Monday, November 26, 2007

RATINGS ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new year end ratings are out. They have not posted it on the TX site yet but if you go to "Find a Rating" on the tennislink site you can view your new rating.

You can also appeal online immediately and the process is very easy. I earned a 4.0 rating and tried out the new online appeal option to see how it worked and I was "DENIED."

So I guess I better lose some weight and get in some drill classes. Let me know if you see any intesting names I have only checked my own so far.


  1. After looking up a few names from our group it seems you will only see names that have had a previous computer rating before. So any self rated players that started after the first of the year should be out soon. At first look our 3.5group was decimated by these new ratings.

  2. OC BL,

    You are still 3.5, are you sleeping with someone at USTA Tx to keep that rating?

  3. I don't think I'll ever understand how they come up with these ratings. Believe it or not, I'm still rated a 3.5, and guys that I beat get bumped up to 4.0.

    So, I will try to decide if this year if I would like to try for the top 50 in 4.0 or go for #1 in 3.5.

    But on the other hand, if there is a strong 3.5 League team that "recruits" me. That's a possibility as well.

  4. Yep that is crazy that you beat Patrick Solomons and I lost to him and somehow I am a 4.0 and you aren't. I also got blitzed by Oberto and Delira and Jacques is still a 3.5. After playing 4.0 I know I can compete there and I know you can to Jonathan so it is up to you. Garland will be the team at 3.5 next year since somehow they never lose any players. You can hang with that old crusty crowd as well if they want you back since they didn't lose that much either although their self rated guys haven't got ratings posted yet.

  5. Some relevant players moved to 4.0

    Greg Ohl
    Brian Davies
    Leonard Hutchison
    Danny Man
    Mark Thomas Hess
    Scott Blackburn
    Jim Henderson
    Jeff Hartle
    Brian Fitzpatrick
    Bob Kayser
    Jason Fraser
    Dwight Burt
    Herb Ridgley
    Art Hongsakul

  6. If you know someone at the USTA that wants to sleep with me, let me know, cuz I'm a Slut, Not a dude either,

    But seriously, I had a Shitty Spring, Had a lot of issues,

    And I may not be out of the woods yet,
    Over at the Tennis Warehouse boards some USTA contact says that the process takes 5 - 10 hours to complete, so things may change by tomorrow,

  7. Looks Like some serious losses for team Highpoint

  8. yep but not totally shocked most of those guys won matches at sectionals, some won 3 so I think the ratings their bumps are legit. I actually need some good doubles teams at 4.0 so I am glad to have them. I expect Trae to get bumped within the next day or so.

  9. I wonder if these might change as you mention since it seems they have calculated the benchmark players only so far, maybe there are matches they haven't completed yet.

  10. The ratings do not look complete. Some still show year end ratings as of 12/31/06 or earlier. Mine shows 12/31/07. I hope mine stays where it is.

  11. Does not look like Self rated players have been done yet,

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  13. I will happily be moving to 4.0 next season as the current 3.5 competition is lacking. Not saying there aren't good players at 3.5, just the level of play top to bottom is very different.

    Can someone tell me what is so special about 3.5 that makes everyone want to either play up or play down to that level?

    It appears to me that real tennis is being played at the 4.0 and above levels. 3.5 is a game of hide and deceit.

    Are there others out there that would be happy to move up to 4.0?

  14. I am with you newbie 4.0 should be very evenly matched next season. Playing at 3.5 has an allure because you can be at the top of the heap and help out a team by racking up wins but after looking at the volume of move ups I would find it hard to have fun at 3.5 next season. I have seen a few 4.5bump ups on the High Point team as well so 4.0 should be more wide open next season. See you there newbie but not before one last farewell at the Cotton Bowl.

  15. and remember newbie and Jonathan and OC BL for that matter you can always appeal UP and get that "4" next to your name if you want to try.

  16. So far it looks like I'm going to be safe for now. :) I'm looking forward to the CB.

  17. so far yes but until you see a 12/31/2007 next to your name you haven't gotten your yr end rating yet.

