Monday, December 31, 2007

Senior League Starting

So unless I can get a fake ID I cannot play in the senior league that starts this coming weekend but good luck to all of you “old” guys as you start up this weekend. Everytime I look at a senior roster I think "no way that guy is 50."

It looks like all the favorites are in Flight A: High Point/Bender, Canyon Creek, Shores and Oakridge. Flight B has some good entires as well High Point/Northcut and Kayser’s team should be the favorites but Jim Burn’s LB Houston has some good players including himself since he just got bumped back to 3.5.

Bartlett returns everyone to his Sectional team but there are some other strong teams and they are all in one big flight. Other favorites should be Pearlman’s BH team, HP/Northcut, T Bar and Springpark.

I truly have no idea but Springpark looks to have a good roster as well as Oak Creek.

Best of luck as you start this weekend.


  1. To Bazan, Seems like you know a lot of players. Oak Ridge - David Prather are looking for a few more players for our roster. We are having trouble finding seniors can you help with some suggestions??? At the present time we have only 8 players. Hope to meet you at some event in the future. Thanks for any help!!!

  2. I will look around but offhand I don't know many 3.5's that are seniors. I had a few 4.0s that were thinking of starting a team but I think they opted to play somewhere else. If I think of any I will refer them to David.