Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weekend results

Just a few early results but CC/Jolly went down hard to Greenhill (nice win GH) Reitzer got taken to the woodshed big time.

HP Jameson won and added a new singles player who lost a close won to a very good McHugh from CC.

Village/Noel at 4.5 put a big result out there to solidify their position.

Lifetime and Oak Creek are probably wrapping up as I write this, interested to know what happened there.


  1. oak creek won 3-2

  2. could Zernick be a DQ candidate?

    I have never seen him play but those results are a little scary for me if I was his captain. I don't think Bob has the luxury of resting him, they need to win out.

  3. Did Jonathan Marcus, of LifeTime, win or did he choke again?

  4. depends on who and where he played I don't think losing to Marc would be choking, now if he lost to someone else maybe. Although I think Flores or Barnhard can hang with him.

    HOw about the oakridge boys squeaking it out over upset minded HP/Entrekin. Sutherland took Darth Prather to a 3rd set tiebreak.

    Andrew has improved greatly since I first met and played with him a couple of years ago. I think I gave him a bagel when we tried him out for that team back then but I could tell he had skillz.

    Way to pull it out Prather.

  5. Mac Klamecki took down Jonathan Marcus, 6-2, 6-4.

  6. Great job Marc!

    I still remember the great line you wrote a couple of months ago, "When did Jonathan Marcus become the second coming".

    Look forward to reading a match summary.

  7. yep that is impressive Marc. I look forward to crushing you at 4.0 soon, unless you want to join forces?

  8. Congrats to Oak Creek after a hard fought win over Lifetime. We Oak Ridge had a hard fought battle with High Point but survived a very bad case of bad sportsmanship by 2 of their players.Andrew Sutherland made a few bad calls and provided some drama to the end of his match with abusive actions. In my match we had a couple of close calls on 2-3 line calls also but nothing that affected the outcome of the match. Lou Forte refused the shake hands after the match and I proceeded to tell him where to go. I have never been so insulted by a players actions as I was by his.I think everyone who has ever played against me will say that I am fair,honest,and most of all a nice GUY to play against.ED Ratcliffe

  9. Great win by High Point in 4.5 today to keep my team in the hunt for first place. Three-way tie for second with first place team one match ahead. Should have plenty to play for next week for many teams.

    Congratulations Kirby for breaking the undefeated streak.

  10. Wow,
    Don't have a stroke Grandpa Ratcliff
    Oak Ridge - Giving a new definition to "Grumpy Old Men"

    RE: "Mac" Klamecki vs Jonathan Marcus

    I had a feeling that I might be playing him today,
    So I took some time earlier in the week to rework my serve to go to the lefty's backhand,
    I picked up a ton of cheap points in the deuce court with the slice serve out wide,
    I have played Jonathan a few times, to my recollection he has not won a set off of me,I just have the stokes to be able to exploit his vulnerabilities.
    Jon was really nice today, he has place most of his verbal antics in check.

    I will save my gloating for monday.
    I have saved all of the lifetime pre-match boasting and my preseason quotes about lifetime. We can revisit them on monday

    Shame about Andrew Weinstein, that's not how we wanted to win the match.

  11. oc bl: are you kidding? Your team wins 3-2 on a defaulted line and you want to talk smack? Completely lame! What's up with LTF having to default a line anyway? That's equally lame and points to their depth problem. But anyone who talks smack after winning on a default is the worst kind of lame.

  12. I published this under the other heading...

    OC over LTF 3-2. Andrew Weinstein pulls a hamstring line 3 dubs while stretching for a ball and lands teeth first on the court.

    In ER right now as we speak, followed by a good dentist.

    OC wins

    Line 1 singles
    Drops Line 2 singles
    wins Line 1 dubs
    Drops Line 2 dubs
    wins Lien 3 dubs 3-3 (withdrawal injury)

    I agree. Not sure that I would want to boast about winning a match that way.

  13. Would love to hear the drama on the Oakridge match 1 on 1 sometime. Next time I get a chance, let me down on the low down.

    Congrats to Richie Witt. Threw the smack down on Gilberto Flores this weekend.

