Friday, July 25, 2008

FW Major starts today

Kern has made some good picks in the previous post about this tourney. This looks a lot more like a major zone draw than the SA one did so you all should get some good tennis.

Good luck to you Dallasites and I guess you Fort Worthians.

Post any results you know as they come in.


  1. Thanks for posting that lil' tourney Cary.

  2. Forrest won, John Marcus lost. Trae Bowman lost. T Mckinney was up on Ismail.

  3. McKinney lost in third-set TB. Carlquist and Devinney won first round. I won first round in TB. Tom Opderbeck won 1st round and beat Ratana in Round 2. Jason Warren won. Steven Howard won. That's all I know. My team was 4-0 today in 4.5 singles.

  4. what's up Corey you aren't claiming Trey anymore on your team? He was on your roster. I am sure someone will take him if you are shunning him so harshly in public like that. :)

    Sorry Trae, it was probably watching my game last night that got you out of sorts. Is Marcus a doubles phenom now and can't play singles?

    How does he do it, at this rate of improvement he will be winning 5.0 tourneys in 2010. Good win, can we give him the trophy for year end today?

    Question is will he come play Lucky Thunder in two weeks? Ok that isn't really a great question but I might want to the honor of taking my beating like everyone else has so far this year.

  5. Hollywood/Phynomenon upset the #1 seed in 3 sets. 3-6, 6-3, 6-4.

  6. If they win the tourney maybe Davis/McGowan will accept their challenge

  7. My single game stinks right now. Shoot, even Cary could probably beat me.

    At least tomorrow morning should be interesting and entertaining, I play Trae B. in the first round of consolation.

    I don't know much as it relates to matches, I know that Forrest beat Jeffrey Jones, 2&2. I lost in third set 2 hr tie breaker, 6-7, 6-3, 10-8 and Trae lost to the same guy he lost to at Waco, James Schick won 1&3.

    The only good news is that travelling was only 45 minutes for me.

  8. That's why I said my team was 4-0 in 4.5 singles. Trey probably could have won if he played 4.5.

  9. aha! Trae just told me he and Leonard are thru to the quarters, I am guessing they will be playing Dutchover/Nguyen. That is actually a good matchup for them, I hope I didn't just jinx them.

  10. Ismael has to play Jose next. Gonzalez is the mirror image of Ismael. The big difference is Jose has beaten a 5.0 player (Blumberg) at the Plano Open. Ismael had better show some improvement overnight cause he will have to really be on to not let Jose's game get to him. I'll go with the lefty on this one.

  11. Ismael beat the shit out of Blumberg in Tyler and he'll beat Jose tomorrow.

  12. Hollywood/Phynomenon advance to the semis!

  13. I just don't get it, why is there even an update on how J. Marcus did? I just don't get it. What has he ever done, except lose a lot and wear some really scary shorts?

  14. Anonymous 4:56pm poster,
    People care about an update about me and my results the same way they care about you and your results.

    Oh, my bad, no one cares about your results because you never play in any match of consequence.

    When you actually win at least one tournament, play in a league playoff match and actually win a couple of playoff matches, then comment about me.

  15. There is still an unknown alive in 4.0 dubs

  16. Sorry I posted in the wrong thread. Haven't check the website yet but both my 4.5 doubles teams are out. Hollywood ( I was impressed) and Phynomenal (which he is) won a very good match. Kern proved to be too much too carry (I sucked) and the Waco kids were good. I know Tuyen lost but no other news until I get home.

  17. Its frustrating to see that Ismail guy win in 4.0. I saw him for the first time today against Trey, and his strokes are bad, and that is being nice. My 16 year old daughter has better serves than him. I dont see how folks cant just blow him off the court. Its a shame a more sound player like Trey did not advance. I just dont get it! That guy should not be winning 4.0 tournaments like he has been. Ismail winning tournaments does not say much for the level of 4.0 players in Texas if that is the best this level has to offer in tournament play. What a shame! I guess Jose or Forrest will have to handle him and show him what a REAL player plays like. His game is PATHETIC! Enough is enough, somebody needs to beat him and put him out of his pathetic game misery. It was TORTURE to watch! Will somebody please step up!

