Saturday, July 26, 2008

Challenge Ladder Tournament

The Challenge ladder Tournament is Coming in August.

Seeding will be determined by you ladder rank so if you want to improve you position I would recommend you get some matched played ASAP.

More details to come soon!!!!

OC BL (your ladder coordinator)
(I think I would be seeded last, yikes do I have to play Noaman first, that sux! You are going down Noaman)


  1. I believe Marc wants to have matches done in flex style where you will have so many days to play your opponent and move onto the next round, etc.

    Should be good stuff.

  2. I am excited about it. should be a lot of fun.

  3. Ashley Harkleroad Playboy pics,
    18 & over please,
    Not work friendly,
    You can thank me later

  4. nice work Marc. I heard she had done playboy and meant to stop by my local newstand and now I don't have to.


  5. OC BL,

    You are a fine man, and a worthy addition to not just this blog, but this side of the solar system in general.


  6. world famous entry in the Denise Terrill tourney, Marcos Klameckopolis. Nice!

  7. Marc,

    corey noel said he is up for the ladder tourney. He gave me a bagel last night. I celebrated when we got to deuce or if I ever got two points in a game.

  8. I'm struggling with if I should just randomly place people in the draw or take their playing level into consideration,
    Either way there are going to be some serious beat downs coming,
    First round match of Grandpa Ed v Forrest,

    As for this Klameckipopolis you speak of, I have never heard of him, But with a name like that you better watch out.

    After my disappointing result in the City, I have retired form USTA tennis, now I can focus on the challenge latter exclusively.

  9. I hope u dint retire son. Just let the beat downs happen, and have a nice consolation division

  10. OC Bl, sign me up.

    I'll start about a week after sectionals, should be fun.

    Can I have beer during the matches?

  11. Just shoot me your email.
    You can drink what ever you want,
    I recommend a flask.

  12. Marc,

    Put me down for the challenge ladder. I think it will be fun.

    Enrique Molina

  13. To Marcus Klameckipopolis Why not try and have competive matches instead of what you would call beatdowns. I will play whoever but Forest should be playing a 4.5 level player not a 3.5 player.Why dont you schedule yourself to play him.You might be able to get a game or two.Thanks Grandpa

  14. What do "OC BL" and "BMO" stand for?

  15. OC_BL
    sorry to let you down but I won't be in Dallas anytime soon due to my work and the wife's work.
    Thought I would be in town at least 1-2 times a month but not so.
    Sorry :(

  16. Don't worry you gray little head grandpa,
    I have done my best to keep everybody with in .5 rating of each other.

    The top 3 seed all got byes.

    It's not perfect but this in an experiment and for fun so keep that in mind.

    Everybody should have received an invitation tonight.
    So login and register,
    I will be sending emails out to each pairing with contact information and rules.

    We have a 32 player draw!!! Pretty impressive.

    Tournament draws are posted.
    The Official start date is Aug 4th,
    But you can start as soon as you know who you are playing.
    You have one week to complete each match,
    There are players who can't play due to injury or schedule,
    Just power though it, take the win and advance to the next round.
    Remember there can only be One!!!!
    Sam the Eagle waits to be taken home by the grand Champion.

  17. Tournament Seeds
    1) Noaman Azhar

    2) OC-BL . Klamecki

    3) Ryan Curren

    4) Forrest Feuille

    5) Kirby Martin

    6) Enrique Molina

    7) Corey Noel

    8) Sean Brinkman

    9) David Prather

    10) ZACH STEIN

    11) Larry Lipsie

    12) Ed Ratcliffe

    13) Curtiss Hayes

    14) Jason Fraser

    15) Bryan Presley

    16) Jacques Delira

    17) Jonathan Marcus

    18) Brian Morrison

    19) Cary Bazan

  18. Link to the Tourny Page

  19. Man, you start me off with Mitch. That could have been a final or semifinal if he's as good as I've heard. Is this because of my allegiance to John Sisk? I knew that would come back to haunt me. Oh well.

  20. He was just like a last minute addition, signed up today.
    Thats just how it lined up. sorry,
    Sux to be you,
    But maybe he won't show up,

  21. Full two out of three sets?

  22. I believe that OC BL stands for Oak Creek's Big Lebowski???

    How's your bowling been?

  23. did somebody say BOWLING!!!

    damn knee says no mas!!

  24. You guys are too nice on here. Check out the Houston blog for entertainment purposes only, then come back here for tennis only chat.

  25. Don't tell me you have not seen the Big Lebowski? That has got to be one of the funniest movies!!!!

    The LINES out of that movie are still CLASSICS!!!!

    He asks the Dude what makes a man. "Is it being prepared to do the right thing, whatever the cost?" "Sure, that and a pair of testicles," replies the Dude

  26. Just received email from Jane and it says that the format for fall season for all levels with be 2- dubs and 1-singles line. WTF?

  27. "Man, you start me off with Mitch. That could have been a final or semifinal if he's as good as I've heard."

    I'm telling you, that Corey really has a way with words. Such a humble fella.

  28. that is funny. Jason and I played doubles last night together and against one another. Now we know all our secrets. Actually I think we are kind of similar in style so I expect a 2 1/2 counterpunch-fest. I will pack a lunch.

    Some other good matchups as well Noel v. McGowan, let me know where that happens.

    I know Mitch is tough but after hitting with Corey Sunday night I find it hard someone will crush him.

  29. Cary,
    What was up with that match ?
    one set 6-0,
    Did that like take 10 minutes, then you went home?

  30. not even sure if it took that long. our mixed dubs team left the court to go for dinner and drinks. By the time we had arrived the waitress had only just gotten the first round of beers, so yep it didn't take long.

    Corey is a very tough player, I honestly just needed to play some singles. My mixed dubs match was so uninteresting, no offense to the Snow's but it was a snorefest as they stomped us and I didn't break a sweat. I got more exercise in the brief set with Corey.

  31. Man I got to play Coach Prather. Dave you want me to play left or right handed.

    Just joking!!

    Samuel Bert

  32. "I'm telling you, that Corey really has a way with words. Such a humble fella."

    Are you implying that Mitch or I are not good enough to make the semifinals?

  33. July 30, 10:33am, it's fun to play that way. That's how they do the 5.0 and above.

    Corey, I know I can't make it to the semi's. I'm not even seeded within the top 17. Cary's above me as well as everyone else.

    Just walk on over me and win the thing.


  34. Cary,

    You got beat by David and Helen?

    Your partner using a walker or something?

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