Thursday, February 19, 2015

Murray's 1st Birthday.

1 Year ago today, I made my first post.  I don't have much to say to commemorate such a monumental occasion but I do have a few observations.

First, this is a rather well read blog.  We have between 800 and 1000 visits per week to read the nothingness of Dallas League tennis.  I am impressed that so many people read and lurk.  I wish more would contribute.

Next, I have had 105,767 views of my profile.  That is an astounding number of stalkers.

I have met few people in Dallas tennis that I do not like.  What surprises me is how vitriol some of the posts can be.  I would appreciate if you would keep the language to a PG level.  An occasional word can accentuate a post but constant and offensive language is not necessary.

 Maybe next year, I will be more motivated to write something entertaining. 


  1. Thanks for all of your contributions to the blog. It was almost most dead and gone until you brought it back to life. Ignore the haters and appreciate the others and keep on blogging!

  2. I would wager a bet that some of the players that Murray has met and likes are the ones spewing vitriol on this blog. In other words, they are generally likeable people, but when commenting anonymously lash out in a mean-spirited way. No doubt, there are players taking advantage of the system, but those guys are outliers and nothing said on this blog will change their behavior. If someone wants to make a comment on 3.5 leagues (I am a 4.0), it is no skin off anyone else's nose.

  3. Murray, thanks for keeping the blog alive. I'm a lurker and No a first time poster. I look here nearly every day.

  4. I like what you've done. Keep it up.

  5. anyone know the outcome of 3.5 match between Greenhill and CC ? Rene is always good about posting his scores or booking an indoor court to get his matches in. I can't imagine that haven't played it. what gives?

  6. Check it out, GH 3.5 did lose to CC Nolen 2-3 but this match result is going to be meaningless as CC Nolen is 1-5 this seaon.

    GH has a small lead and beaten both CC Gable and McKinney/Jones already once this season. McKinneyJones and CC Gable HAVEN'T played each other yet and have 2 matches to try and survive but its not looking good to win this division. I see Gable eliminating Jones soon to 3rd place and Gable finishing 2nd with a nice tuneup as they have already earned a playoff berth mens 3.5 18 and up starting in April.
    GH should win so it now time to see who getting the talent for mens 18 is getting close to the deadline.

    1. Looks like a bunch of tankers to me in an irrelevant match.

    2. Can you breakdown the Mixed 6.0 & 7.0 combo teams for us as well?