Saturday, December 1, 2007

Playoffs Day 2

Well the forecast is shaky for rain and such but I don't see any on the radar so hopefully all the matches go on as scheduled.

3.5 starts the day in about 20 minutes

HP v. SBridge and Garland v. OC

I'll go with HP and Garland. I just didn't see enough last night from OC to take out Garland.

Lakes v Pearlman and HP v. Spk

Tough matches but I like the Lakes and HP

T Bar v. LB and F Oaks v OC BRANCH

T Bar should win easily but the next match is the one to watch, I hope I can make it in time but I think Branch will get a close win.

3.5 then ends the day at 3p
Garland v. Oakridge and HP v Greenhill

I see Garland and HP rolling in these matches.

Good luck.


  1. early results: HP Bowman takes out SBRDGE 4-1 setting up the deciding match in this flight at 3p between Greenhill and HP. Trae took himself out of the lineup but it turned out OK but very close doubles matches.

    Garland edges Oak Creek in a tight match line 3 dubs and line 1 singles were very close and turned out to be the deciding matches it seems. Oberto rompted 6-2, 6-1 over Barnhard. Barnhard was undefeated on the season could that mean DQ, who knows???? If so it would turn this match into a loss for Garland and vault OC into the final and make the Oakridge v. Garland match meaningless.

  2. Scores were posted wrong...Oberto won 6-0, 6-0. Also line 1 doubles were wrong. Should be OC wining 2 and 1.

  3. Garland is a very solid team top to bottom. Wind was definitely a factor this AM...but play on the line 2 doubles was solid on both sides of the court. Lots of good points.

    Garland was very fair in their play and line calls. This was the best doubles team I have faced this year. Even though we won today, I'm certain it could have easily gone the other way.

    Thanks for the match and good luck in the finals...that is unless Oak Ridge can help us out by beating you guys. Not sure I would bet against Garland but it is definitely not out of the question that Oak Ridge has the ability to pull of what appears on paper would be an upset.

    Good luck to both teams this afternoon. I enjoyed my match with both teams this weekend.

  4. Beating a very solid 3.5 player 0-0 would appear to be a it #3, who knows? It sure looks like it should be.

    Even if it is, I doubt anything could happen this weekend that would change who plays in the championship.

    Guess if Garland goes on to win the championship then the most that could happen is that there may be an "*" next to their name in the record books.

  5. Oak Crreek in Finals???December 1, 2007 at 1:57 PM

    Facts..1)You don't think a rule is fair. 2) Your team is impacted by the rule early in the season. 3) Your team is able to overcome the situation and make the playoffs.

    If the rule is consistantly enforced, a team that just beat you should be impacted by the rule and now you have the opportunity to play in the finals.

    Do I stand my ground that it is a bad rule and therefore hope another team is not impacted by what I feel is a bad rule or do I accept that a rule is a rule and accept that this time my team may actually benefit from the same bad rule as did 4 other teams in our flight this season.

    Any thoughts?

  6. We got Oberto'ed
    I hope the Posting of the wrong Score we a simple mistake and not something more dubious.

    Put seriously,
    If your Ben,
    How Stupid do you have to be to even put yourself in that situation?

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  8. That must be the response from the USTA on Oberto.

  9. HP got swept by GH, some bad defeats out there, it was hard to watch. Trae's result is not true to form since he pulled his thigh in the 2nd game and against better judgement continued to play. But the rest of the matches were closely contested. I think the matchup with Garland will be good at doubles but I don't see GH getting any wins at singles, Oberto and Delira are tough. Good win by Prather over Delira, though. Maybe I won't spot you any games since you beat him today.

    I will try and make it out tomorrow but not sure if they wife and child will allow me to go just watch tennis with no rooting interest.

    DQ talk:
    I am not sure what might happen but seems crazy to me that Ben is still out there after that double bagel.

  10. Also heard from Corey Noel they had a very tight match with OC Branch. Took both singles and went to tiebreaks in all the doubles but lost all three. I think these two will be duking it out next season, should get interested. Just met a great 4.5 from Cali, whom should I refer him to???
    Also haven't seen it posted but I am pretty sure LB Houston won the 3.0 championship today.

  11. Wow,
    HighPoint Got Smoked!!!
    Not only Has your team been dismantled by the USTA, But you go off quietly after all of Your Boastfulness!

    You really have to expect to get some shit after all the Highpoint smack you have been talking.

    How about Greenhill coming out of no where,
    No one gave them a Chance,
    They sweep Highpoint!!!
    Then Upset Garland for the Championship?????
    We will see,
    Go Greenhill

  12. yep bring it on. I did say Greenhill had the best shot (10 to 1 odds) but was surprised. Still surprised by the outcome though.

