Saturday, July 26, 2008

4.5 Sectionals

I might sound like a homer but I think the two reps at 4.5 have a chance to make it far next weekend. I had a chance to watch them play each other and these guys are good.

Branch is built on depth and has top players from top to bottom and even on the bench. Royal Oaks is built in the other common USTA league way, "get three ringers and then fill the rest of the roster up with good guys.". Royal Oaks will rely on the big three of Molina, Bui and Gonzales but those are three guys I would love to depend on in a tourney like this. Gonzales has smooth and powerful strokes, Molina wears you down with a slice that probably literally cuts into the ball and Bui has the whole package.

Here is a look at what they will see.


8:30a @ Greenhill v. Wild Austin (last minute entry from Austin blogger Tatu)
This team is good but not sure if all were prepared to make this trip before they got the call. One thing is for sure coming in 2nd in the town where the national rep came from is not a bad accomplishment. They will be tough test for Branch's group.

1p @ Greenhill v. FW
The battle for the metroplex and most likely this flight occurs at GH at 1p. FW has some good history but so does Branch. FW has a couple of new guys that are supposed to put them over the top but not sure they can matchup from 1-8. This should be a great match.

noon v. Abilene @ Brookhaven. This is a curious one, this QT qualifying team had to play some good teams to qualify. Dallas will obviously know by this point how good they are and of course they have the hammer Jason Kern playing for them so they will be tough and not go down easy.

Royal Oaks

8:30a @ TBAR v. Houston
What a way to get your morning started, I would love to watch this but I already called in for a "doctor's appt" to watch a 4.0 match. I will be checking my computer to find out this score. I am obviously pulling for wild Dallas here but I am not sure they can match up but if there is a time to play them it is when the big 3 are fresh and that might just be the difference.

1p @ TBAR v. Corpus Christi
All the talk is about Maingot but I am not sure this young gun is in the same league with Bui or Gonzales but might be able to take Molina depending on his skill set. I am not sure how deep the CC team but this will not be an easy match after a 2 hour or less break coming off the big Houston match.

10a @ Greenhill v. Waco
Not a bad way to end the flight, kind of hard to look at this Waco team, they did not really have to play anyone to get here and not sure they are up to the task of taking on this Dallas team.


  1. I was hoping to be able to make it out to a match or two but, based on this schedule, it's not going to happen. Maybe I can watch the semis or finals on Sunday if a Dallas team is still alive. I've never been to Sectionals for any level so I'm interested to see how bad the sandbagging is.

  2. I think that goes for me as well, I might catch a little of one of the Friday matches because I work in Addison but Sunday for sure I plan on making it down for 4 and 4.5 finals

  3. Seeing my name as a hammer in a 4.5 Sectionals post cracks me up. Thanks for the laugh Cary. I'm quite sure I'll be the nail not the hammer. I'm just looking forward to being in the presence of greatness. I watched the finals of last years 4.5s and was hoping I would just have the opportunity to go to Sectionals again one day. Definitely didn't think it would be this year but I'll happily take my butt kicking.

  4. Cary,
    I still see the Saturday Dallas-Abilene match at Brookhaven. Am I missing something?

  5. its at brookhaven - you are correct.

  6. i might have that old tenative schedule I better check it before I head out next week

    I was hoping I might send you to the wrong courts...:)

  7. Does anyone think the 2nd place team can come from Bracket 3 ? These are some tough match-ups and Fireworks will be erupting once Dallas vs. Ft.Worth plays on Friday. Can u imagine that either FT. Worth or Dallas could be out of it Friday evening. OUCH to work so hard then get knocked out the First day. There will be some long faces Saturday Morning.

  8. Good point - but there will be some happy ones too. Such is life and competition.

  9. I'm going to call Dallas 3-2 over Ft. Worth. Chan wins and Huffman loses for Ft. Worth in singles and the Branch team takes two out of three dubs.

  10. The Valley has withdrawn and FTW WC will be taking their s;ot. IMO opinion it makes Pool #2 stronger as the WC team has beaten the main team already this year, but lost out on sets lost at City Championships.

  11. yes, but unfortunately the FW team will not have all of it's players - and that is too bad, because i agree with your assesment - they are good. hopefully the main players can show up

  12. Pool I: Houston
    Pool II: NOHO
    Pool III: Dallas
    Wild Card: Wild Dallas

    Houston defeats Wild Dallas 4-1
    Noho defeats Dallas 3-2

    Noho defeats Houston 3-2

  13. Report Report Report - Lawrence Chan will not be at sectionals for Ft.Worth.

    Please confirm or deny. Have heard that he is in Washington with business and can not make it.