Monday, June 2, 2008

3.5 this week

As predicted not much happened this weekend that was interesting except for Stonebridge and Brookhaven faltering and probably costing themselves a shot at the postseason. They were both good teams but they were going to have a tough road anyway and now it has just gotten really tough.

So I was a little early on the CC/Greenhill match but it will happen this week and should be good. Greenhill is pretty much playing for their season, it doesn't get much more interesting than that.

HP v. Canyon Creek/Carman. I know someone posted this could be interesting, I doubt it will be unless HP takes them lightly.

The big match is Lifetime v. Oak Creek. This should be great. Time and place????


  1. OC v. Lifetime
    3:00pm (should only be about 100 degrees)
    @ Lifetime Fitness Plano

  2. Play-off predictions:

    Flight A
    1. Garland
    2. High Point
    3. Canyon Creek

    Flight B
    1. Canyon Creek
    2. Glen Eagles
    3. Stonebridge or Greenhill

    Flight C
    1. Lifetime/Oak Creek/Oak Ridge
    (will come down to lines won)

    Any other opinions?

  3. yep don't see much changing in those lists. It will be toss up on flight B since both SB and GH have two tough matches left to go but I guess the winner of their heads up match will most likely make it in.

    I really think trying to catch CC should be the priority in that flight because none of those teams can survive the QT with HP or one of the flight C teams possibly in there.

  4. My guess is that Oak Creek should be at full strength this week and flex its muscles against a weaker Lifetime team. Lifetime is all hype!

  5. Lifetime SupporterJune 2, 2008 at 2:07 PM

    Well, I guess that is why they call it a GUESS!!!

  6. Wait a second ... didn't Lifetime lose this year to a team that Oak Creek already beat? It should be a good match, but OC is definitely favored to win that one.

  7. Whoa! Big matchup this weekend between OC and Lifetime. Could be interesting. After playing both teams, my money is on OC to pull this one out, 4-1.

    Agree. Garland is still the best team in Dallas. HP will likely lose both singles against Canyon Creek but will win the doubles for a 3-2 victory.

    Agree. Looking good for Canyon Creek/Jolly follwed by Gleneagles.

    This is the flight from Hell with three awesome teams. Agree, it looks like Oak Creek with both Life Time and Oakridge making the QT.

    I don't agree with the logic: Oak Creek beat Oakridge and Oakridge beat Life Time therefore Oak Creek will beat Life Time.

    Oakridge was lucky to beat Life Time. (I know Ed will bitch about that, but it's true.) Oakridge won two third set tiebreaks and Prather upset Marcus. If they meet in the playoffs, that will not happen again.

    Oak Creek was very, very lucky to beat Oakridge. ALL THREE lines won by Oak Creek were won in a third set tiebreak. If they meet again that will Oakridge will beat them.

    Life Time is the best team and they will prove that on Saturday.

  10. I think CC will beat HP. CC will probably get both singles and eek a win against one of their doubles lines. This is the week HP is exposed for the frauds they actually are.

  11. OC v Lifetime... is there any way they can both lose?

  12. Murder-Suicide,

    I suppose that would move Oak Ridge into first.

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  14. Re: HP weak singles

    I think Di Zhao is a good singles player,
    Certainly better than any singles players on CC/Jolly

    I have never seen Sach Moghe play.

  15. having played both, Oak Creek has the potential to lose 4 of 5 lines. If Jonathan is on his A game, this could be a surprising lopsided win for lifetime.

  16. Who are you?
    And did Oak Creek Beat you?
    Oh, Sorry, they have beat everybody, I forgot,

  17. Who is this? Hardhat. Agent Hard HAT!!! Who is thizzzz?

    We are better than Oak Creek at every line. Not bragging, just the truth. If both teams play their best _ we will beat Oak Creek 5-0. Worst case, we still win 4 - 1 and take over 1st place.

    If anyone is coming to watch, come early because this match will not last very long.

    Proud to be a Life Timer

  19. wow I do hope to make it down there I will be itching to get out of the house since my mother in law is coming to town right now. YIKES!

  20. BEST 3.5 TEAMS
    1. Garland
    2. Oak Creek
    3. Oakridge
    4. Life Time
    5. Canyon Creek/Jolly
    6. High Point/Jameson

  21. Life timer,
    If you are so confident post your name and Guarantee a Win,
    I did it against Oak Ridge.

    If you don't have the balls to do that, you will not have the balls to win this match.