  18. Looks like the 4.0 roster for Springpark's wild card sectional team has been reconstructed minus Tor of course so they should be a force next season.

    4.5 Rusty Branch is back to join his guys at 4.5

  19. So much for the so called "Only real 3.5 team"

    Molina, Enrique M Sachse TX 4.0 12/31/2007 C
    Prather, David M RockwallTX 4.0 12/31/2007 C
    Bert, Samuel M Allen TX 4.0 12/31/2007 C

  20. At least some of them get to play Jeromiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    again next year.

  21. wow somebody is ready to play some more 3.5

    Prather, David M Rockwall TX 3.5 12/31/2007 A (appealed)

  22. Looks like frequent poster Sandoval, Ruben E. M Garland TX 4.0 12/31/2007 C

    gets the bump,

    At least next season the 4.0 portion of this board should be a little more lively,

    the 4.0 and 4.5 sections are pretty dead.

  23. Here are the granted appeals so far
    Fitch, Mark L. M McKinney TX 4.0 12/31/2006 A
    Bert, Samuel M Allen TX 3.5 12/31/2007 A
    Fitch, Mark L. M McKinney TX 4.0 12/31/2006 A
    Prather, David M Rockwall TX 3.5 12/31/2007 A
    Shields, Steve M Carrollton TX 3.0 12/31/2006 A
    Slezak, Chris W. M Plano TX 4.5 12/31/2006 A

  24. the big 4.5 bumps look like Walt Williams, Ron Morrison, Clint Cash, Walker and the big bumps down-Rusty Branch & Kevin Durten. I'm sure there are some missed.

  25. just tried to register for Cotton Bowl, it will only let me do 4.0 dubs or singles. Don't think I will try singles so I need to find a good dubs partner.

  26. Guess you should have registered earlier

  27. doh! Now I need to find a ringer partner to carry me.

  28. I did the auto appeal, just like bazan did and it worked for me, as you saw, so I will be able to play in the 3.5s again this coming year. Every one has the same opportunity to push the appeal button or not and usually it won't let you if you have the B by your name, otherwise it's no shame either way. If the computer let's you move, then you're not too high above the 3.5 mark and if it doesn't let you move then you're more than the .5 mark that is set into the program.
    The three of us on our team that got the 4.0 rating, did the appeal thing and it worked, so now we can stay together as a team.
    Good luck to all.

  29. I don't understand the philosophy behind appealing (except for the desire to win). Why can't you guys just accept the fact that you're getting moved up and actually play some good matches? My main goal when I played 4.0 was to get moved to 4.5 because then I knew I was making progress as a tennis player. To me there is no difference between appealing and losing on purpose. People get moved up for a reason.

  30. Well... it has happened. As of this morning I have officially been "bumped". To those that I played, I just want you to know that I had fun. Just for the record, "I am not planning on appealing". I see getting bumped as a compliment. Good luck next year to all of my 3.5 buddies.
    P.S. Looks like my Oak Ridge friends have something to be happy about.

  31. Where is the APPEAL button? I searched by name and I don't see where to appeal.

  32. Don't hit that real tennis at 4.0

  33. Bazan,
    Don't worry you aren't the only one who didn't register for the CB in time. I registered this morning and I am going to have to make the leap to 4.0. Oh well, I'm just going to have fun, and hopefully it won't be too cold.

  34. Looks like those who have successfully appealed will now be subject to the same 3 strike DQ rules as self-rated players.

  35. Ok,

    Looks like it is all done,

    Any stand outs that look like they should not have been moved up or Down?

