Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th and Denise Terrill NF Tourney Registration is Open


So as you all know I am not a big tournament player but registration just opened for the Denise Terrill NF Charity Tennis Classic. I played this tournament two years ago and although I was bounced in the first round I enjoyed playing in the tourney and it was well run and I still use the free bag they gave me (today is in my back seat stacked with my swimsuit so I can get a head start on the holiday this afternoon).

I noticed past participation in this event is really strong but since this is for such a great cause I would urge all of you who can enter go to the link and sign up for this fabulous event.

If you play 4.0 singles, you may just get crushed by Lucky Thunder. I am thinking of wearing a cape, I think I will commission OC BL for costume ideas.

This is the same weekend as 3.5 sectionals but that will only affect about 30 of you and registration is open up until August 1st, so you can decide after the DCC if your team doesn’t advance to the sectional level. This is a USTA sanctioned tourney so you can rack up some more points as the end of the tourney year is coming to a close and you are trying to reach the final 8 tourney at the end of the year or just help out your final ranking.

Please visit this site for more info on the reason for this charity.

I remember one of the players on my 2007 3.5-Spring team asked me while my wife was pregnant whether I wanted a boy or a girl and I said it didn’t really matter. He agreed and said when was asked that question he always wished for a “healthy” boy or girl. He is lucky enough to have three great healthy kids and I am glad to have one “healthy” girl. So reading about Neurofibromatosis makes me even more thankful for Lauren’s health but also I would like to do anything I can to help parents who have not been so lucky.

I hope to see you all out there, would be a good way to unwind before we start up another season in the Fall.


  1. A great tournament. A couple of years back I won doubles & still have a great looking clock they gave to winners plus a great bag filled with all kinds of stuff. All this plus a T-shirt. Great people & enjoyable event.

  2. A GREAT Tournament. I have played a lot of tournaments in this area and always tell people that this is the BEST run tournament that I have ever played.

    Matter of fact, it is the only one that I have ever won. Beating Don Buford in the finals two years ago.

    It costs about the same as a Major Zone, but for my money it far exceeds what the Major Zones have to offer the players, plus you have a feeling that your money is going to a great cause and not only that, there is all the Powerade you can drink. :-)

    I'll be playing and I even recruited someone to help me in the 4.0 Doubles.