Monday, July 7, 2008

4.0 Sectional brackets

Much like the last post I will preface that I don't know all these teams or players. For all I know Abilene will come here and kick all of your a**es! But here are my humble thoughts. If you are in Vegas put some money down on Freeman's team, the odds might suck but it would be a safe bet. They went to Nats last year and have some good players in place for another run.

Wild Valley

Wild Valley and Abilene will have a tough time here and not sure how deep Waco is from top to bottom but won’t be an easy out. The big matchup will be a repeat of the finals from last year will it be Freeman v. Somabut again but this time in flight play? Seems kind of cruel they are flighted together instead of the Wild Houston or Dallas being paired up in here. Although Freeman and Somabut haven’t qualified yet they are heavy favs going into their respective city championships’ in the coming weekends.

Wild Houston

I think Austin and Wild Houston will battle for this spot. I like the Austin team a lot this year, they have some solid ringers that should be able to compete with anyone in Dallas that weekend.

Wild Austin

Not sure who to go with here but Wild Austin should be solid but definitely a step down from the Austin champ. NETX had some good regular season results taking out the team that won last year and made it to the semis. SA could be tough as well.

Wild Dallas

San Angelo

FW should be good here, they have some solid players that have played against strong competition. Wild Dallas will be good as well, should be the Lakes or Springpark or possibly Somabut so the Wild Dallas probably has a better shot of making it to Sunday than the DCC champ.


  1. So does Somabut's team lose on purpose because they are scared of Freeman's team? If so do they possibly get upset by the FW team?
    Does Freeman lose on purpose to try to take out the Austin team early in the weekend while they are still fresh?
    Does Somabut remember how tired they were in the finals last year and decide they would rather take them on before they wear their legs out this year?
    Does some other team show up with a bunch of ringers and make Freeman and Somabut obsolete?
    Will someone get protested and change the whole picture?
    It's going to be interesting before we even get to Sectionals!

  2. I agree Jason it is going to get interesting. I would go for the someone will sneak in and upset Freeman and Somabut but they are both way too focused to lose sight of Sunday afternoon. I really think one of them will make it out.

    I do thinkg Austin is ready to make some noise. They have some high quality ringers.

  3. Pool 1 will most likely have 2, if not 3, of the best teams in it. Waco won Texas in 2006 and Houston won it in 2007. Both teams have the same captains (If Freeman's team comes in 1st) and both teams look good on paper. Add Dallas #1 to mix and you have yourself a battle royal to even get to Sunday.

  4. Austin's Colin McKinsey is a super-ringer.

  5. I think there will be a number of players at the Sectional tournament that will give him all he can handle. Ranked top 10 in Men's 35 Singles with a 6-5 record.

  6. Austin always has some top level players. Their challenge is them being in town on match days as many times they are off playing in Mexico or other international matches. Am I saying they are good? naw

  7. Uploaded the play-off schedule if anyone cares.