    I got Wes Talley of Westlake,

    Played singles all year
    record 5-2 fall
    Spring record 5-1
    Notable wins Larry Reitzer and Di Zhao

    mved from 3.5 to 4.0

  36. I love it "don't hit the button" fyi for those you interested type in your usta# in the "find the rating" screen and it will give you the auto appeal option. It isn't as bad as sandbagging as Corey might have you think that is the worst kind of cheating in our league system. I am not upset at all that our entire sectional team was moved up except for 1 player because they deserve to be moved up and we will do well at 4.0 very soon. I think it depends on your situation (age, time, etc.) I personally wanted to play on Saturdays (ok correction my wife wanted me to play on Saturdays) but oh well Sunday afternoons it is, see you there.

  37. So you don't think Wes is 4.0 material, I have never seen him play but I confuse him with Ron Walley from Stonebriar who also got moved up and is 4.0 material, he has a great serve and forehand which will do well at 4.0

    Garland only lost:
    Corcoran and Oberto

    Somehow Philip Key beats everyone and stays a 3.5 along with Delira. Now Key is not an athletic specimen by any means but he is a solid doubles player that reminds me of some old 4.0 guys who have also given me a beating. He is the only one who gave me a loss that isn't 4.0 so I guess the ratings make sense.

  38. still at 3.5???
    John Carlisle
    James Conley
    Phillip Barnhard
    Pete Howk
    All of SBRIDGE except for Fitzpatrick

  39. I'm not saying who has the game be 4.0 and who should not,

    I'm just saying based on results,

    Here is a guy that has some losses,
    and only played 3.5 league and no tournaments,

    Then you have someone like Delira, who has won matches in the play-offs and at the 4.0 level,
    and does not get the bump,

    I think if you are a 3.5, participate in 4.0 and win that should be an automatic bump at the end of the season,

    What do you think?

  40. The Delira rating is crazy I still don't get it: 4 wins at 4.0 and a win over Dwight Burt who is now rated 4.0. He was undefeated at championships and was 2-2 at sectionals with two losses of 3-6, 5-7. He had two questionable results at the end of the 4.0 season v. LF and BH/Pearlman but I don't think two big losses should outweigh 4 wins. I don't know how you can tweak the system to correct this type of thing but somehow wins have to count more than losses of "that nature."

  41. Corey Noel said...
    I don't understand the philosophy behind appealing (except for the desire to win). Why can't you guys just accept the fact that you're getting moved up and actually play some good matches? My main goal when I played 4.0 was to get moved to 4.5 because then I knew I was making progress as a tennis player. To me there is no difference between appealing and losing on purpose. People get moved up for a reason.

    you mean like hiram???

  42. Ok, I'll bite

    Who's hiram ?

  43. Looks like he is talking about: Hiram Gonzalez He has never appealed that I can see but has only played mixed and combo and plays tourneys usually in the open category. From the look of it he is about 20-21 years old. Hmmmmmm.

  44. Well, I'm going to curve this around,
    And send out a heart felt congratulations to everybody who has had their rating moved up,

    It is a reward for your hard work and your team's success, not a punishment for sandbagging or whatever,

    So congratulations and Good luck, Now comes the long hard march to 4.5.
    Keep practicing and working hard,

    “A man grows most tired while standing still.”

    Chinese Proverbs quotes

  45. Eastfield College
    NJCAA Division III
    Men's Singles National Runner-up (Hiram Gonzalez)????

  46. Looks like the guy if so he is actually playing at the right level according to the self rate chart. Hmm, makes me want to stay at 4.0 for the next decade.

  47. Yeah. Hiram is the same player who split sets with a 4.0 player this season and it was not on purpose. I have also beaten him in practice. I have three college players on my roster (myself included) and all three have losses. People overestimate div. 3 college tennis.

  48. I was also shocked that Garland only lost two players at 3.5. Ben was a given but I thought Jacques and Phil would get moved up also. But out of the top 4 teams in 4.5 I think only two got moved up so nothing surprises me anymore.

  49. I understand there is a little ceiling in our area around 4.5 and 5.0 but it seems 3.5 got cleaned out big time. Teams that didn't make the playoffs lost players and at the 4.0 level there are teams with one or two losses who lose only 1 player (Lakes, HP) and Springpark lost none and gained players back from 4.5. It seems if you can routinely win then you should be on our way to the next level. Same goes for 4.5 T Bar and Branch's group don't lose any??

