Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4.5 Fall Pre-Season Flight B

Teams to beat:

High Point/ Nguyen – only 12 of last seasons 48 have signed-up so far. Always quality on this roster so they must be taken seriously!

Royal Oaks – The Bells are back and with James Warner added to an already impressive roster these guys will be contending and I will pick them to take this flight.

Brookhaven – These guys have depth and some new additions (Myers, Moore, Taylor & Renwick) will make them very tough every week!

Best of the rest:
Greenhill – These guys are tough every week but haven’t added anyone to their spring roster that will help them compete with the teams above

Lifetime – Have lost a few guys (Vahdat & Myers ) who will be tough to replace. Eddie knows what he is doing though and all the guys on the roster want to play every week. They too will be a tough team to beat every week!

Garland 2 (Sisk) – I suspect they won’t be as tough as in the spring since John appears to have split his talent between 2 teams. You never know though what he has up his sleeve?

JCC – The addition of Vahdat and a second season at 4.5 for many will help these guys but will struggle against the 6 teams listed above

Stonebridge – No reason to believe these guys fortunes will change. No significant additions that I know of. Will struggle to compete with any of the teams listed above.

TBAR – same as for Stonebridge

DFW – same as for Stonebridge