Monday, July 7, 2008

3.5 Sectional Brackets

I am not going to pretend I know all these teams inside and out and some have not been decided quite yet but going off the info I do know here is how I see it going down. I look forward to catching a few matches.

I do believe the DCC champ has a huge oppurtunity to make it all the way to Sunday afternoon, yep Big John, Craig, Mark, David and Patrick I am talking to you, time to step up.

Wild Austin

I would consider this flight wide open but favor FW to come out with San Antonio close behind. I like this FW to be very competitive for the national spot on Sunday. San Antonio does have Campos who has been a terror on the tourney circuit and his game as described by most will wear down some players in the summer heat. Wild Austin cannot be overlooked either with some solid players. Don’t know enough about the Valley but last year they almost won a match with ½ a team on Friday so who knows what to expect from that group. Looks like some of the same guys from that 2007 team.

Wild Dallas

This flight is very tough. Wild Dallas will be a good team unless something goes awry at the DCC. Midland is the same group we played from last year and shouldn’t pose a threat but have some OK doubles players. NETX should have some solid players, not sure if they have enough depth to contend in this flight but they will not be an easy out. Austin is another quality team that could win this flight. Then there is Houston. Only one rep from Houston this year who won last year and there will be tough city championship this year.

San Angelo
Wild Lubbock

I will be ashamed if the DCC champ can’t make it out of this flight. Waco will be tough but past that Dallas should be favored in what looks to be the weakest flight.

Wild FW

Amarillo had a solid result last season and I think I see some of the same crew but I think this flight is an open for anyone to grab it. All these teams are capable although I am not sure this flight winner will be a favorite on Sunday in the semifinals. Are you listening Dallas champ??? You will play the winner of this flight if you can take care of business in flight III. Could we have a Dallas team in the final on Sunday? I hope so.


  1. Yikes... you do not want to come in second in the DCC. Dallas Wild will have a really tough time. I think DCC Champion can get out of their pool but Wild will have their work cutout for them.

  2. Houston is riding on its reputation only. They will be flatened by Dallas. Dallas tennis is just too strong this year.

    I could HONESTLY see Dallas and Wild Dallas winning both flights. There are 4 really QUALITY teams coming out of Dallas. It is a shame that only 2 will make it.

  3. It is a shame that only 1 gets out of QT. Dallas 3.5 is strong and battle tested.

  4. I have seen some of the Lubbock guys and they are really tough. There is no one policing the teams up there and they have some solid 4.0 and 4.5s. They have consolidated their talent on one team unlike Dallas.

    Neutral Observer

  5. 3.5 ers:

    uhh. don't get too full of yourself. I am your biggest fan right now but don't assume everyone else in TX sux. There are some good players out there.

    make me a believer this Sunday

  6. I have been looking at some of the records of the players in the other TX zones,

    I there are some that would have been bumped in Dallas for sure,

    Are the rating discretionary?
    Are other zones more lax?

    If this guy was playing for Garland we would have crucified him by now.

  7. True... and it begs the questions... what does it take to get moved up or DQ'd in Waco?

    He is an Appeal and last I heard that Appeal players would be watched closer. Koziol's results are unbelievable.

  8. Looks like the standard for most of the other cities. No big surprise on info about Koziol and unfortunately there are more like him out there headed for Dallas next week. Good luck to everyone playing. Have fun and remember to start drinking your water days in advance..keep your tanks full! I am afraid it is going to be a hot weekend!

  9. Koziol scores are nice. But he is 65 years old or older. Cut him some slack. I believe age is a criteria for moving down a level. You can be at a 4.5 level, but if you're over 65, they rate you as 4.0. And so forth.

  10. I think Rod Laver is over 65 also. Lets have him rate as 3.5. Seriously, with the scores he is putting up, he is probably out of level. Since he is computer rated, there is nothing we really can do.

    I think Jacques infers that when other divisions have guys out of level they get a pass but when we in Dallas get players clearly out of level we seem to police ourselves much closer.