  50. As far as Branch goes, I just think it's interesting that they dominate 4.5 and then they go out and lose every match at 5.0. I can't believe that those losses are legitimate. T Bar had guys that did well in 5.0 and were undefeated in 4.5 and they didn't go up.

  51. I know there isn't much 3.0 talk but I was expecting some of our 3.5B team to get moved down to 3.0 or at least keep their existing 3.0 rating instead they moved up any 3.0s to 3.5 except for one. I had some guys who got bageled on that team and they are still 3.5, doesn't make much sense to me. I truly think the USTA needs to look at this I truly don't think there is much complaining about 3.5's sandbagging to 3.0 (that would just be sad and pathetic) but I do think there are players who should have the chance to play at that lower level and be competitive, how long will these players stay interested if they win a match once a year.

  52. I have heard of a lot of sandbaggers on Bob Bender's 3.0 teams in the past. I had a solid 4.0 friend who split sets with one of his players a couple of years ago.

  53. Until Branch's team goes to Nats they will not be required to break up so I guess all the 4.5s should root for them to break through and win in '08 and then they will be required to disperse and I assume they will want to play 5.0 then.....hopefully.

  54. I am looking forward to playing his team for the first time. I want to see these guys in person and see what we have to strive for.

  55. Oh yes he is notorious at that level but I have never heard of him having guys lose at 3.5 to get back to 3.0 he just brings in brand new players at that level. I saw most of his group this year and they were actually legit and barely won in the Nat final. Now a few years ago when he had Endresss and Pickett on the team along with others that was a little too much. I don't the team dropped a set all season or something like that.

  56. Branch:
    I would be curious to see them as well even though I don't play at that level it would be good to see a team that has dominated for that long in action.

    I hope you all play indoors that is the only way I can convince my wife that this is good weekend entertainment for us.

  57. So I am sure he wouldn't fess up to it because that would seem like he was congratulating himself but Jonathan Marcus actually pushed the button and asked to be moved up and was rightfully pushed up to 4.0. Wanna join him Jacques???

    And sorry Oakridge boys your friend Scott Blackburn appealed back down to 3.5 again. They should have a good team but are still in need of some help at singles.

  58. I was kind of surprised that Jonathan didn't get bumped. He is a really strong player and was winning at 4.0. I wouldn't place a bet against him in a rematch with me.
    I'm not sure that I see why Jason Frazier got moved up. He sat most of the season out with a hurt ankle. But, if he keeps practicing I think that he could be pretty strong by at least the fall. The spring season could be a tough one for him.
    I have heard of Hiram Gonzalez before. If it helps any he is a teaching pro at Westlake.

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  60. If the computer let's you win the appeal then it shouldn't have moved you up in the first place. (I don't understand that.)

    As far as corey noel is concerned, when the computer won't let the appeal go through, then that's the real time to move up; otherwise why does it act like you are supposed to move up, but when you ask to stay at your last level, by selecting the "appeal button", it let's you stay? It seems that the programmers should either have us move on at the right time or not without trying to tease us or whatever you want to cal it. It feels like a game of your now a 4.0-not really just wanted to see if you want to be now or later. If the appeal hadn't gone through, then I'd be playing the CB in the 4.0s instead of the 3.5s.

    Hey bazan, as far as Scott Blackburn goes, he's just another guy on the bubble like I am now, but he's a bit better. I do agree with you about Jacques to a degree. His record is really outstanding and I thought he'd be moved too because of his 4.0 play mixed with the 3.5, but I'll be playing tournament tennis with him as my doubles partner, so next year we'll both move on up to beat your tail, unless you'd like a little challenge match before then. I'd be happy to play most anytime we can agree on a time and place.