  14. LEVEL 3.5 TOP FIVE
    1. Garland
    2. Oak Creek
    3. Oakridge
    4. Life Time
    5. High Point/Jameson or Gleneagles

    Garland is the best, top to bottom and has recently added a couple very strong players in hopes of making Nationals.

    3 of the top 4 level 3.5 teams are in Flight C. That means that Oak Creek, Oakridge and Life Time have played tougher competition than a lot of the other teams. Oak Creek continues to beat everyone snd has the best chance of knocking off Garland. Oakridge and Life Time both have a ton of strong players and will be tough for any team to beat.

    I still wonder about High Point/Jameson. Except for Garland and High Point, Flight A has a bunch of very weak teams. So neither HP or Garland has really been tested this year. HP is undefeated but has played an extremely easy schedule. They lack the singles players needed to beat any of the top four teams.

    With Canyon Creek Jolly getting crushed by Greenhill/Kayser, Gleneagles has taken over first place in Flight B. However, like High Point, I think Gleneagles are not nearly as strong as Oak Creek, Oakridge and Life Time.


  15. Oakridge will not be able to catch Oak Creek in Flight C so we will see Oakridge in the QT.

    In the post season, I think Oakridge will do really well. A lot of their guys have tournament experience. Guys that play tournaments are usually "match tough" and know how to win the close ones. Also, tournament players are used to playing quite a few matches on the same day. So when we play 2 matches per day in the playoffs and in the heat _ I think Oakridge will be very tough to beat.

  16. Yep as much as I was pulling for Canyon Creek, that loss kind of gives me an idea of where they are at but whether it is them or Gleneagles they will not be an easy out and I believe this will be the first time for one of them to make it right to the DCC in a good while.

    I am not sure any team in that flight is a real threat to finish 1st or 2nd.

    QT will have CC/GE, Oakridge, Lifetime, Stonebridge/GHill and one other so I do favor Oakridge to get out of there but it will come down to a rematch with Lifetime so who knows?

    I don't think tournament experience will matter in the QT, you play two matches and then a final on Sunday and one of those probably at night. It might matter a little at the DCC but there is only one day you have to play twice and it isn't back to back or anything.

    I hope Lifetime and Oakridge don't get flighted together in the QT because I think they deserve to play each for the right to go to the DCC. With all that said someone from flight B could catch fire like GH who has some good new players and look to be back on track after yesterday.

  17. Forget about the 4.0 HP v. TBar showdown it was huge shocker as the HP 4.5 team beat previously unbeaten TBar 3-2 yesterday. I don't think Kirby even had his best lineup out or they would have won 4-1.

  18. Cary, the 3.5 QT splits up the 3 divisions into 2 flights. No one from the same division is in the same flight. The best record of the 6 teams takes on the 2 worst records in the other division. For example if Oak Ridge (division C) has the best record, then it plays the worst record in division A & B, while the other 3 teams are in the "other" flight. GH / Bob Kayser

  19. In fairness to T Bar I will say they didn't have their best lineup in doubles either, but Kirby's win at line 3 doubles and Kazuo Yoshida's win over an undefeated opponent at line 3 doubles were huge.

    I am now a huge fan of DFW Hilton.

  20. Captains recently received an email that Jane Gilpin will be out of town on vacation.


    I want to hear our league administrators communicate some information on the issues that many bloggers have raised.

    DTA . . .Send captains an email and tell us are teams seeded?, who does the seeding?, how is the seeding done? Are non-seeded teams placed into flights by random draw or some other method?

    These are all fair questions and you should not be ashamed to answer them. In fact it is exactly the kind of information that you should publish.

    1) WHAT IS YOUR PROCESS FOR PLACING TEAMS INTO FLIGHTS? Why does the DTA not use a open, fair process for placing teams into flights. (Seeding a few teams and using a random draw to place the remaining teams is the most fair approach.)

    2) WHY ARE A LOT OF TEAMS ONLY PLAYING 7 MATCHES? In level 4.0 for example it looks fairly easy to have scheduled 9 or 10 matches per team.

