Sunday, June 15, 2008

3.5 Weekend upset

So I didn't even think there was league going on but the Oakridge boys decided to schedule a double header on Saturday. After ripping through Greenhill in the AM they took on a solid Brookhaven team and lost out 2-3.

Looks like it was a close match and Milke/Lamson almost pushed the win to 4-1.

This really shakes up that flight and Brookhaven now has a chance to make things really interesting and mess up all of our predictions.

Good win John and Brookhaven.

Any insights from David and John about the match??


  1. Great match Evan. You have a good team John.


  2. Wow, the Life Time vs Brookhaven match on 6/28 will be really interesting. Winner goes to the QT and loser stays home. And Brookhaven has proven that they can play with anyone.

    That assumes that Oakridge beats Canyon Creek on 6/28 _ but you can bet the ranch on that one.

  3. Nice win for the Karate Kid over Enrique,

    Guess he might be for real!

  4. I already left a posting under the heading, "no matches this week end", so I'll go ahead and briefly put something here: congratulations to John Kraemers
    team, they played really great and defeated us as soundly as possible to win 3-2. The lineup was your best decision. Good luck against Lifetime, it would be an upset, but they proved they can do it.
    Thanks again John for the rescheduling and I'll see you in Tyler.

  5. Congratulations to Brookhaven for their win yesterday. Your team played well and deserved the victory. Good luck on your big match in two weeks

    Samuel Bert