Friday, November 7, 2008

4.0 Playoff Flights

So although I haven't received a confirmed schedule from the DTA our flights are posted for the 4.0 playoffs on tennislink.

Red Flight
1. HP/Bazan
2. Lakes
3. Lifetime
4. Oak Creek

Blue Flight
1. BH/Pearlman (BHP)
2. HP/Somabut
3. Greenhill
4. BH/Helterbrann(BHH)

I like how this flights look for all involved, it was looking like if Bob's team would have won bigger last weekend the RED flight would have been overstacked but now they seem more even. I actually think the Blue flight overall is stronger. It will be tough for one of them to go 3-0. In our flight it will be tough as well but more possible.

I am looking forward to that weekend but more excited about a Sunday off this weekend. I will put up some odds as we get closer otherwise the next two weeks will seem longer than usual.


  1. This is about the moral decay of USTA tennis leagues. If you don't fight tanking and snuff it out it becomes acceptable. Cary tries to point out, "Well so and so is doing it" Goes back to the 80/20 rule. 10% of the people are firm in their moral standing and won't compromise morals under any circumstances. 10% of people have no morals at all and will do anything. 80% of the people will go with what they believe is socially acceptable at the time and will follow masses on given issue. It is our job to raise the level of socially acceptable morality. In this case tennis sportsmanship and honest competition.

  2. Cary, Kent, and Noaman are CHEATERS. I hope the get DQed.

  3. Brookhaven/Pearl wins Blue Flight without a loss.

    Lifetime wins Red Flight without a loss.

    Lifetime beats Brookhaven 4-1 to win Fall DCC.

  4. You know what, this subject has been worn out. At some point we have to let it go.

    How would y'all feel if I kept complaining about how in the world did Texas allow Crabtree to catch that ball late in the 4th Quarter of the Texas-Texas Tech game and no body stop him.

    Whatever really happened, happened, people expressed their displeasure about it, which is cool, but LET'S MOVE ON!!!

  5. Top Cheating Captains:

    Anyone to add and why?

  6. It may be worn out to you because you are one of the offenders or you don't have enough game for this to impact you. It is not worn out to me because I work my ass off to improve and win matches only to have people tank and lose a match to stay at this level. If someone is better than me, fine, I will work harder to improve. But if the lose on purpose in meaningless matches to stay at this level and then turn it on to beat me or someone else that has worked hard to excell?? I think that is BS and this issue should never die until something is done or the mentality of the people doing this changes.


  8. It's funny how the best captains always get called cheaters.

  9. Dear Annon - November 7, 2008 8:26 AM

    I agree - i don't like cheaters.

    But you don't need to be our national spokesperson, bc you come across as a weirdo. anyone that comes on the blog telling us how you work so hard to move up, and this and that, you make us all look like a bunch of tennis homos.

    There is a reason why the band guys got more chicks at your school than the tennis team did and you were part of the problem i bet.

    Quit crying and whining - nobody cares and we have heard your argument about 5000 times now.

    here is some free coaching for you and your tennis nerd friends :

    Just say "tankers suck" or "tankers=duesch bags" , or something cool like that.

    chicks dig cool - no body cares how hard you are working to move from 3.5 to 4.0 in tennis.

  10. Until you people are in a match in a situation where the blatent tanking occurs you will not understand, and I am not sure that I would either, There is no bigger waste of my time than playing a tough match to 8-7 in the third set breaker only to have the opponents hit there last 4 serves into the top of the back fence to protect there players.

  11. Dude - we get it. Did you not just read the previos blogger. He was spot on trying to help us NOT sound like whiney little P(&)&*ys. You failed again.

    We get it. We understand. Cheating and tanking is bad and it is up to us, the 20%, yady yady yady freaking yady yady yady. WE GET IT - WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE. We just want you to quit making us look like bitches.

    Coaching Lesson # 2

    Chicks DON"T dig guys who BITCH OVER AND OVER AND OVER

    the love expert

  12. now that's funny - i don't care who you are. that right there is just plain funny. get er done.

  13. My advise, Be John Wayne he never cried like a baby! Think John Wayne.

  14. John Wayne is like cheap toilet paper.

    He is rough and tough and doesn't take crap off anybody.

    If continue this type of thread, chicks will dig us. keep it up. we are on a roll.

  15. yeah chick dig dueshbags who sandbag...over compensation for your little cock if you ask me

  16. that was improvent - good job. you made fun of someone, made a quick point, even talked about the size of a mans little piggy - that was especially funny. it was good, kind of funny, quick and to the point.

    extra points for not whining and telling us how hard you have worked in the off season and how proud you are of yourself etc etc. you are coming along nicely - keep it up. also - appreciated you not commenting on how we are going to save the moral integrity, and the 20% speech.

    i give it a b+.


  18. I don't want to make this thread about myself and Steven's doubles match against Springpark so I won't post about the specifics of the match here.

    However, if anyone is interested in reading my defense of the match they can see my post under that thread.

  19. Who the hell is John Wayne and who does he play for? And oh by the way at my high school, neither the band queers or the tennis geeks got any chicks, that's why I played football and golf!

  20. noaman, who really gives a shit about you anyway?

  21. lifetime's 25th playerNovember 7, 2008 at 3:41 PM

    yep I am ready for some odds and cary's breakdown of his own team and what stuff he thinks about the other teams so he can email to Eddie and help us win since they are essentially going to have to cheer us on Sunday morning

  22. Noaman will be the 6th best singles player at the DCC, guys might have to give him some games in a couple of weeks.

  23. Caribbean 3.0 playerNovember 7, 2008 at 3:44 PM

    I could dominate Dallas 4.0 tennis, you all suck when was the last time you all won anything at nats????? Or at sectionals for that matter, I can see why though, you all are so petty.

    pinche gringos!!

    Texas sux!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. My new favorite team:

    whoever is playing HP/Bazan's cheaters.

  25. Bazan had a fantastic 3.5 team in 2007 (full of ringers)and would have made Nationals except he screwed up his line-up against Houston. One of the biggest blunders by a captain Ive ever seen.


  27. Bazan didn't go to nats at 3.5 because of Jason Freeman, the same reason Bob Somabut didn't go that year. hard to compete with Freeman that year.

    He did have a certain guy named Dutchover on his team. How is he doing now? better than anyone Cary had on his 2007 team. Heck he is doing better than most of Bob's 4.0 players now.

    Houston sux!!!!!!!!

  28. Houston 3.5 was good in 2007 but Freeman & Dutchover could only win 2 lines. Houston was definitely beatable.

    Cary's team won #2 sgl and #1 doubles aga Houston. But Cary wasted his best player by playing a dead-tired Ed Henson at #1 sgl against Dutchover in 100+ degree temp. Put Henson at #3 dbl with almost anybody and Cary's team wins 3-2. Even some of Carys teammates called that a very dumb move.

    Houston SUX

  29. yea that doesnt sound to smart

  30. Lifetimes wins this without much effort.

  31. Cary, I think you should put Kent and Noaman together on line 3 doubs vs lifetime at DCC and tell them to tank again.

  32. Kent and Noaman could tank on line 3 doubs and still win against LTF. Not that those two are that good, rather LTF is that bad.

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