  11. Koziol is no where near 65 years old. He is closer to 105 years old. He takes all the pace from his opponents and re-directs the ball to the open court. He is a pusher and in incredible shape for 105. He surprises people because of his age and looks.

    I wish I could see Koziol and Campos in San Antonio Major Zone. That is going to look like a 3.0 match for sure. Neither player knows how to generate pace.

    Koziol is a 3.5 player for sure.

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  13. It's about scores and results,
    Not age and technique.

    I can name you a easy dozen 4.0 and 4.5 players who have beautiful strokes and can hit the ball Hard that would lose to a top ten 3.5 player.

    I don't think the dynamic ratings system can factor in how many MHP's you have on your Serve.

    If it could Cary would be taking a 2.5 team to the nationals.

  14. This so-called "Koziol" kind of reminds me of the Raymond Zernick thing.

  15. guys,

    let's not forget its about how u play, not them. I don't worry about my competition. I let my competition worry about me.

  16. True on Zernick but Zernick was Mixed Rating which has the same result as a self rate. This guy is an appeal.

    As for BMO, I really do not think anyone is worrying about you. If people were seriously worried about you, then there would be people complaining about you.

  17. Brian,
    I'm worried about you.

    I'm Worried about you losing to Oakridge again this Sunday!

    Oh Snap!

  18. Yeah, that is a pretty cocky thing to say for a 3.5 player. "Damn, I'm good, my opponents should be scared of me."

  19. Anybody notice the 3.5 City Championship schedule?
    Rd #1 is 8:00 pm under the lights at LBH.
    Rd#2 is at Greenhill
    Rd #3 is at Brookhaven
    Rd #4 is back at LBH

    We never play two matches in a row at the same site. Also, we've played our entire season during the day light. Now we have a night match _ at LBH were lighting is terrible.

    Anybody have night-vision goggles?

  20. In regards to Koziol he could be 105 years old but it does not matter. If he can hit the ball in places where you are moving the opposite direction then you are toast! Plus, experienced players can read where you are going to hit the ball. I often saw a guy in 2006 tournaments playing 4.5 and he was much older and would paint the lines and it was fun to see the younger guys running around like chickens with their heads cut off. His name is Yvon Leblanc and is the the nicest guy with killer strokes and deadly accuracy. I have not seem him around in the past couple of years but I am sure Garland will try to recruit him for next years 4.0 league...I was trying to be funny..but not a bad thought since he has not had much success the last 2 years and it could be for health reasons. Anyone know Yvon Leblanc?

  21. I know Yvon and I won't say he's the nicest guy in the world but he is definitely good. He played the French Open in 1970 or something.
    Grievance failed. Garland will bring the beatdown next weekend and nobody can stop it. High Point will be the first victime.
    Now that you couldn't get rid of Garland's players, what will you do now?

  22. LOL!!! okay, I think some people missed the point, but some good 1 liners though.

    I am saying only worry about the things that you can directly control. Worrying is not going to accomplish anything.

    Go out there, play some damn good tennis, and just worry about your own game / Not their game.

    Anybody see that Ranger's game tonight? Rangers are playing some exciting baseball right now. 2 great games back to back against the number 1 team in the division. Course, I just doomed them for tomorrow now.

  23. Well,

    if he was 105 years, I think the reason you haven't seen him around lately, IS BECAUSE HE IS DEAD!!!

    Check the obituary page, you might find him there.

    All I know is No dead guy is playing for MY team, I don't care HOW good he is.

  24. there is usually always a night match at city and QT playoffs unless you get the bye on Friday. But you are right LBH lights are not the greatest but they are not the worst either.

  25. Cary,

    You know the Garland team will be comfortable in the surroundings out at LBH with all the gunfire and extra curricular activities out in the parking lot!

  26. Uploaded the play-off schedule if anyone cares.

  27. Too Bad the God Damn DTA can't figure out how to do that on their own website.

  28. True Jacques. Playing in those conditions worked for Djokovic, Ivanovic, and Jankovic. It's like home-court advantage for you guys.