  61. I agree with you about the appeal system not making sense. I think there should not be an appeal option. Once you get moved up, deal with it for that season and if you don't do well you will go back down. Unless there is some valid medical reason, I don't think you should be able to appeal. I agree that some people are moved up that shouldn't be and vice versa, but who cares if you move up and get crushed or move down and dominate. Some players will always win at one level and lose at the next.

  62. It's obvious by looking at the results from tournament play who belongs in a level and who doesn't, especially after several tournaments, so to stay there if you dominate is totally wrong and more along the lines of being a bully. To get to come back to that same level, after only one year is also wrong, as you'll just do it again. If it takes a couple of years to arrive at a certain level of play in the 3.0 or 3.5 levels, then it'll even more time the higher you go. Each player needs to spend at least 2 years or more in their new level before another change is made. As far as I know the only legit reasons for someone to move down would be permanent physical problems or a long lay-off, other than that it only seems that that someone is "trying" to play at a lower level and usually that's to play on some ones team to make it to the play-offs.

  63. Hi Bazan, You just cant stop with comments about Oak Ridge. We are not boys. you dont know any of our players so stop being so negative about us.Hope you introduce yourself to us at the playoffs while you root for Oak Creek. We are going to do the best we can to beat them.As for that baby jeromi he took offense to our saying that he should be playing at the 4.0 level.I guess what we said about his level has been confirmed.He knows what level he should have played at so stop whinning about what we said. You guys have had a lot of fun saying crap.We hope this stops as the playoffs should be the main focus of every team.

  64. Oak Ridge Boys - famous country group - play on words - get a sense of humor.

    As for "hoping this stops," everytime it seems to die down, one of you posts another comment to start it again.

    "Baby" Jeromi was man enough to bump to 4.0 and stay there.

    Works both ways.

  65. I have been waiting for the end of the year ratings to be published for the last month. The computer results are very interesting. There should almost be a rating given for both singles and doubles play. Some of the ratings just don’t have any rhyme or reason to them.

  66. At least I have one anonymous friend out there! The "baby" did get bumped, but unlike all of your teammates I'm staying there and not appealing. Why can't you just drop it? That match was played over 2 months ago (which you weren't even a participant in). FYI: I started at 3.5 because I hadn't hit a ball in 3 years, AND I had medical reasons. If you want to know more about it come and talk to me on Friday. I'll answer any questions you have. Until then I just want to say good luck to your team because I want a team from our flight to advance. Preferably GH, but I'll take what I can get.

    Are you going to be out there on Friday? If you need a partner for the doubles challenge from Prather I'll play.

  67. Jeromiiii, you probably tried to appeal and it just didn't work for you.

  68. To the jeomii guy, I also started at this 3.5 level after a 10 year layoff and I'm 53 now, so I don't see what you've got to brag about. I'm not looking forward to meeting you, but I might have to if you're the one that'll play will bazan.

  69. I'm not trying to brag about being bumped from 3.5. I'm just trying to defend myself and the reason that I started where I did. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised when/if we meet. I'm a nice guy who is just trying to get back into a game that I used to love playing.
    As for your age, I respect older players as much as I would if I was playing someone the same age that I am, especially on a doubles court. I don't mean any offense by using the word 'older', I just mean someone born before I was. When I was a cocky kid in high school I got my butt kicked by a guy more than 3 times my age and that taught me a huge lesson.

    No, I have not tried to appeal. But I will be honest. I thought about doing it just to see if it would let me. :)

  70. Congrats to Jonathan! He is now a 4.0! Looking forward to next month.

  71. Jeromi,
    You don't have to defend yourself to anybody,

    This is my 5th USTA season,
    And players come and players go,
    Some play for 1 season,
    some play for 10,
    I'm sure I have seen better and worse players than you in the 3.5 league.
    It all evens it's self out over the long term.
    It's really short sighted to single out one player, out of over 100 3.5 league players.

    And I guess it's just a coincidence that you just happen to be on the only team that beat them.