  18. LMAO.. that was awesome. Who does care about Marcus' results. Dude we are NOT in the 80s anymore. Spandex is for the ladies.

  19. While I will agree that Ismael has poor strokes don't rail on him for winning. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe he has only really been playing tennis for less than 3 years. He is in outstanding shape and is mentally very tough and a very nice guy.
    Now what I will agree to is the state of 4.0 tournament tennis. I agree that Ismael and Tuyen should not be winning as many 4.0 MZs as they have in their first year after being bumped up. However, bag on those that can't beat a guy with poor strokes not Ismael.

  20. I thought spandex was part of the Lifetime team uniform.

  21. Did Foad make it out of the first round this time? How does this guy keep getting seeded? The only matches he ever wins are in consolation.

  22. Looks like HP is doing well in 4.0 and 4.5 dubs. Good win Jean and Phy.

  23. To: 456 pm poster.

    wow. How cool are you to rag on someone anonymously? Did you pick on the fat kid in jr high too?

    You should feel real proud of yourself. Its not like he posted his own results. someone else posted for him. He answered. Pick your battles appropriately, don't be a loser. This is not YOUR blog.

  24. Dutchover/Nguyen defeat Weatherby/Sloan in a close match, 7-6 7-5, advancing to the quarters

  25. So if his strokes are so poor, and he has a candy ass serve, hit that approach shot/chip and charge return and make him pass you with those girly strokes, just like bro. Kern does.

  26. Ismael does not claim to have the best strokes and does not claim to have a pretty serve. To be honest, Ismael is so humble that he never says anything about himself at all. All he does is win, win, win...he is the best 4.0 tournament player in Texas and he'll probably be there for a long time, so get used to it.

    Tennis is not a game of who has the best looking strokes. It is about conditioning and mental toughness, neither of which I have, and both of which Ismael excels at.

    Ismael is a winner, regardless the level.

  27. Sigh - as if I didn't feel shitty enough about todays play - I now find out the guy that beat me has a PATHETIC game.

    Get real man. 4.0 tennis is about NOT LOSING matches, 4.5 tennis is about winning them. Dutch is an athlete who has recently converted to a tennis player. He makes you hit alot of balls and his server isn't near as bad as you speak. I am disappointed the tournament went with the 3rd set coman, especially today when it was like 85 degrees outside and most players were only playing 1 singles match. It's what I get for dropping the 1st set, anything can happen in a coman. Ismael is a nice guy and should continue to do well. I don't think he beats Forrest, but he should make it out of that bottom part of the draw to the semis. Gonzalex is a good player, but I would be very surprised if he beat Ismael tomorrow.

    Congrats to Anonymous - you win the clueless clown award for the day. I am going to bed trying to decide if the Consilation matches are worth the 45 min drive.

  28. From my cyber-stalking of Ismal,
    He's a marathon runner.
    Anyone who can run 26 miles without stopping I give mad props to,
    That makes a weekend of tennis look like a trip to the spa.

    I used to think I was bad to the bone because I could beat my wife in a 5k on Saturday morning then play a few sets of tennis that afternoon,

    But I don't have shit on running for 4 hours straight.

    That being said I have never seen Ducthy play, just heard the stories.

    But gives all of us newly bumped 4.0's hope,

    and is that not all you really need is Hope?

  29. 3.5 singles Koziol v. Prather in the AM on Sat. should be good. If he blows out Prather which he might he will show how he stacks up against Dallas 3.5 singles players.

    Foad won, Foad won!!!

    why the f**k is a 3.5 playing in the 4.5 draw and losing by a double bagel, what a waste of time for Zheng, he could have played on his drive up.

    4.0 dubs is looking very interesting, all the seeds are coming thru an there are going to be some good matches.

    The Pham/Nguyen team looks to be doing well.

  30. To those ragging on Ismael....everyone who reads this would lose to Fabrice Santoro in straight sets. His game is ugly but effective too! And he's 35 years old.

  31. for the idiot talking about Ismael (not Ismail) your big upset pick of Gonzalez actually got crushed by Gomez. That is a great win for Gerardo, who is a nice guy who I have hit with before. He has pretty strokes so we will see how he does against the giant killer but I like Ismael easy in that one.

