Thursday, November 1, 2007

1st Annual USTA Masters Tourney

There is a lot of tennis going on this weekend and looks to be great weather. For you tournament players there first annual MASTERS tourney takes place in Austin, starting tomorrow AM.

Dallas reps:

4.5: J.D Miles of Canyon Creek: he has Odion Dibua and Reader in his round robin section. If he could make it out of the first two days I would think the final maybe a breeze. Any thoughts?

4.0: Jason Warren of the Village: he has good results against some of the top players, I wouldn't be shocked to see him to do well. Big guns Janek and Kern will be tough but Kern is in other section so there could be a clash between the two in the finals.

3.5 John Kraemer and Eddie Hill headed down to represent Dallas. They are in seperate flights so who knows it could be an all Dallas final. Kraemer has Nguyen and Dutchover in his section which means there will be plenty of defensive tennis going on there. Eddie should do fine in his section and meet up with one of these three in the final. I think Eddie will win the weekend.

Let me know what you think of any of these guys, I know Jonathan has played many of them and has wins over a few of them as well.


  1. Nothing against J.D. as a peson but he will be lucky to get 4 games in 4 sets against those 2.

  2. looks like you were right, his first score was 3 and 2.

  3. Looks like Jason Warren started out well with a relatively easy win 3 and 4 over Ansari.

  4. What is the tiebreak procedure when two player finish round robin play with the same record?

    I'm trying to figure out how Freeman advanced to the 3.5 singles final instead of Robles.

    Robles won head to head, won more sets and lost fewer sets...

  5. Good question! Everyone is scratching their head trying to figure out the tiebreaker procedure(s). Apparently the way they calculated things out for the men’s 3.5 singles was different for the men’s 3.5 doubles.

    For the men’s 3.5 singles finals, everyone (even Jason Freeman) thought it was Ismael Dutchover and Jorge Robles in the finals. Jason went back home (Houston) last night. Jason didn’t learn that he was in the finals until Ismael called him last night and he was already back home. So Jason default his match this morning and Ismael won.

    For the men’s 3.5 doubles finals, everyone thought (last night) it was going to be Brian Dennis / Richard Williams and Ismael Dutchover / Tuyen Nguyen. But when the USTA officials entered in all the results into the computer, David Prather and Forrest Gray made it. In talking to a few guys this morning, they said the decision came down to the number of sets won versus using some other formula.

    Several folks (across the board / other draws) are a little upset and disappointed at the inconsistent ways the USTA officials determined the outcomes.

  6. That is unfortunate. I saw the default from Jason and was confused. Thanks for the info John. That is too bad they didn't articulate the rules to everyone so they knew going in how you advanced.

    Congrats to Jason W on winning 4.0.

  7. In the 3.5 Championship, I only played four of the eight. Lost to Philip Williamson in 3 sets, good player, big hitter, but if you could keep the ball in play and add some pace to it, you've got a good chance. Jorge Robles: Very consistent, but lacks pace, if you're aggressive, you have a good chance, Jorge I was able to overcome in straight sets. I believe I was the only one to take him out in the first round of any 3.5 tourny.

    Eddie Hill, he's my team-mate, and he beat me, and I won't give away any secrets, but he is definitely one of the two fastest people that I ever played. Fast people who cover the court well, takes away one of my biggest strengths.

    John Kraemer, very consistent and a very nice guy from my perspective. I was just better than him on the day that we played.

    Jason Freeman-Never played. Tuyen Nguyen-Never played. Brock Berilgen-Never played. Ishmael Dutchover-Nover played, but I have watched him play, and I just don't see anything more than someone who gets the ball back, but he is doing something right, because he constantly wins, and wins and wins.

  8. Just a note. I personally hate the round robin format that the USTA used with a limited draw. The solution is really very simple. There are three matches, four in each group. Have seeds 1 play against 4 and seeds 2 play against 3. The winner of those two matches play each other, and that is your champion for that group.

    The way that they do the RR is very confusing, trying to figure out who won which match, who won the amount of sets, who lost how many sets, it is just too confusing when you are playing.

    Or stick to the way you have it, and if you people are tied, let them play it out, instead of going to a tiebreaker system. If I'm 2-1 and you're 2-1, why not a short playoff between us. No matter what is decided, I still won't like the round robin system.

    I must prefer the open draws. If I am in the quarters, and win, I'm in the semis, if I win that match, I'm in the finals, and if I win that too, I'm the Champion.

    That would be MY preference

  9. FYI, there was another player (me:) representing the Dallas area. (from the OCTC/Nehlsen 3.5 team)

    This was for the 3.0 singles Carrabba's. Actually, it came down to a North Texas finals, with Mark Coates of Arlington against me.

    I took it, 6-3, 7-5. Just looking for some props. See you guys at the 3.5 matches next year.

  10. Bruce thanks for representing for Dallas in such good fashion. I wish I knew more of the 3.0 group, I may actually try and organize a team at that level depending on how ratings go. It is good level for people just starting league tennis. I started at 3.5 and wish I hadn't because it took a beating for a while until I got moved down to 3.0 and learned how to win a match.

  11. The reason Gray and Prather advanced is because Freeman and Belringon Defaulted there last match, so none of their matches with the other teams counted. Therefore Gray and Prather had less sets lost, and they won the head to head with dennis and williams