Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog Tournament Final!!!!!!!

Mark The Date!!!!

Saturday September 20th 1:30pm

Fair Oaks Tennis Center 7501 Merriman Pkwy, Dallas, TX

The Blog Tournament Finals
Corey "Nancy Boy" Noel vs Brandon "Oscar" Myers

Winner to take hove the much coveted Blog Tournament trophy.

Please feel free to attend and root on your favorite player.

If you want to play send me an email and I will arrange doubles or singles exhibition matches.

See you there.


Marc "OC BL" Klamecki


  1. So does anyone else want to play Sat @ 1:30pm ?

  2. I will but odds on Noel at 4-1

    I have played doubles with Myers and watched him play one set against BMo last Friday,

    And BMo Had like 3 match points and choked them away!!

    Sad for the "Big Fish Lifetimer"

  3. Good luck guys, watch out for June Bug infestations :)

  4. Shouldn't Nancy be playing another girl in the final?

  5. Very cool poster. Hopefully some of you anons come out so I can disprove my reputation.

  6. Noel,

    You will take him 2 and 1 without anyone cheering you on. Anything less and we will know you took it easy on him!!!!

  7. Nobody has contacted me yet,
    If anybody wants to hit a Fair Oaks tomorrow give me a shout.

  8. Nancy, Everybody DOES say that you have a crappy cut backhand and that you wear a mini skirt when you play.

    But you ARE in the finals, so I guess they both can't be true. I will be out there with OC BL.

  9. Myers in 3 sets. Way to solid to lose to a chick. I'm sure that all of the Lifetime cheerleaders will be there to root him on as well. You know all of usual suspects Eddie, Marcus, Bmo.

  10. Actually he has a good cut backhand but he does wear a mini skirt.

  11. Corey will win. It won't be close.

  12. If we were playing for prize money I might wear a skirt just to prove I could, but I guess I will just stick with the slice backhand.
    I know nothing about Brandon or his game so it should be interesting.

  13. Those God damn Transvestite chasing Garland degenerates,
    Always looking for a reason to cross dress.

  14. Yeah, I'll be sure and spend a Saturday watching Nancy's slice backhand. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  15. The final is over. Brandon played well and gave me a lot tougher test than the score. I won 1 and 3, but he and bmo got their revenge in doubles over Mark and I 6-4.
    Thanks to those who came out and watched and thanks to Mark for setting all of this up.

  16. By the way, on a completely unrelated topic. The teams of Sisk and Noel are 20-0 through two weeks of the season.

  17. I knew I should have joined team Sisk. Maybe he will forgive me and sign me next year!!!