Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Topic (before that last one catches fire)

As much fun as Oakridge bashing is I will take Jonathan's advice and move on. Still a little while to go before ratings and the playoffs but if you have a chance check out this story from one of our links regarding the 3.5 that won nationals this year. For those of you have issues with the current rating system feel free to get on this site and there are two contacts at the National USTA office that will take comments and suggestions. Jason Freeman of the TX champ team noted this team was head and shoulders above the other teams at Nats. My old team in So Cal played them at Sectionals and had similar things to say.

Team of 3.5 Self-Raters Wins Nationals

Do you think the USTA Dynamic Computer Rating Program might need some parameter adjustment, when it Dynamically Disqualifies honest, enthusiastic Computer Rated Players who have played at the same level for years, and then allows a team of Self Raters to win Nationals?

A team consisting of 11 Self Rated players, out of the total 13 players, advanced to, and won the 2007 3.5 National Championship! Unbelievable! Eleven Self-Raters, one 3.5 Benchmark, and one player with a 3.5 Mixed Doubles only rating.

7 out of 8 players from this team in the National Final were Self Rated.
The 2 singles players who played at Nationals, Self Rated Vincem Munoz and Raffy Bautista, never lost a match - from the local season all the way to Nationals.
Self Rated Nelson Toledo won every match all the way to Nationals and won one and lost one at Nationals.

You can go to TennisLink, at and look up USTA Team Number 6518356658, and review all the 2007 season matches for this team.

Do you think maybe USTA is starting the Self Rated players with a rating number that is too low within their self rated level?

Should a Self Rated player even be ALLOWED to come in and win all their regular season matches against the thousands of players who have played for years at the same level and have never even been to post season play?

Contact USTA and let them know what you think!


  1. I know Freeman's team was mentioned before by my fav group. I actually think they were pretty legit. Francis Tongol was definitely a borderline player but everyone else on their roster was a top level 3.5 they just happpened to have TONS of them. Speaking from on court experience our team was good enough to beat them but they were just better than us that day. They won the big points and important points and to me that is not being a ringer but just a smart player. And Ismael although tough to beat is no ringer just consistent as hell and in the best shape of anyone on the planet but those are not 4.0 strokes.

    But a team like this built on saving players and then making a run like they did is scary. I know for a fact against my So Cal group they rested certain players they knew might get DQed and dropped matches on purpose at sectionals (that is just sick)

  2. I think that I have a partner for the tournament, but I will let you know if that falls through. Thanks for the offer though.

  3. I stumbled upon your page. Great work.

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