Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall 4.5 - Flight C

Teams to beat:

TBar – Losing Homer & James Warner hurts their singles badly. Definitely need JD Miles to return to full health and form because while their dubs lines are very solid it is unreasonable to expect them to sweep every week.

Brookhaven – Very experienced team that made the Spring cities with ease. My pick to win this flight. Easy win in week 1

Best of the rest:
HP/ Bowman – Dedicated group of players that will be a tough out every week! Not to be taken lightly.

Canyon Creek – As for the other CC team, a mix of 4.0 and 4.5 guys many with hunting and fishing on their fall agendas….. scraped out an opening week win!

Lakes/ Weatherby – A new team that has benefitted from the large talent pool at the Lakes and some solid 4.0 bump-ups! Nice opening win

Gleneagles – Missing some key players from the spring but an impressive week 1 win…. Or was it?

Garland 2 (Sisk) – I suspect they won’t be as tough as in the spring since John appears to have split his talent between 2 teams. You never know though what he has up his sleeve? The first week result seems to have tipped his hand = looking for a strong 4.0 spring team perhaps?

LBH/ Jones – These guys seem to enjoy each others company each week and while competitive I’m not sure will be any more competitive than they were in the spring

Collin County – If they had a bigger roster they could compete in the middle “best of the rest” group. (I am personally sad to lose Mark Sweeney from CC!) . If Henson get’s fit again and they have 8 guys each week they are a tough outfit.