    I have only seen Ismael play twice and only watched portions of that matches and I didn't think his tennis was that ugly, I have seen much uglier, that would include my own.

    Not all of us grew up learning tennis, some of us may have picked up it up when we stopped growing at 5' 6" and our NBA dreams died and we got cut from the JV basketball team (don't know who that is?) but essentially we all pick up habits if we started tennis later and not in some country club summer program or even a school environment. The think about Ismael is his game doesn't seem to detirorate while his opponents games do.

    I admire his fitness. I ran a year of road races, a half marathon and culminated in running the 2000 LA Marathon and what it taught me is to never ever do that again so good for him.

    i actually decided to take up league tennis soon thereafter and yep Marc compared to that race a long three setter is nothing, I still don't like em but I have felt worse pain.

    I am looking forward in the draw and until the finals Ismael should breeze whereas Forrest has some tough opponents including this morning so I think the fitness card might just set up for a Dutchover win over Feuille, we will see.

  32. Tough day of tennis for the Dallas boys in 4.5. No Dallas players in the semis. Viktorin was up a set on Kern when I left so at least there is one hometown player still alive.

  33. BMO,

    You might break your arm patting yourself on the back. Sectionals is coming up and do you really want that broken arm in that manner?

  34. In the 3.5s Enrique Molina lost in a 3rd set tie breaker in the Quarters. Sorry Cary, I started cramping up in my first match this morning and they only give you an hour before getting back on the court. I had 3 match points and could not pull it off. I began celebrating before the point was over, which I don't recommend as you see your great shot pass by you. I had my chances but Pedro Ruiz was a very nice guy with the same tenacity as Ismael. Boy was it hot out there.

    Sorry I let you down Cary.

    Enrique Molina

  35. Hollywood/Phynomenon won in a 3 set battle against the #4 seed. #4 seed withdrew due to a heat stroke when it was tied 5 all in the 3rd set.

  36. Cary,
    You used the term idiot in post 8:02. I know you don't use terms like that often. For your information Jose Gonzalez is in the SEMI's. These scores sometimes get messed up and the names are reversed at times too! The lefty beat Ismael pretty soundly.

  37. For the record, the one who predicted the slam dunk upset (and who spelled his name right) is not the same person as the 25th 7:40 poster (who spelled his name --mail).

  38. Ok. I dint realize that "still alive" was bragging, but okay... BUT still alive is no longer a valid statement.

    wiped clean. Serve left me and never came back. They stepped up and I choked up. Nice play gentlemen. Taken to the woodshed

  39. Had a tough match this morning against JD Miles and somehow found a way to pull it out. JD hasn't been playing a lot lately but was very tough. Not sure I want to play him when he's had some court time.
    Then I got to play Vik. I played very well in the first set and was up 5-4 and an ad. I hit about as good a serve as I could hit and watched it fly past me down the line. He ended up breaking me and went on to win the set. We continued to battle and I pulled out the second only to fall in the ten pointer (have I mentioned I hate the heat rule). I played very well but Vik was just too tough. He is up there with all the 4.5 tournament studs in my opinion. He'll have a very good match with Adam Cherry tomorrow morning.
    In doubles Hollywood and Phy will be taking on Cherry and Rosenquist after they outlasted the Waco kids(mid 20s) 6-2 in the third. That should be a very good battle. Phy and Hollywood are very good. I enjoyed meeting them and watching them play. Also met some other good people and looking forward to meeting more people and watching some great tennis next weekend. I have a feeling it will make the great tennis I saw this weekend look ordinary.
    I'm hoping Pepe gives Forest a scare in the morning but we'll see. Good luck to all those still playing. Cary you got to come try one of these MZs some time.

  40. anon,

    just wanted to join in the namecalling but feel bad doing under anon cover.

    I did think it was wierd G Gomez would have won so no biggie there but it just seems "idiotic" to call out someone on their style of play, if it is so appalling then hand them a double bagel and send them back to a lower level.

    me and MZ, probably not gonna happen but you never know. maybe next year.

  41. Good playing Jason. You played two really tough players and you were highly competitive with both of them. Keep it up and you will be making the finals or winning one of these in no time.