  22. 3 of top 4 3.5 teams in Dallas are in Flight C.

    Nice job, Jane Gilpin!

  23. This is shaping up to be a great 3.5 postseason. Rivalries are forming and feuds are being waged.

    Dallas Tennis 3.5:
    Where Amazing Happens

  24. Oak Creek will very, very likely be the winner of Flight C.

    If Oak Creek beats Life Time on Saturday, then Oak Creek is definitely the Flight C champ.

    Even IF Oak Creek loses 2-3 to Life Time, Oak Creek still will be ahead in lines with two easy matches to be played. Life Time still has to play Brookhaven, who will be tough. So Oak Creek takes first place even with a close loss to Life Time.

    The only way for Life Time to win the flight is to beat Oak Creek 4-1 or 5-0 and to have a good score against Brookhaven as well. (Does anybody really think they can beat Oak Creek 4-1?)

    Also Oakridge has a great team but they are too far behind in lines to catch Oak Creek.

    So it looks like both Life Time and Oakridge will be in the QT this year. The QT will be a bitch!

  25. Just so that no one is "confused". None of these anonymous postings is me. We played Oakridge, we lost to them. It bums me out that if I would have won my match, our team wins, but that's the way it goes.

    Not sure what will happen on Saturday between us and Oak Creek, but I expect to win my line and hopefully our team has the same expectation. Not being cocky or bragging, but in reality. If you go into a match not expecting to win, than you have already loss before you got started.


  26. I never expect to win or lose when I go out in a match. I try to remain humble and compete. I take all opponents seriously. The times I have "expected" to win, I did not bring my best tennis. The expectation of winning can cause a sense of entitlement to creep rear its ugly head and you forget that you must earn the win.

    With that said, I think LT beats OC but it should be a great match. Realitically, it could go either way.

  27. Supposed to be 94 degrees on Saturday, whose singles players
    can hold up in that heat? LTF or

    I'm betting OC.

  28. OC vs Life Time

    Great guys and strong players on both teams. It will be an excellent match. Too close to call!

  29. Not sure if I can agree. I always expect to win my line and do my part. We have a LOT of absences and injuries again this week (just a fact).

    I wake up every day this week hoping it is Saturday. I haven't felt this way since I was a kid at Christmas.

    Marc, I think there is free beer all night being served somewhere on Friday real close to Lewisville. I'll send you an email on it.

  30. AND... Actually, If we do win 3-2, we would take 1st place. OC doesn't take all 5 lines against Bender's team.

    Sean Brinkman wins his line, whether he plays singles or doubles.

  31. Well I guess that is why they play the matches, Brian.
    Tell this so called "Sean Brinkman" to sign up on challenge ladder and I will take him on.

    As for the free beer,
    Friday night I will be in Church praying to the sweet lord for you and your injured teammates.

  32. Sean Brinkman is on the challenge ladder.

  33. Sean is a nice player but I would not call him an automatic win. I think Klamecki wins that one in straight sets.

  34. It appears Garland added another player, Zack Courtney.

  35. I played Zack Courtney in 3.5 ultimate tennis last season. I think he won it. He is really good.

  36. Team Tennis 2000-2001
    State Final Results:
    San Antonio Alamo Heights 10, Dallas Highland Park 9

    Boy’s Singles
    George Venson, San Antonio Alamo Heights def. Zack Courtney, Dallas Highland Park 6-3, 6-1

  37. He was in the state finals in Texas or did he just play inthe State tournament? There is a significant difference.

  38. His team was in the state finals.

  39. His team was in the state finals. I wonder how he did personally aside from that one match. Highland Park has a long track record of being very good.

  40. Highland Park consistently has the strongest tennis program in the state at all levels. The girls' program usually has Super Champs on their JV, and the guys are usually just as strong. If he played at state, Courtney can definitely play. However, winning the Ultimate Tennis 3.5 level in its inaugural season is like winning a small USTA 3.0 level tournament. I'm not that impressed.

  41. To Garland & CAPT. John Sisk You and your team have to be the most crooked SOBS in all league play it seems like you would do almost anything to win. I hope because of this that some team kicks the shit out of you and all your bullshit self rated players. YOUR TEAM SUCKS!!!!