    Best of luck to Greenhill on the upset.

    What happened, you got drubbed by the new poster "Icepick."

    He asked me for advice but my advice if I saw you as my opponent would be to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

  13. Congrats to Garland & Greenhill for making the final Good Luck to Both Teams. as for the DQ talk about Ben Oberto let me say this I have been playing for about 30 years so have seen and played many players.Ben was sick and probably should have been home in bed but played. I played probably one of my best matches but he had all the answers to everything I tried he was fair,gracious during our match. At times I felt that he was toying with me.He probably played at about 75% of his ability until 3 all in each set. Then he played a little harder an finished me off.I have have to say if he was 100% I would have gotten beaten much worse. If he is better tommorow whoever plays him is in for a rough time. I have beaten John Sims before in straight sets.I dont think he has a chance.If he is still sick maybe a similar result as mine. Great match Prather at least we won one.To all my teammates we gave it our best shot hope we make it back next year

  14. I think it would be really unfair for the USTA to DQ Ben at this point. He's already been moved up to 4.0 so a DQ would only hurt the team at this point. I think they would probably be winning without him anyway because their team is full of borderline players. If they haven't DQ'ed him by now I don't think they should in his last match, in my opinion. I definitely don't think he is a 3.5 player but he probably was when he started the season.

    Branch proved why they have made the playoffs year after year. All of their doubles teams were consistent and experienced, whereas all of ours were playing their first playoff matches ever. If somebody told me we would go to a third-set tiebreak in all 3 doubles matches, only needing to win one I would have thought we couldn't lose. I don't see them giving us a chance to tie them tomorrow.

  15. Thanks Sir Edward.
    Great job GH and to Garland, you guys are very good.
    I wish that we had had a little more depth on our team, but we will be working on that for the future and we do have a small surprise already in the works for the spring league, so hopefully we'll be more presentable for the next playoff tourney.
    I still would like to mention that our team is going to stay with players that are not considered to be anything more than legit 3.5 level players. As mentioned by bazan, we did have 3 of our guys that were bumped up and then the appeal went through, but all 3 of us are ranked lower than 21st in the state in singles and if we were truly out of level, then the appeal would not have gone through. We don't want to be talked about having guys that are 8 and 0 and how they should be DQ'd or such like that, winning easily or pretending not to. To me, it's totally wrong to have a player on a team that has the ability to go undefeated in singles without playing guys that are at a lower level or have an injury during play. I'm glad that the OC team already had their DQ'd guy gone before this event, so there's no blemish on their accomplishment this week-end; they earned it with top of the line, solid good play and sportsmanship. I didn't get to see much of Obertos play, but he did seem a little above the norm for this level and from what I was told, he was gracious, fair and an overall good sport. I to am a bit surprised that winning 0 & 0 in a playoff didn't bring about a DQ, but there was only 1 official out there and it seems the powers that be don't really care unless they're put in situation to have to do something.
    Good health and luck tomorrow for the finalists. It's been an interesting 1st season for us and we're all looking forward to the next one.
    The wind was rough on many of us today and I was fortunate to get the win, as it could have gone either way. My match with Jacques was a totally fair one and we both had chances we messed up due to the wind. Looking forward to a good tournament season in singles and playing doubles with Jacques.

  16. I have to say that there has been a lot of talk about unfairness and bad sportsmanship on this blog. I watched the match between Oak Ridge and Garland today and I only saw fairness and friendliness across the board. I thought everybody fought hard but was respectful of their opponents in the end. That is quite in contrast to my 4.5 match today. I wish I was playing 3.5 because you guys seem to be having a lot more fun.

    Congratulations to both teams on a great match.

  17. maybe that is one reason so many of us want to stay at 3.5, you 4.0 and 4.5 guys are mean

  18. If you were talking about my match with HP I just couldn't win the points that I needed. We had a lot of good points and at least five or six games that went through a deuce or two. There were two games that went through at least 5 or 6 deuces. He played really well on the big points and I wasn't any where near as consistent as I needed to be. I think that the wind may have helped him a little too, my loopy ground strokes and high toss on my serve don't mix well with wind. But in all fairness, he played in the same conditions that I did so I don't in any way want to take credit away from his game. I came off the court satisfied with how I played (but not necessarily happy about it). I still wish that I would have played a little better though. He just outhit me all the way across the board. Spring will be here in a couple of months and hopefully I'll get a rematch out of it.