  42. Another MZ bites the dust for me! Didn't play singles as well as I had hoped but live and learn, I guess.

    Weird draw in Men's 4.0 singles. A lot of guys commented that the draw set up the exact same as Waco. It's almost like they took the Waco draw and used it as a template for Ft Worth. In Tyler, the tournament director told me that all draws are submitted to USTA - Texas section offices in Austin for approval before they are published. Do I smell something fishy here?!

    I had the weirdest moment I have ever had on a tennis court yesterday with Trey McKinney. He had already played 2 Consolation matches on Sat and I had played 1 match then got a walkover but I still had my 4.0 dbls quarterfinal match against Dutchover/Nguyen. Neither one of us were to eager to play at 4:30pm with the thermometer reading 102! We played an un-inspired first set with neither of us really chasing down balls. Trey broke me once to take it 6-4. The 2nd set we were on serve and I asked him if he was ready to take it so that I had something left for my dbls match. Well turns out, he didn't want it anymore than I did! So we sat on the court for a good 5-7 minutes trying to decide who would "win" the match. I told him that if lost dbls, I didn't want to drive to TCU at 8am for a match and if I won my dbls match, I didn't want to take anything away from a dbls semi. He really wasn't that excited about driving to TCU for a 8am match either and since he is moving up to 4.5 after this tourney, the points meant nothing to him. I just hope that he decided to go and kick some butt.
    Needless to say, Leonard and I lost the match to Dutchover/Nguyen so much to do about nothing!

    It was good seeing the Dallas group out there this weekend and I like Forrest to win it!

  43. The dreaded match tiebreaker finally felled me in the finals. It's a shame b/c I really had the momentum but played a crappy tiebreak.

    Played one of the waco guys (longacre). 3-6, 6-2. Tournament desk ignored our pleas to play it out, lost 10-6.

    2 majors, 2 seconds --- this one stings.

    It was good meeting the other 4.5s. Good luck if you are playing at sectionals --- I think I just played 1/2 the Waco and Abilene teams this weekend.

  44. Both players wanted to play it out and they wouldn't let you. That's ridiculous!! I don't understand the lack of flexibility from these tournament directors. Do they not understand that their main goal should be to get people to want to come back to their tournaments. I personally thought it was ridiculous to play third-set tiebreaks when 90 percent of the matches were played in the morning.

    Good tournament again anyway Dustin and it was good to meet you.

  45. Trust me - that rule was enforced for time reasons only. It makes running a tournament so much easier when matches end within 2 hours.

  46. What's the deal with the posting of the 4.0 singles and doubles scores? I have been waiting around for the last 1 1/2 days for some scores. I have email the tournament director three times .. no reply.

  47. Just left TCU after spending the majority of the day watching some entertaining tennis. Started off with the 4.0 semis. Pepe had some opportunities against Forest but couldn't capitalize. Jose was up 5-2 in the first set tiebreaker but Murray found a way to come back and take it and the match. Forest then took down Murray in the final. Forest will be competitive in 4.5 IMO if he doesn't win his appeal next year (I'm just assuming he will appeal).
    I watched some of the 4.5 FW team playing in the 5.0s and 30s and they looked good as always. I think they'll be ready to make a run next weekend, should be a good match with Dallas. By the way that's the difference Cary I believe. I can't make it out of the 4.5 quarters and they are doing well in 5.0s and 30s.
    Then I caught the 4.0 doubles semis. Brouer and Robinson looked good (maybe better than I remembered though I'm not admitting that) and easily took out the Houston boys. Then Voss and Newman got by in 3 sets and made sure to point out that they were sorry to ruin my predictions (flattered they even new my prediction). Maybe HP does have enough to beat whomever by just sweeping doubles. I have been wrong before.
    I didn't see 4.5s but Vik ruined my perfect record of losing to the eventual champion :( In doubles Phynomenal and Hollywood took down the Abilene boys in 3 sets. (Man there is a lot of HP love here!)
    The best match of the day was the Open Doubles final which I would have paid money to watch. They were RIDICULOUS! Incredible match in which the 40 year olds beat the 20 year olds.
    So to recap my predictions
    2 of 4 in the singles semis
    1 of 4 in the doubles final
    2 of 4 and the winner in singles
    2 of 4 (maybe winner) in doubles
    Not terribly impressive but I tried.
    Thanks for the compliment Corey. You had a nice tournament as well.

