Friday, November 30, 2007

Playoffs Day 1

So the playoffs begin tonight with 4 matches.

6p (3.5)
Oakridge v. Oak Creek and Greenhill v. Stonebridge

7:30p (4.0)
Springpark v. BH/Bartlett and BH/Pearlman v. Stonebridge

I think all these matches will be close in fact I would be surprised to see any 5-0 sweeps and maybe not even any 4-1 decisions.

I have to go with the team that starts with "O" in the first match and if Jason Fraser plays I will take Greenhill if not I see Stonebridge squeaking it out.

Sorry OC BL I hate to go pro country club but I see a Brookhaven sweep tonight which would be two upsets but I just have a feeling.

Best of luck tonight.


  1. Woo hoo! Go SP!
    You have any hints for beating your 4.0 team? They would be appreciated.

  2. Hmmm. I wish that was "my" team but all credit goes to Bob, Kirby, Joel and Kris that team is a truly a group effort from what I know. They will be tough. They are a little vulnerable at singles I don't think that is a mystery from looking at their past results. They are very good at doubles but each has a weakness if you can find it and exploit it but I am sorry I can't list them here for ya.

  3. Bazan,
    Thanks for starting this blog. I enjoy reading all the comments.

  4. Oak Creek 4 - Oak Ridge 1

  5. Well, Oak Creek was very strong tonight. I have played many doubles matches this year and I'd say that our opponents in the # 1 doubles spot, Jens and James, were in the top 3 or 4 teams that I have played against
    all year. They were extremely fair in their calls, friendly
    and good players, to say the least. I believe this team will do good, if they all play like they did tonight.
    I hope we can do better tomorrow against the Garland team, but I know that they're also a very tough team.

  6. The OC match was a good one on both sides of the court. The doubles seemed to be pretty close. Congrats to OC. Tomorrow morning should be pretty good... weather permitting.

  7. David and Enrique were likewise great opponents tonight with the only difference in the match being that Enrique sruggled slightly with his serve and we received good fortune on a few mishit shots else the match could have easily gone the other way. If Enrique serve is back tomorrow which you can tell he not doubt has one, they will be a tough doubles team to beat. Overall they were the one of the better doubles team I have faced this year. Good luck to them in their match with Garland and may the best team win.

    P.S. Based solely on their play and sportsmanship of tonights match, not just the match I played but also based on not hearing any major negative comments from my teammates, I'm going to have to say that some of previous blog comments may be a little off base. Just my opinion.

  8. Congrats to Oak Creek. They played very well tonight and deserved to win.Our match at #2 doubles was very close but the best team won tonight. Good luck tommorow morning against Garland

  9. We will soften Garland Up for you,
    So if we don't win they will be at least Limping into the match with Oak Ridge,

  10. I hate to pat myself on the back but I belive I went 4-0 on my picks for tonight at 3.5 and 4.0. Not surprised by the 3.5 results. I agree after watching just a little bit of the OC/OR match, I really thought OR was doing well but missed some big oppurtunities. Great match.

    But the night belonged to the 4.0 teams of Brookhaven who scored two upsets Bartlett's team took out Springpark and Pearlman's team beat Stonebridge. Both matches came down to 3-2 decisions. That really mixes things up for tomorrow.

    See you all then.

  11. I also enjoy reading the blog about all the great teams in the area. Go Highpoint.