Thursday, November 1, 2007

Big matches this weekend

So obviously the biggest game is Colts v. Pats this weekend (GO COLTS!!!) but in our own little world of league tennis there are some big matchups.

OC/Feldman v. Greenhil (a big win sends OC to the playoffs)
T Bar M v. Canyon Creek (a CC wins should get them into the playoffs)

Lifetime v. BH/Bartlett (Both tied with 1 loss, winner will be set up for final week of season)
Garland v. BH/Pearlman (Garland has been on a roll but so has Pearlman's team)
HP/Giuhat v. Stonebridge (winner will be in 1st place and sitting pretty for the playoffs)
Springpark v. Greenhill/Arnette (Greenhill needs a win or they are eliminated)

HP/Bowman v. Gleneagles (HP just needs just two individual wins and GE needs a win)
OC/Smith v. Canyon Creek
(OC has been on a mission and needs one more win and some help from HP to finish their comeback after the DQ of Ahner)
Springpark v. Greenhill
(This match will decide the 2nd playoff team in this flight, the loser will stay home)



  1. Would you ever lose a match to intentionally keep another team out of the playoffs?

  2. hmmm, depends on the team. JK. A team would have to have a position in where nothing could go wrong and with our 3.5 group, they need to win 2 matches so although they could still lose the match and advance that is kind of too close to play around with. I did think if both of our teams made it to the DCC last season (which almost happened) that if one team could help the other out by winning or losing a certain way then I would be OK with that. But unless I was helping out a team that I had a connection to I don't see any reason to alter entire match results.

  3. I disagree that it is ever ok to help out another team as you are messing with the true spirit of competiton. Each team should stand on their own merits and not be rewarded or penalized by some other team intentionally altering the results of a match.

    To me, this would be the same as a team intentionally trying to get a player DQ'd by allowing themselves to be beat 6-0, 6-0 so that the player they were playing would get a 3rd strike. How good should a team/player feel about winning when all the did was lose. What a concept, you can actually win by losing or be considered a winner by some other team losing on your behalf....that should make you feel good about winning.

    Even hinting at the possibility of that a team would consider such play even further frustrates me. I was warned that this happens in these shame on me for thinking otherwise.

  4. I am not going to back down from my last comment but this situation rarely presents itself. The only time in fact you see it is at the playoff level when teams are either assured of advancing out of pool play or if they were already eliminated. At that time a team might think of doing something out of the ordinary. And I don’t mean to say “throwing” a match completely is justified, but not putting out your best lineup knowing is doesn’t matter if you win or not I don’t believe is evil. Conversely if you are a team that can spoil someone’s chances of advancing and you switch around you lineup to get a win and effect the outcome of the league I don’t see anything wrong with that either.

    For me personally I was referring to having two teams competing and if I am wrong for attempting to advance two teams that I have a hand in then oh well but I would never not help out one of my teams.

    As far as trying to get a player DQ’ed I don’t think it is right to lose in dramatic fashion on purpose, but to be honest if I legitimately lost the first set 6-1 or 6-0 to someone I knew was on the bubble and I had no “real” chance of beating them I don’t think I would try all that hard in the 2nd set.

    I don’t think a winner of a DQ match ever feels good about it, I know I didn’t when I was beaten by one. Winning a DQ match is just a consolation prize for getting crushed, I know I have received one of those consolation prizes.

  5. I do agree that altering your line up to play 2nd or 3rd string players when there is nothing on the line for your team is not a bad thing.

    I can see your point to help one of your teams if you are coaching two team as team orders do happen as a coach would like to see both his team in the playoffs.

    Problem I'm having is that I would hate to see any players/teams taken out by someone intentionally losing (a.k.a spoiler).

    If you still feel it is ok for independent team to spoil other teams changes of advancing, we will just need to agree to disagree as I believe you have to beat, by winning not losing to the best, to be the best.

    Regardless of the route, I hope to see the best teams representing Dallas in the playoffs.