Sunday, June 15, 2008

4.0 last matches this weekend

So one final weekend at 4.0. A lot is decided but with the addition of the two WC spots to the QT there is still many matches that will shift positioning.

In flight D the top four teams all play each and all have chances to get in, Springpark has clinched a QT spot but not a flight win quite yet. LBH could be missing Walker, Allen and Ratana so I am not sure what their chances will be but even with two losses they could still make it in.

In flight A Lifetime just has to win to hold their QT spot and the same goes for TBar but they actually play a team in LBH/Au that has just two losses to HP and Lifetime so they will need to play well.

In flight B the Lakes just needs to show up to pick up the DCC ticket while Garland needs to win and should make sure to get at least 4 lines because BH is still close behind and with a 5-0 sweep over OC could climb back in the race.

Flight C: I have no idea but it looks like Greenhill and Canyon Creek unless that mysterious team default by LB/Jones is updated. I have to be honest I am not sure how good Greenhill is, they have past experience but their doubles has not been solid all year long but they do have depth at singles. Canyon Creek also seems curious with some good results but nothing jaw dropping.


  1. Keith and Steven kinda suck

  2. Wow, you are the most astute person in the online internet community to post that every week. Feel free to post your name next time so that I can bow down to your greatness.

  3. People who post anonymously kinda suck. People might respect your opinion if you would actually own up to it.

  4. Now that they know they can get a rise out of you by doing this it will never end. Lets have some responsible site administration Bazan.

    Maybe we should post every day how Cary sucks and keep raising the level of taunts until it affects him and he wants it gone as well. I wouldn't care if someone told me I was the worst player in the history of the game and my hair piece is obvious if they would leave their name.

  5. Steven,

    At least he didn't compare your game to Anwar's. J

  6. Exactly right, "Anon hater," as I said in previous posts. If Steven and Keith would quit being so sensitive and touchy, this would end. Of course they don't suck, they just won two majors in a row. But for some reason they keep responding to this clown when he says they kinda suck. He's getting what he wants, a really insecure response. Steven, quit being his monkey.

  7. You call that sensitive? I was being sarcastic in case it wasn't obvious enough. People are going to post whatever they want whenever they want. And while you think it was getting to me, I was laughing at the stupidity of writing that every week...I really thought it was obvious. Oh well.