    Nobody likes to lose, but get over it already,

  72. Wow that is quite a good morning did I just get called out??? That is awesome. David I will work on something because us non-tourney, non-senior players go through withdrawls from Dec-April.

    I will let you guys focus on the playoffs for now but we should come up with a good format for a match, because of course I will have to spot you all some games to make it fair. :)

    Blog v. Oakridge

    (it will be more competitive than that crappy exhibition match with Federer and Sampras)

    "Oakridge Boys"
    Thanks for the help on this anonymous, I thought they would enojoy the reference to a musical group from their era, the 60s right?

  73. Kraemer,

    I agree about the singles and doubles thing. As I mentioned the only reason I was interested in appealing was with the thought of playing singles in the Spring. Doubles at 3.5 doesn't get interesting until the playoffs.

    I know Houston and other big areas have singles leagues and I would hope we would get one soon because I think that could provide more true ratings for borderline players. As it is now I am sure you might be in the same situation if I want a competitive team in the Spring I need to stay off the singles court but in a singles team league I could be of value in a lower spot in the lineup.

  74. anybody on this blog have a job? Get back to work!

  75. As a USTA captain I am suggesting that any team that makes it to the playoffs for 2 seasons in a row (or 2 out of 3) automatically have the entire team bumped up to the next level. I am so tired of the whining about who should play at what level. The whining goes on at every level, not only 3.5. Tennis was, for me, a great way to get exercise, meet new people and have fun. This trash talking about whom would beat whom if all the players were there and what levels OTHER teams players should be is a bunch of crap. As far as I am concerned you're all better than me and everyone, but me, should be bumped up. If this keeps up I'm dropping out of USTA until you grow up.

    Sincerely, Larry Smith, SpringPark 3.5 captain

    P.S Jeromi was on my team and I was proud to have him. If he goes to 4.0 I wish him the best of luck (although for you whiners he played and lost there). Maybe there should be a 3.75 team.

  76. Thanks for your input larry. I do think some type of move up/split up rule could work at lower levels like they do for national teams. I don't know if you could move the whole team but by forcing a team that has advanced a certain number of times to either break up or move up together I think that could only help the situation. I don't think you should use this as far as advancement to a city playoff but if the same group goes to Sectionals more than 2x than something is up.

    Don't let the Oakridge Boys sour you on league tennis most of us aren't whiners (and I think only a hand few of them are)

    The thing is no matter what the system there will always be issues but USTA league tennis is still the best place to find competitive matches.

  77. If the last post was catching fire...what is this one doing?

  78. Jeromi,

    If Oak Ridge Loses to Garland this weekend, you'll be off the hook,

    Then the thread will start all over with Benjamin Oberto's name instead of yours

  79. I completely agree about the separate ratings for singles and doubles. I consider myself an above average 4.5 singles player and a medium 4.0 doubles player. For players in danger of getting moved up, all they have to do is play their weaker spot (singles or doubles) and lose to stay down (i.e. Joey Molina). Separate ratings could work for tournaments easily and for team tennis you could just only be allowed to play doubles at one level and singles at the other.

  80. to all bloggers, It seems as every one on this site is complaining & whinning about players not only the Oak Ridge team. So all of you need to take a look at yourself and stop picking on one team. It seems pretty unfair to me.

  81. As far as I'm concerned this is all in good fun,
    And if it irritates and upsets you, or you are sensitive,
    Turn the channel, don't read it,
    And for the love of God


    "The nail that stands up gets hammered down”
    Chinese proverb

  82. I try to be an equal oppurtunity hater here on the blog.

    OC Branch and Garland: sandbaggers
    High Point and Oak Creek: Ringers
    Houston League Tennis: Don't get me started...
    Oakridge: old whiny curmudgeons
    Greenhill: old good players who frustrate me on the court
    SBRDGE: way tooo nice
    LB Houston: way too far away
    Lakes: even nicer than SBDGE, must be something about Far North Dallas

    Did I leave anyone out oh and by the way I am looking for a team to play on next season does anyone need a short, slightly overweight good doubles player with a questionable serve and forehand???