    3) WHY IS THE CITY CHAMPIONSHIP FOR LEVEL 4.0 NOT A ROUND ROBIN? We have played a round robin for at least 10-12 years and there was no valid reason to change this year.

    4) WHY IS THE FALL WINNER GIVEN A FREE RIDE ALL THE WAY TO THE CITY CHAMPIONSHIP? Has anybody really thought this through. Why should any team have no incentive whatsoever to play to win?

    Your USTA League administrators are Brian Modic, Rick Lyons and Jane Gipin.

    These individuals all play league and are all team captains. They know hundreds of league players and they are well aware of the issues raised on this site.

    Part of their responsibility is to COMMUNICATE with players and captains.


    Is it arrogance or ignorance? Or are they just ashamed their current practices?

  23. I have read all the blogs about our league administration and I agree it seems that a lot of mistakes were made in 2008. However, I also realize that nothing is ever perfect and you can never please everyone.

    But what bothers me the most is the total lack of any response from our league administrators. All the concerns look pretty valid to me. At a minimum they deserve some type of response. NOT RESPONDING TO OUR ISSUES IS WORST THAN MAKING THE ORIGINAL ERRORS.

    And you would have to be a fool to think that league administrators were not aware of our concerns.

    As another blogger pointed out, we receive emails on insignificant issues but key issues are ignored. Are our league administrators brain-dead? Or do they just not give a damn? Why can't we find administrators who care and will communicate with us?

    - Top Seed

  24. The key issue to me is TRANSPARENCY.

    Secretive, closed-door processes are ripe for abuse and bias. Even under the best circumstances, players are suspicious. Open, transparent processes foster understanding and give players a sense of fairness.

    For example, the process of placing teams into flights. The DTA does NOT tell us anything about this process.

    An open, transparent process might work like this:
    A 3-person committee of knowledgable individuals seed teams based on all relevant information. Only 1 or 2 teams are seeded per flight and seeded teams are announced. Non-seeded teams are placed into the flights base on random draw _ and the draw is public and observed by captains.

    With that type of approach everything would be open and above board. Complaints would be few and far between.


  25. Top seed,

    quit crying. Are you contacting them directly? Or just blogging on this website and hoping for a response?

    I would think an official request to them in one of their formal meetings would be the way to communicate. I don't think it is their responsibility to respond to a blog.

    I am impressed that they might even read these blogs.

  26. 2:24 pm Poster,

    You do not know what you are talking about. Our league administrators do not hold regular meetings for players to attend. Comments, suggestions are routinely ignored. DTA Board meetings are not open, but only for Board members or past presidents per the DTA by-laws.

    Most of us do not want to attend meetings. We just want our league to be well run and for administrators to communicate with us. That is not too much to ask.

    They do not have to blog but they could address these items in emails to captains.

    Formal complaints made in the past have always been blown off by arrogant administrators. Many of us have had that experience.

    Top Seed

  27. I do not understand why they are not having a round robin format for 4.0 City Championship.

    As far as I know there was no communication with captains or players on this issue. Some league administrator (who enjoys playing God) just changed this on a whim.

    Did we get to vote? Did anyone ask our opinion? Of course not. We knew nothing about this until we received an email with the new format.

  28. Isn't this outside the scope of Weekend Results?

  29. It is annoying that every single thread has to be hijacked by someone complaining about DTA. We got your message loud and clear about 2 months back - so shut it.

    On a side note - Garland beat Brookhaven 4-1 in Flight B today.

  30. Congrats Garland on their win against BH.

    In 4.0, Lakes leaps to #1 seed ahead of HP/Somabut, thanks to TBar who won a doubles line against HP.

    Lakes took care of business with a clean sweep over HP/Harrison, 5-0 without losing a set.

    After week 6, the seeding is as follows:

    1) Lakes
    2) HP/Somabut
    3) SP/Walters
    4) ?

    Go Lakes!

  31. The Lakes better stay in 1st. It's the only chance you have to make it to the finals in city.

  32. I think we should lose the last week 5-0. That would move us out of first. We could then use our wild card. Do they put the wildcard in the flight with the 1st place team? I would love to play the Lakes in the playoffs.