  42. One thing is for sure - Sisk has put a team together that should have a very strong chance to make Nationals. While I agree that makes it not much fun at the local level, Garland is looking at the bigger picture and doing what it takes to win it all. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but if this team played the Garland 4.0 team it would be an extremely close match.

  43. That matchup is in the works.

  44. while I was down at the Waco tournament I was talking to other players who play League and these two guys were complaining that they only had two 4.5 players and three 4.0 players on their roster. Unless they get more 4.5 players they would not be competitive. They said this is the only way to win sectionals and nationals.



  45. 06/04 8:12 post you are 100% on the money!!!!!!!!!SHARP THINKER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 3 brand new unrated players added. hmmm. A lot can happen in 6 years time since high school, like picking up girls and beers instead of rackets.

    eff it, you got it play the matches still. I have beaten guys at the 4.0 level that have won at 4.5

    And I don't think I am the best player on this team. A lot of us guys who have been rated every year actually go out, and improve, and work on our games, and get better.

    First knee jerk reaction is to worry when you see an unrated player, but an unrated player is simply someone who might not have been playing tennis or competitive tennis in a long long time.

  47. 3.5 caps,
    just FYI I had a player who self rated 4.0 who then decided he wanted to play 3.5. He had to appeal even though he had never played a match when he sent his info to Tosha he was denied playing 3.5 because he had been to the state finals twice and "lost"

  48. You know OC BL actually brought up an interesting subject when he said Glen Flora isn't that next to Houston?

    What is stepping me from moving to a new city, talking in a heavy accent and registering into USTA under the name Paolo Pinto?

    I don't ever remember providing a copy of my id or dl to anyone. Am I just remembering incorrectly?

  49. Doesnt the credit card you pay with have to match your last name?

  50. No your Credit Card Zip Code just has to match,

    My USTA account is Under
    "Judge Marc Klamecki Phd"
    Also I saw you can edit your Dob when every you want,

    So you can sign up the those senior leagues, Mr Pinto

  51. "3 brand new unrated players added. hmmm. A lot can happen in 6 years time since high school, like picking up girls and beers instead of rackets."

    I know a person who made the finals in state from a state much less impressive than Texas. He could find lots of beer/women and still beat EVERY legitimate person in 3.5 6-0, 6-0. Also, he would not have been good enough to be in the top 4 at HP.

  52. To: 6/4 7:47 pm Poster . . .

    Dude, you are not cool!

    I do NOT know John Sisk or the players on the Garland team. But as far as I can tell John has not done anything wrong. All teams can add players to their roster according to league rules and a lot of teams have done so since the season began.

    To call Garland "crooked SOBs" is ridiculous and totally uncalled for. Your comments reflect very poorly on YOU not the Garland team.

    Guys, we all have to be better than this!

    - Hardcourt

  53. I read your bloggs from time to time and some of the comments posted are really pretty funny.

    It is very premature for any of the Dallas 3.5 teams to start thinking about Nationals. In general, Dallas 3.5 men are competitive with the average teams at Sectional but not competitive with the best teams.

    Here are recent 3.5 Men Texas Section Winners:
    2007 Houston
    2006 NETX
    2005 DALLAS (Collin County/Bender)
    2004 Corpus Christi
    2003 Abilene
    2002 San Antonio

    It is not likely you guys will be a threat to win Sectionals in 2008.

    Tosha Smith
    Texas Section

  54. By the way, you Dallas 3.5 men are NOT very competitive at SENIOR 3.5 either.

    Here are recent 3.5 SENIOR men winners at Sectionals:
    2007 Midland
    2006 Lubbock
    2005 Laredo
    2004 San Antonio
    2003 San Antonio
    2002 Waco

    You guys have a long way to go.

    Tosha Smith

  55. I think most people are skeptical of Sisk and Garland after the De La Rosa/Delarosa fiasco. Personally, I don't care because I do not play in 3.5 but as an impartial observer, I would be skeptical after the whole name change to get around the self rate scenario.

    Another reason I do not care is if you want to win Nationals, you must have guys out of level. I will root for all Dallas teams from 3.0 to 5.5. If Garland is the best Dallas team, good luck to them and I hope you do not pick up 3 strikes. If it is someone other than Garland, I want the same. Bring back a National Championship to Dallas.