  83. El capitan Larry,
    Glad you decided to join me. It gets interesting on here some times. So have fun.

  84. Branch makes a joke of the system.
    He tossed everyone of his 5.0 matches, same with Bill Bibb, who will I am sure be on Branches team this spring. Another bagger is Slezak and Wesley James. Rusty does tell his team to toss matches just like Conway did and does. All about manipulating the system.

  85. I'm not surprised. I had assumed that based on some of Branch and his teammates' results. One thing I have decided never to do is appeal my rating or lose on purpose, and I will never ask any of my players to do so either. If they want to appeal, that's their decision.
    Perhaps they should make a rule that when you get moved up you have to stay at that level for 2 years or something. It never even occurred to me to 1. lose on purpose to stay down 2. appeal to go back down when I got moved to 4.5. One thing I will never understand is what is so exciting about beating people that you know should be playing above.
    I've known people who have bragged about going to nationals in 3.0 and 3.5 but I have much more respect for those who move up and do well. If you go to nationals at one level, you would certainly have a winning record at the next higher level and the matches have to be more competitive. Some people are just afraid to lose I guess.

  86. Cory,
    I agree with you 100%. I don't see how people can appeal a rating and then brag about being dominant at the lower level. That tells me that you should have stayed at the new level. I know of several people who have 'played to lose' so that they would get bumped back down. There should be some sort of a two year trial period before you can get moved back down. Then if you do get moved back down you should be moved back up immediately after again showing a dominance in the lower level. I have had people tell me to enter tournaments and lose out early to keep my rating down, but I can't do that. It isn't right and I am too competitive of a person to throw a match on purpose. I think that the appeal option should go away all together. The USTA needs to stand their ground and make people stay where they are.

  87. To Bazan: When I said whiners I did not mention a particular team. It wasn't only Oak Ridge, that was your addition. And to be perfectly honest I had some individual players on the team that whined as well, but it wasn't Jeromi. He took his frustration out on his racquets and the playing surface. He make more money than I do.

  88. There is always going to be some whining from somebody. My group in that flight was just playing for fun so I didn't hear too much bitching from them except for once or twice when they ran into very tough opponents but it was more disappointment than blaming the other guy for being just really good. Obviously Sunny didn't bitch about Jeromi since he beat him. Sunny got crushed in the 1st set but but came back and really changed up his game to try and hang with Jeromi. Some people mentioned Sunny might be "out of range" but no one gave me grief about it (he didn't play against Oakridge) and I was honest about Sunny, he wanted to play on my 4.0 team and was good enough but I already had 14 players on that team and had turned away 3 others because my guys on that team wanted to play as much as possible. So I told Sunny I would find him some good matches and we all know that at line 1 singles at 3.5 there are good matches to be found and you can view his results to see he never crushed anyone and he never let up on anyone.

  89. to BAZAN, There you go again about OAK RIDGE. Maybe you should find something or someone else to rag on. If you spent as much time on your tennis as you do on this blog maybe you could improve your game. To oc bl - hope to see you at the playoffs dont know who you are but am glad you are having fun!!!

  90. "to BAZAN, There you go again about OAK RIDGE."

    You are like the little brother I never had who doesn't like to joked with. Seriously am I not allowed to joke with you all at all?

    Even my wife doesn't get onto me this much. :)

  91. To All Playoff Players, All the joking is over as of tommorow night. GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS!!!!

  92. Can anyone in the DFW area explain how Jeff Matlock remained a 4.5 despite going 19-0 at 4.5? Lost 2 matches at 5.0 in third set?
    Seems to be one of the crazier ratings I have found, yet they bumped clint Cash and others with worse records.

  93. To all you guys that were leveled up you are still eligible to play the Cotton Bowl tournament at your previous rating......register at your new rating and email the Tournament Director at that you want to play at your previous rating. In fact you can play any tournament through the end of December at your former rating.

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