Monday, July 7, 2008

Tourney Talk

So the Alamo City (Major Zone) tourney occurs this weekend. Some Ok size draws and as someone noted to me not that many Dallas area players making the trip down there. Even though the draws aren't huge I think there might be high quality matches since most of the names here look pretty solid. Probably hurts that the Dallas QT tourney is happening as well as the Houston city league championships. For me personally SA would be the one town worth driving to for tennis since it is a nice town to relax in.

Also FYI the sign up for the FW Major Zone is tonight at midnight for all you tourney freaks. That takes place the weekend of July 25-27. A good tune-up for you sectional bound players. If I am not mistaken those are the last two major zones, is that right?

And then of course the Denise Terrill NF tourney in August (registration underway). Lucky Thunder might be the number #1 seed at 4.0 singles because they are using my ranking points from some XBOX Topspin tennis games I did well on in 2004.

3.5 Singles:
Not that big of draw at all.

SA player Campos gets #1 seed and should do well. Flores also making the trip down there and they would meet in the quarterfinals. Forrest Gray and Lookabaugh are in the bottom half of the draw and have a good chance of making it to the final.

4.0 singles:
A lot of SA players in this draw including the #1 seed Ontiveros. Not too many DFW players although Bowman, Marcus, Voss and Trevino are headed down there.

4.5 singles
Trautman’s home tourney but some other good players will be there. Sanchez, Kallus, Knutson and my favorite name that barely fits on the home page: Guilermo L. Martin Del Campo. Oh yeah and Noaman is headed down. Take em’ down for Dallas Noaman. I think you are the only metroplex player.


Gray/Gray v. Thompson/Wright should be the final unless there is an upset before Sunday.

Voss/Newman will probably play Parkinson/Tims in the 2nd round which should be a decent match especially that early in the draw. Hai/Jean are in the bottom half of the draw so could there be another HP final. Still some other good teams out there that could stop that train.


  1. The draw is wide open with all the USTA events. The Oakridge boys had to be held back from going down to San Antonio. This just shows that tournament players are taking the USTA league very serious. Those Major Zone points should would have come in handing with such an open draw.

    Campos is going to take the tourney at 3.5.

  2. Marc K. come on and sign up for Ft. Major Zone. Show us what you have?

  3. Cary,

    There is nothing relaxing about playing a tennis tournament in San Antonio. After two matches of singles (4 hours) you have to play another 1 or 2 double matches (3 hours). Going back to the hotel dehydrated and get in an ice bath to get lactic acid out of your legs and trying to drink as much Gatorade and Pickle juice as your body can take while trying to eat pasta for the next day to do it all over again. By the way early in the day you only had time to eat Power Bars so you have terrible gas by the time you play doubles. I have been to San Antonio 5 times and have only seen the River Walk once.

    With all that being said I love tournaments because you get to compete against some of the better players in Texas and push your body to the limits.

    We need to get you out to play in San Antonio.


  4. What I have is a lack of free time:(

    but if you want to see what I have, Hit me up on the ladder.

  5. I completely agree Enrique. That's why I've really cut back on the tournament play because it just isn't fun anymore. I can't imagine playing singles and doubles and doing well after 4-6 hours of singles play. That being said, I'm signed up for Fort Worth.

  6. Voss and Newman will kill Parkinson and Tims in the second round 6-1, 6-0.

  7. I believe Houston is having their league city championships this weekend as well. Noticed the usual tournament players from there are not playing either.

  8. Who paid who in the Alamo 3.5 men's singles final. Campos withdraws citing illness to allow Forrest(league teammates) to win. Guess teammates all the way. Unless the Ambulance picked you up off the court, TRY and play. I'm sure Steve Schaff would have loved to play Forrest in the final and at least put up a fight for the tournament even if he might not have won. Instead Compost knowing he might not play in the final withdraws instead of allowing a healthy player to go forward. Guess Compost decided to pull a Justine Henin, must feel nice to get your first major of the year on a default.
    Compost if you can't handle the heat keep you butt out of the kitchen. Maybe you should try a NEW shirt instead of the one you normally wear and you might actually be able to play all of your matches.
    Wonder if Shamus Darden would have put up a better fight if he would have known HE was actually playing the final against Forrest. Instead he CHOKES deep in a major zone when he might have been only one win away from a major.
    Well congradualtions Forrest hopefully next time you will actully step foot on a court before your claimed the VICTOR. Oh well for the rest of us there is always Fort Worth....