Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blog Challenge #2

So Challenge match #2 is set:

When: Monday, December 17th
Time: 7 PM
Where: Oak Creek Tennis Center

Jeromi and I will travel to old and crusty hostile territory and defend our title against the OC Super team.

Cary Bazan and Jeromi Kelsey
Marc Klamecki and Jim Yauch

Early odds are in favor of the champions but Yauch and his monster serve should prove to be more of a challenge than what we saw in the first match.

Now if the snow will just stay away...


  1. Dum be dum dum. I can hear the fight music and the tension is building.

    I remember seeing Yauch wailing on the ball at playoffs. We better make sure to eat our wheaties that morning.

  2. You guys Suck and You will lose,
    If I was You I would Stay in Little Elm or Balch Springs or whatever third rate metroplex suburb you live in, and save yourself the gas money.

  3. I don't think the shoulder replacement surgery I'm having this weekend will affect my serve but am a little concerned about the double hip replacements on Monday as I'm not scheduled to leave the hospital until around 5:00. Should be a good match.

  4. maybe if I stay and play from my couch in Little Elm you guys might get a game or two.

    Marc if you lose, or I should say "when" you lose I think I would like to see you photshopped into a Chrissy Evert photo.

  5. Wow! Talk about the trash talk. You better be careful or my 'anonymous friend' may jump ship and start attacking you on here too. I agree with Cary, after you lose you should photoshop yourself into Chrissy Evert.

    P.S. Old and Crusty is going down!!!

  6. When we win,
    I'll photoshop myself with your Momma

  7. I'll photoshop myself real hard with her.

  8. Distance...Distance...

  9. Jeromi,
    Your still MIA for tomorrow
    Do you have an answer?

  10. Let's do it. I'm in.

  11. Reservation has been made:
    Oak Creek Tennis Center
    Court 8 @ 7:00 PM