  48. The tournament director was located at TCU. RTC was good about linking the scores up timely. Maybe the director didn't want too many people to have access to the TennisLink sight. You know password and all. This is where the west begins in Texas. The next stage will deliver the score results to the Director sooner or later, probably later.

  49. I heard the issue was no internet at the TCU site. I find this hard to believe that you are on a big Div 1 campus and there isn't a Wi-Fi available - but thats what I heard. It was annoying that they found the time to update the 4.5 draws but left the 4.0 draws empty.

  50. This is ridiculous. It’s 9:10 pm Sunday night and the scores for the 4.0 singles and doubles still haven’t been updated since Friday night.

  51. Forrest won 4.0 singles.
    Brouer/Robinson won 4.0 doubles.

  52. lol, draws updated but still no update on 4.0!

  53. I don't think they can use time reasons as an excuse not to allow a full third set on Sunday afternoon. 95 percent of the players are eliminated at that point. That place had tons of open courts on Saturday so I know they couldn't have needed that court for matches waiting today.
    I've also never seen a major zone that has not updated certain draws this late on a Sunday.

  54. ...looks like the FW tourney folks tried to post the scores late last night, but the computer screwed up. Here's what they say on the tourney website:

    Men/Women 4.0 Scores
    The scores in ALL divisions were updated around 2AM Sunday, however for some reason the 4.0 scores were dropped and did not post even though they were entered. Please understand we want the scores posted as much as the player. If you take a look at all the other divisions, you'll see they are posted, they were all done at the same time.

  55. Time has nothing to do with open courts, its the laziness of wanting to go home at a reasonable hour. By forcing things to a 3rd set coman, they have a least likely chance of having a player who is in doubles and singles draws forcing doubles to push back an hour or two (thus making the site directors work a little longer as well).

  56. I went to check on the scores this morning. I read the notice on the home page about all the scores being posted, expect 4.0. So the first draw I went to was 3.5 mixed doubles to checkout how some friends did, still not updated. Then I went to 4.5 mixed doubles, still not updated. Then I went to women’s doubles, still not updated.

    I emailed Ann Rhodes (tournament director) last night and again this morning about the issue and my dissatisfaction about the posting of scores.

    It they would have posted scores shortly after a match is completed (say within a hour or so), they wouldn’t be up until 2am Monday morning trying to enter in scores and still have a mess.

  57. I also believe the Coman is more time related than heat related.

    The site directors at Mcleland were very nice and things were well run. But it was pure garbage for their reasons for not letting us play out the finals.

    Just email the TD and let them know how you feel. They should be more flexible. Maybe it can make a difference for next year....

  58. Heat is a major factor. Officiated the AR Closed this past weekend and the Tournament Referee made it clear a Match TB was being used this year inlight of the fact that last year 2 kids were transported to the hopsital due to heat related illnesses. I know it does suck, but sometimes the TD is looking out for the players. As for the TD's who play Match TB in lieu of 3rd Set in Spring and Fall tournaments that is just laziness.

  59. Tennislinks shuts down every Monday night at 2:00am for maintenance. No wonder they couldn't feed the 4.0 draws to the computer that late.

  60. Keith and Steven kinda suck. They kinda suck so bad that they have only won 3 out of the 4 MZ's they have entered this year.

    Of course, that means I really really suck. But I already pretty much knew that.

    Kern's picks kinda suck. Not really but it feels good to say that.

    Congrats guys. You played really well. Not bad for vomiting between points.

  61. Nice job Keith/Steven and Hollywood/Phynomenon!

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  64. Hmmm...not sure what is happening to my posts...but, ill try one more time.

    Not sure whats up with that guy who felt he had to rag on my game like he did, but...I find it a bit funny more than anything. Wont feed into that type of negativity anyhow.

    I will be the first to admit I have an ugly game, and yes Jason, you are right, I have not played tennis very long, so I try to make do with what I've learned thus far. Love the game, like competing, and thats what drives me. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Would like to say that I appreciate those of you who spoke on my behalf. Thanks!

    Congrats to all the winners at the Ft Worth Major, and good luck at Sectionals!!!

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