  33. With all you boys in Tyler that week, that shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

  34. Poster 4:17 pm

    If you are not interested in any posts on any topic _ just don't read them.

    A lot of people might not care for what you post either.

  35. Lakes is not scared of anyone in the playoffs, we know we have control over our destiny. We know our players' strengths, and we know our opponents' weakness. We will continue to take care of bizness. Bring it on. Go Lakes.

  36. Umm - the thread is titled "Weekend Results". If what you have to say doesn't consist of information pertaining to that then go blog your garbage down in some more appropriate thread. Mr. Pearlman your antics are growing old - Bazan can you kindly create a new thread titled- "DTA Sucks - post your complaints here". Then anyone interested in this rhetoric will have a place to go and listen to the whiners. I don't mind you posting your opinion, but you have posted the exact same thing at least 20 times now- its old and actually hurts your cause as you divide and lose some of your supporters.

    PS - Did I mention Garland beat BH 4-1 today :)

  37. Last time I checked, the only statistic that matters is overall wins and losses. The Lakes could be ahead of High Point in individual wins, sets, and games, but you will still have to go through the QT unless there's a miracle next week.

  38. Corey,

    Apparently, you need a primer on how this system works. How the hell does Lakes go through QT, they have already won their division? The second team has 2 losses. This is not very complicated.

  39. Lakes can lose next week 0-5 and still skip QT and be in the City Championships. Lakes is the only team in the four flights that have won their flight outright this week. The rest have to earn it next week. Lakes is also the only team that has total control over their destiny in terms of seeding.

    And BTW, did I mention, we don't need any miracles.

  40. In a round robin format Lakes would be lucky to finish fourth.

  41. That just shows how weak your division is. The winners of the other divisions have to actually beat a couple of good teams.

  42. The last two notes is just a bunch of bs from overconfident losers.

  43. Last I checked there are three 6-0 teams. HP and SP have played much tougher teams in the regular season. I don't think either team is worried about playing the mighty Lakes.

  44. That #1 seed will get you nothing but a big bullseye.

  45. The B flight is easily the 2nd toughest flight from top to bottom. Anyone in A flight really can't talk when it comes to strength of schedule. Only D flight was tougher.

  46. Keith,
    That is the dumbest idea ever. It'll do nothing to the round robin pairings. You'll just make us QT teams really mad.

    All it will do is give LT a free ride into the DCC, and give the QT teams one less chance to make it into the DCC.

    You're really scared of SP, aren't you?

  47. Im with Keith. We need to tank the last match 5-0.

  48. I heard SP is planning to tank their next match 5-0 also, and Lakes is trying to make up their mind. As a matter of fact the whole 4.0 league is planning to tank their next match.

    I wonder who is going to win the losing game?

  49. I was kidding. You need a sense of humor. We will try and win the last week 5-0 and regain 1st place. I would like to play both SP and Lakes. Either team would be a good match. It's too bad this year is not a round robin. There are 4 or 5 teams that could win it all this year. (Lifetime is not one of them)

  50. Cary,
    I like the idea of a thread which is titled something like "League Administration Issues". Then send a brief email to Brian Modic to read it once in a while. Maybe that will improve communications.
    Can't hurt!
    - Death Volley

  51. Poster 5:10pm
    If you are not interested in specific blogs don't read them.

    A lot of poeple might not be interested in "rah, rah, our team can beat your team"

    Others might not be interested in listing of "top teams" _ when that has to be settled on the courts.

    A lot of people are not interested in Eddie's shoulder or your hemorrhoids.

    Almost nobody is interested in blog challenges unless you are actually playing.

    Read the blogs you want to read and ignore the others.

    Bloggers just want to see some imporvements made in league administration which would BENEFIT ALL OF US.

  52. I'm sorry, I confused the Lakes and Lifetime. Since I don't think either team has a chance of going anywhere, that was an honest mistake. Now I can get twice as many people to attack my comment.

  53. Nice cop out. It does make you look less dumb. The only thing that matters at this point is who is going into the DCC. What happens there will be decided on the courts.