Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Masters Tourney this weekend

So tourneys aren't my expertise but it does look like there should be some good matchups this weekend.

First in 3.5 singles:
Prather looks to have the easier road the final as Molina, Kinson and Ballesteros are in one flight together. Maybe an all Oakridge final between Molina and Prather?

Prather/Blackburn is a tough combo but Max Thompson is a solid player as well although I don't know his partner that well. If I had to pick I guess I would go with LeClair/Kinson to make it to the final and get by Prather/Blackburn.

4.0 singles
Forrest, Tuyen and Ontiveros will battle it out in one flight which I think Fernando should get out of and into the final. Dutchover looms in the other flight and I don't see him losing although Murray is solid. Dutchover v. Ontiveros final looks imminent with Ontiveros coming out on top.

So the former teammates are in the same flight (Newman/Voss and Brouer/Robinson) Dutchover/Nguyen are also here along with Bell/Tierney. This is very tough but I will go with Steven and Keith to get out of this one but barely. I don't know the other players in the the opposing flight as well but Iting/Le faired well at the last tourney so they look to be tough as well as Wood/Zepeda but I see Keith and Steven winning it all.

4.5 Singles
Alfonso Rodriguez is playing and unleash he spots a set and a few games I don't see him losing this tourney. Maybe Zheng could push him in the final but that may be a reach.

Uhhh. I am going to plead ignorance here. I see Alfonso in this draw as well so he will be a factor but that is a lot of matches for him. Kern/Leijia should be solid as well as Patton/Goldberg. Maybe Leach/partner could make noise.

Any other thoughts????

Good luck to all of you especially if you are from D/FW.


  1. My partner & I have played doubles against both Prather and Max, but not these partners. I still feel Prather will come through. Max seems to get a little shook when down and does not come back. TN

  2. The two best 3.5 doubles teams are in the same flight:

    The winner of Kinson/Leclair and Birkelbach/Bennett will win it all.

    Prather/Blackburn should be able to make the final in the weaker flight.

  3. You are right Cary. Alfonso will roll in 4.5. Zheng is ultra-consistent but I don't think he will be able to handles Alfonso's heavy topspin and his ability to hit winners.
    Also, there is quite a stink on the Houston blog about the #1 open player being left out of the masters. Do you have any thoughts on that?
    I personally think he missed the deadline so he shouldn't play. Nobody is above the rules. However, since somebody offered his spot to him, I see no problem with him playing in that person's spot.

  4. 8. Clyde and Ricky - Pretty much space fillers - Good guys, not a threat
    7. Bundas/Lefler - Keith brought in Tobin to try and "beef" up, but it will be to no avail - too many weaknesses
    6. Bacon/Kincy - the "unknown" element to this year. A couple of good results, but nothing that would stand out as impressive.
    5. Thompson/Maupin - Looks like Max has gone through his usual regiment of partners and finally settled on Michael Maupin from the FW sectional team. They could make things interesting if Max can play above level, but as soon as he fades it's over - Michael can't carry him. Look for them to upset Dark Prather though.
    4. Boring/Weinstein - Tough Houston team - Gary can play most any type of style, fairly solid strokes. Weinstein has never met a lob he didn't like! Im not sure he's capable of hitting a ball under 37 ft - very frustrating - these guys will take the flight from Dark Prather in a tough grueling match.
    3. Prather/Blackburn - I know I rated them above Gary and Michael and am picking Gary, but the stronger of the two teams in a 1 match format would be David and Scott, add in mult amtches and edge goes back to Boring. Scott is fairly solid in all aspects, but it's gonna ride on Prather not getting streaky.
    2. Birckelbach/Bennett - Came on late in the year, but are a good team, they have a good mix of power and strategy. Looks like they split matches w/ Roger and James this summer.
    1. LeClair/Kinson - Based on results page, it looks like they have pretty much dominated the tourney side this year (league as well for the most part - sounds like Jason and Brock from last year). Plus.. I've seen them play several times. Unless something goes horribly wrong these two are your winners. They haven't had the best results lately, but I think one of them got hurt at sectionals - not sure which as I have only ever spoken to James.

    So..... Leclair/Kinson take red flight and Boring/Weinstein take white flight

    Leclaire and Kinson win it in straight sets - Good riddens to you and may you never come back to 3.5 again! (that goes for all 4 top teams!)

    Good luck all D/FW'ers

    That's my 13 cents worth.

  5. I have never played or seen Dutchy.
    But it's bullshit to win 3.5 masters one year then the 4.0 the next.

    I don't think someone can just improve that much over a year with hard work.

    He must have been super villain type out of level in 3.5

  6. Kern/Leija or ARod team should take it down although I'm not to familiar w/ the other flight.

    ARod over Zheng in 4.5. Zheng gets a charmed draw to make the finals. He could go winless in the other flight.

    I don't feel sorry for a person that can't make the entry deadline. It takes 2 minutes to enter.

  7. "I have never played or seen Dutchy."
    Then stop talking. The guy is a good athlete that only recently picked up the game. Look at his scores from 3.5 & 4.0. The dude is a 3 set grinder.

  8. Robinson/Brouer will win 4.0 and Leija/Kern will win 4.5.

  9. I don't know about singles, but in the doubles Dutchover won't win a match.

  10. Dutchover plays with a lot of heart and never knows that he is the least talented player on the court. He will most likely lose to Forrest in the final. Dutchover and Nguyen are not very good at doubles but they manage to get by in tournament play by sheer determination and athleticism. They are a lot of fun to watch and more people should play with their energy.

  11. Fort worth SUX! Dallas teams will win just because we are better!

  12. Say what you want about Dutchover, but he is playing in the masters tourney in both singles and doubles. I wouldn't mind having a player like that on my usta team. It's not about looking good it's about winning, and he wins alot.

  13. Ismael is a strong 4.0 player, who was at his right level last year and is in his right level this year. His advantage over most of us is his fitness.

    Congrats to making the elite 8, but I've got to go with my team-mate Forrest for this weekend. I personally don't see him dropping one set and bring back the 4.0 trophy to Lifetime to show off during the DCC. :-D

  14. Forrest game is perfect for Dutchover (I have played both of them). Forrest beats Dutchover 6-2, 6-4. The RED flight is so much more difficult than white. Forrest may never play Dutch if he can't get through Ontiveros or Nguyen. Winner of Red will win it all.

    Good luck to all of our Dallas representatives. Bring home some hardware.

  15. There's hardware? Now I am fired up.




  17. I wish Kern could have gotten into the 4.5 singles draw..I think he could have given Alfonso a tough time(or maybe a loss). I don't see any of the other guys having much success against Alfonso, but I'll be rooting for our local representation (J.D Miles)to pull off an upset.

  18. Sure are a lot of No shows/Retires/Quit today.

    Kern played Alfonso earlier in the year and did give him a tough time.

  19. Looks like Forrest and Dutchover in the Masters finals.

    Forrest(2-0) vs. Tuan Nguyen(2-0)

    Dutchover(2-0) vs. Osorio(2-0)

    I think Forrest has too much game for Tuan.

    Dutchover 1-0 this year vs. Osorio

    Predicted Final:

    Forrest def Dutchover 7-5, 6-4

    Forrest will need to keep the Final to two sets. You don't want to have to go three sets with Dutchover.