  56. Why do I doubt that is the real Tosha Smith? I doubt she sits around thinking about ways to insult Dallas tennis.

  57. we go with all the whining..again!!!!! FYI..I played Zach at practice last night. The score was Zach 7-5, 6-4 it was not a 6-0,6-0 stomping and yes he is a good player. But, the bottom line is that we need some depth to compete at Sectionals and the only reason we know this is because we have experienced what it is like to play against Houston, Waco, Netx and Amarillo..they all had guys better than Zach or Glen. The teams we ran into at Sectionals I would easily bet were deeper than our 4.0 Garland team. It is a fact and we know what it may take to get out of sectionals and I mean a big "maybe" only because we have the experience. I hope some of you tennis guys ,that are understanding of how the system works, would stand with us if we make it to sectionals in hopes that maybe Dallas can bring back the trophy. It is all a matter of choice either you're just going to be bitter or you may just see that we know what it takes to compete at the State leval and want some measure of possible success. We do not want to cheat..we want a level playing field ourselves but at the Sectional level..Get it?!

    Good Luck to all the teams this season!

    And for the anonymous poster who will reply to this post..I have already read that you think I am full of save your energy and go pick on the Waco or Amarillo or Houston teams.

  58. Who said Garland was going to Sectionals?

  59. Maybe the Oakridge or Oak Creek team will invite them to come watch

  60. My bad!!!! I hope we make it to gaurantee..I am sorry if I sounded like I thought we are even going to make it out of the city championships.

  61. Its Like this, Just like College.

    Root for:

    Your team
    Then city
    Then state

    Right now, we are at the Team level. All you guys suck except for MY TEAM at this particular moment in time. If we can't win it, I hope one of ya'll can. But until then...all u guys can bite me

  62. I guess that is techinically high school scenario, but u get the drift.

  63. hardcourt,plz come to gtc this sun. 06/08 @2pm I've got to meet you! When Hawaii won ntls they had 11of13 players self rated! Vinnie saga,george same deal,but no noise! George will be back!Gtc hater,come out as well! Let's pray then play!Amazing you can hate me and don't know me,or team.Come one come all! hope to see you there! Sisk

  64. John,

    Thank you for the invite. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I play in a regular Sunday singles league so I cannot join you.

    I will stop by and say "hi" during City Playoffs.

    Good luck this weekend.

    - Hardcourt

  65. John, this is Jonathan. Whatever happened to Jonathan Patrick. Did he ever heal?

  66. John

    Got your note yesterday. I do love Hawaii as a destination but actually let’s not give them nats that was actually San Diego who won. I have heard from Freeman on this team as well as an oncourt perspective from my old team from So Cal (LATPA) who played them at sectionals in flight play. They actually gave them probably one of their toughest matches.

    LATPA had a player who played 4.5 and sat out a few years. He had broken his leg during that time. He actually beat one of their stud singles player in a 3rd set tiebreak but then he (Bill Glotz) was DQ’ed playing Senior doubles a month later.

    So truly somehow that team was unbeatable. I really hope there is not another team out there like that because you all can bitch about Garland but they probably wouldn’t take a line against that national winner. I don’t know any of the SD team but it kind of goes against the spirit of league tennis to jump in with a whole new team and play one level below and crush every team to the top. I am curious what they will do now because I like others I am sure enjoy playing with a core group. If I had a choice between ditching my current team and getting 10 new ringers to win a national trophy I would keep my current group.

  67. When I played rugby, we were limited to 2 green cards per team. I wonder if they same should apply for tennis league?

    Exceptions at 3.0, and we could all find the crack or flaw in this if you wanted, but I think the 90/10 rule applies better.

    90% of the people benefit from this. food for thought.

  68. I like the idea of each team being limited to only 2 self-rated players. That makes a lot of sense to me.

    Or, as an alternative, maybe only computer rated players should be allowed to play in the post season. New players would have to play a year on a team or play at least 3 tournaments to establish a valid rating.

    I think the USTA avoids that type of rule because they want to encourage particiaption to maximize their revenue.

