrs it does change their team outlook quite a bit.

  54. How many Nugyens are there?

  55. Since HP won the fall and their spring division, that means 2 teams from the QT will make the DCC right? If yes, is there any reason for the two round robin winners in the QT to play since they both are in?

  56. Well it might affect who you play in the DCC. If they care then they would play it out otherwise throw a coin and bring out the beer.

  57. 3.5 Greenhill/Kayser's Zernick just got DQ'd, likely erasing three lines but not affecting any team wins.

    Just a question, how does Samuel Grand's self-rated Rony Angulo (6-0) who beat Zernick not get similar treatment?

    It seems odd.

  58. Zernick had a computer rating (wasn't self-rated) so GH only loses the one line that resulted in his DQ.

    If he had been self-rated all of his wins would have been wiped out.

  59. I have never seen a computer rated get DG'd that quick, regardless of results.

  60. From looking at his history, I think he may have been a Mixed Exclusive and that has the same effect as a Self Rate.

  61. I guess the DQ counter needs to be fired back up.

  62. yep I will have to track down that photo I used. I was thinking we were going to make it thru the season without which would have been amazing. I feel bad that I mentioned his name after that big win. i just had a bad feeling about it when I saw that score. I know Bob isn't the type to bring in an out of level player but he was just in need of singles players.

    I think the Samuel Grand player will get moved up in July for sure and could still get DQed as well but for that team it doesn't really matter.

  63. you never know with the Lakes on their line ups. They move people around due to their depth, I believe.