    P.S. That butt kicking almost makes me want to rethink the not appealing thing.


  19. To Jeromi, I dont think the reference to mean players had anything to do with you. Corey was talking about some of players he played against. As far as you getting your butt kicked it couldnt have happened to anyone more deserving.Get over it and appeal down if you can. accept defeat like a man instead of a baby. This blog is tired of your ego trips have fun at 4.0 .

  20. Looks like the big upset winner this weekend was great sportmanship in all matches...not sure I saw that coming based on previous blog posts.

    Congrats to all teams who made the playoffs and good luck to Garland and Greenhill in the finals.

  21. Corey,
    What would be your comments on the Oak Creek Singles players? Wesley should be a 5.0 but throws enough to remain down and Jimmy Walker was a 5.0 until miod-year and you drubbed him 1,1. Knowing the history of Branch and Conway they are masters at manipulating the ratings. Look at Branch who just tanked a full season at 5.0 to get back down for the Spring, he plays hard when he has to but also has no problems throwing a match to a 4.0 player in order to massage his ranking, see his 2006 results.
    Also saw LBH beat T-Bar, LBH is always quietly in the mix with no major players for the most part, just a bunch of solid players.

  22. Jeromi
    Joel is a tough player (started at 3.0 and has played at the Nat level at 3.0 and 3.5) I have only played him in doubles and our partners were the weaker ones on the court and it came down to him just coming up with good serves and forehands at the right time. For all of those who say you are way out of category should take a look at your match score and think again. Joel is at the top of the 4.0 spectrum but with that said he got crushed at line 1 dubs to the Houston team that went onto Nats last year. So for those 3.5s that think we should just play up and take our beatings and forget about sectionals for a few years, wait till you have to make that choice, might not be so easy. I am finally ready but it took a while for me to arrive at that conclusion.

  23. Not sure how the early matches shook out but it seems a lock that the Lakes and HP will meet at noon. Should be a good match.

  24. Hey Bazan, Are you Jeromis Daddy it sure sounds like it. Didnt here any more talk about HP after yesterday What happened???? Sounds to me like everyboby is complaining now. Play at the level you are rated an SHUT up!!!!

  25. aggressive anonymous poster,

    Would you be so bold in your comments if you identified yourself?

    Not sure about others on the blog, but your posts are worse than his.

  26. Congradulations to Garland at 3.5. They beat us 3 to 2. I want to thank all of our opponents for fun matches. They were all nice guys and everyone seemed to be enjoying the tennis. I even enjoyed playing against Kevin & Ruben when they kicked my butt on Friday night. The did it with a laugh and a smile. We all enjoy winning, but we also enjoy playing, laughing, hitting a good shot and the competition. Good luck to everyone in the spring season, the seniors and the super seniors. and gratiously

  27. To new ar hacker,

    I never thought our team would beat Oak Creek in both singles. Hiram played a really great match against a very tough player. They had a few line disputes but I never saw anything for certain. I don't really know what to say about my match with Jimmy. During the warm-up I thought I was in serious trouble and then I just rolled. I have been looking forward to playing that team for a month so I think the adrenaline took over. It certainly didn't carry over to today since I had my first loss of the season to a player I didn't think was as good as Jimmy. The wind seemed to help me on Saturday and hurt me today somehow.

    Since Oak Creek won today, now they can lose as many matches as they want before the playoffs. I'm very proud of my team for being two points from beating them in our first ever trip to the playoffs and they will be very surprised by our additions next season. But first things first, they deserved to win this weekend because they had the best talent and came through in the clutch situations. They had so many wins this weekend in third-set tiebreaks that you have to give them the credit they deserve.

  28. Bazan,
    Joel was really hitting out on his forehand when he had to and it forced me to show it tons of respect, especially on approach shots. His serve was pretty much just consistent. The first serve wasn't working for him very well, I think it was because of the wind. But it did show a ton of potential when it is 'on'.

    I think that it is great that you want to continue talking crap when you are afraid to announce your identity. Why don't you grow a pair of balls and let us know who you are? I also think that it is funny that you are talking trash to a person that you think should have been DQ'd during the season. Why don't you spend a little more time on the court trying to get better and a little less time trying to be a pain. Oh... and another interesting fact, and Cary can vouch for this one, I was at the playoff match Friday night. If you have so much to say here under an anonymous banner why can't you act come and talk to me face to face? As far as having fun at 4.0 is concerned, I will. Maybe one day you will develop a game and join me there. By the way, I wasn't responding to the comment about 'mean players', my sportsmanship hasn't been an issue throughout the entire league, I was answering Cary's question about what happened during my match.