Monday, November 5, 2007

4.0 playoffs shaping up (1 week to go…)

Flight A:
After a great start and also a big win over Somabut’s team HP/Giuhat’s playoff hopes are all but over with a loss to Stonebridge. HP took both singles matches but lost all three doubles matches. Only line 3 was close as it went to a tiebreaker. Stonebridge qualifies with this win. The 2nd spot comes down to the two High Point teams, Somabut’s team is in with a win and Giuhat’s team needs a win and a Somabut loss in order to make it in.

Flight B:
The Lakes and Springpark had strong outings this weekend to both improve to 8-0 and both qualify for the playoffs. They have a match against each other this weekend but it is meaningless as far as advancement is concerned.

Flight C:
Brookhaven Barlett bounced back after their first loss of the season taking out Lifetime 4-1. There were some close matches but in the end a 4-1 victory secures a playoff spot for Brookhaven. In the most interesting playoff chase the 2nd spot is available to four different teams (BH/Pearlman, Garland, Lifetime and T BAR M) T Bar and LF both only have two losses so they have the best shot but BH/Pearlman and Garland still have good tiebreakers to get in with 3 losses. Garland had a hard 2-3 loss v. Pearlman’s team Saturday as former 3.5 Kyle Rhodes handed Trey McKinney his first loss of the season. I have no idea what will happen here and T Bar has 3 matches to play somehow, all against teams that have nothing to play for so that will benefit them. The Garland v. Lifetime match should be very competitive and probably produce the 2nd playoff team.


  1. In Flight C, TBar M has only register 6 matches, while the other teams mostly have registered 8 matches. You have to wonder, are they waiting till the last minute so that teams won't have that much to play for, so they will not care if they win or lose and might even forfeit lines, or could they just not have had time to "schedule" these matches.

    Is there a deadline as to when all matches have to be turned in and recorded?

    Just a thought. Hmmmmm.

  2. I can understand missing one match but not sure why they are missing 3 matches. It is kind of curious but our flight has been good about not defaulting lines at all so I don't think they will get lucky in that area but who knows. I believe they have to be played 10 days or two weeks before the playoffs start. They will have a tough match with Bartlett but if Brad decides to just play a "fun" lineup they could jump into the playoffs because i think they will handle LB and JCC easily. They are actually a pretty good team. They don't have any singles ringers but have depth at doubles which will help them.