    - Top Seed

  69. maybe that rule should at least apply to the Spring season or some variation. I thought it was interesting for the tri level league we were required to invite on only computer rated players a if to label that event "true" or "non-cheater" but the Spring season is bring in whoever. I think having more matches would help this as well. If you only have 7 matches or who knows maybe 6 next season then telling a ringer he can only play twice till the playoffs is no big deal.

  70. I think it is only a problem at 3.0 and 3.5,
    Any higher level and it is difficult to hide your tracks in terms of playing history,

    I think the DTA has been doing a pretty good job using the DQ seeing how few DQ's we have this season,
    I think this board has also raised awareness of the sandbagging problem.
    You have to be pretty serious to hide your sandbagger's now,

    My question is how easy is it to get Sandbaggers on your team in other TX or National Divisions?

    I don't know about Garland's new additions, but as far as I can tell there are no 3.5 self rates that are clearly out of 3.5 range,

    If this so called "Zack Courtney" was so great he should have been playing at least 4.0 in Ultimate tennis, with the rest of us 3.5 USTA members.

  71. I agree Brian, seems like most of these way out of level issues are occuring at 3.0 and 3.5. So far from what I have encountered at 4.0 and in the past is it is much harder to gather an army of 4.0 out of level players.

    No some HP members might disagree and point out Jason Freeman down in Houston but he seems on par with other teams there.

    I think that is why I have enjoyed our 4.0 league so far, I mean I hate losing close matches but at least we are in every match. There were so many times at 3.5 where there was a large disparity in teams.

    Flight A in 4.0 is bad and has some teams getting crushed but they are full of 3.5 players, you don't see a lot of computer rated 4.0 players in Dallas losing lopsided matches but there is plenty of that going on at 3.5.

  72. I agree about Zack, I think he is probably on par with Jacques which is a strong 3.5 player but no ringer, I mean he lost to me. :)

    I think Garland and John are doing a good job of just building a very deep team which is how Jason Freeman built his 3.5 team last year. We might have had a little more talent than they did but they had numerous players that were solid and smart and sometimes that can outweigh a few talented players and a ringer or two.

    Good luck to them and the rest of you future 4.0 cannon fodder for me and my team in the fall.

  73. Your 4.0 team sucks. I think the 3.5 Garland team would beat them.

  74. I wouldn't waste my team's time beating up on lowly 3.5s, I am 17th on the singles depth chart and I am pretty sure I can hang with any singles guys they have. :)

  75. gawd. For once, I dint think we were talking about Garland, but in general.

    Somebody should present it to the committee

    Spring season - limit of 2 self rated players per team

    Fall season - no worries

  76. Mr.Marcus,
    I know he comes to gtc,but don't know about his knee.I remember your match against him.He had success in ultimate tennis.
    c u soon! J.Sisk

  77. Greenhill/Kayser over Canyon Creek/
    Jolly. 4-1

  78. OC over LTF 3-2. Andrew Weinstein pulls a hamstring line 3 dubs while stretching for a ball and lands teeth first on the court.

    In ER right now as we speak, followed by a good dentist.

    OC wins

    Line 1 singles
    Drops Line 2 singles
    wins Line 1 dubs
    Drops Line 2 dubs
    wins Lien 3 dubs 3-3 (withdrawal injury)

  79. It was nasty. He was on the court next to me, and his teeth looked like Mexican jumping beans, just bouncing and bouncing and bouncing.

  80. Yikes i will have to give him a ring later to see how he is doing.

    That is brutal, I guess I will take my swollen knee over a swollen face anyday

  81. He might talk with a lisp now. So would you say he played a tennis "two"th" setter

  82. Hardcourt,if you can arrange time before,please come! Times and days change so please communicate!Always welcome, J.Sisk

  83. I am sorry to read that someone lost their teeth on the court. That is very painful! I did not get who it was but I hope and pray he will have a fast recovery. We may all talk alot of stuff on this blog but when someone is hurt or in distress we need to make sure that we stay informed so that if help is needed. We can all step in and be of assistance! Believe it or not we are becoming a good community of tennis players and I think that is very cool! Keep it fun!

    RotJock---I have grown used to it!

  84. Cary,

    Let us know if you were able to check on Andrew and how he is doing. I have been thru losing front teeth and root canals and all that...not pleasant because they can not do any work until some swelling goes down. Ouch!