Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Challenge #3 Winners (Pickett/Bazan)

So I will be honest I expected a similar score as in the first two challenge matches but due to strong play by Kelsey and Marcus they gave Joel and I a run for it.

Final score 7-5, 4-6, 6-3

Obviously the largest factor in the match was the wind but 3 out of the 4 players on the swing so hard the wind didn't matter but it did mess with all of our serves a bit.

1st set:
I was broken twice in the 1st set but somehow we were able to come back and Joel served it out at 6-5. Jonathan was nearly broken but held strong a few times to make this 1st set close.

2nd set:
Kelsey/Marcus went up 3-0 quickly and we fought back to 4-4 but couldn't make it happen and we lost that set on some great shots by Jeromi and Jonathan.

3rd set:
We broke early and were able to hold serve and then Jeromi served at 3-5 and we were able to break him to win the match.

Overall I think Jeromi and Jonathan although not pure doubles players hit with enough power that they force you to make errors and come up with some great angles. When we could approach well it worked out but they rarely gave us short balls to attack so I think that is why the match was so close.

Nice match guys!!


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  2. I'm surprised that they got a set,
    Generally, it's my belief that two superior singles players will lose to two good doubles specialists.

    Single and doubles are two totally different games,

    It's tough for a singles player to get into any kind of rhythm,
    By the time you get enough balls to hit and get warmed up, it's over.
    Sometimes I think I would be better off without a partner, and just going 2 against 1

  3. I thought the same thing but I will say what Jonathan lacks in net skills he makes up for in baseline play. His serve is also deceptive and he tends to hit the big ones when he needs them the most. Jeromi has great movement and it was hard to catch him leaning the wrong way. I don't know if I would call Joel a doubles specialist, he is more a specialist in kicking ass and luckily carried me when I needed it. He is very observant and is willing to change what isn't working in the middle of a match. He is easily the best partner I have played with and I have been lucky to play with some good players over the years.

    I think the toughest thing in this weather was hitting good approach shots since you couldn't set up and trust where the ball would end up and of course hitting approaches off two big swingers is tough as well.

  4. I enjoyed the match. Let's be honest. There's a reason why I'm usually in the lineup for singles. But I do understand a few nuances about doubles.

    To me, doubles comes down to having an "effective" serve, having a very good return of serve that is not "poachable" or one that puts your partner on the defensive, and net play. My net play Saturday morning was borderline pathetic. Partly, because I was rusty, and mostly, because I kept making mistakes and lack of confidence at times.

    I'll be ready Saturday night. My goal and desire is to do my best to help us win that first match, and take it one match at a time.

    I really enjoyed the match. Cary is better than I thought. And Joel, well, it's a shame he doesn't play singles more often. His game is for now, at least a level above mine's, but I really enjoyed the "individual" battles.

    I would love to do this again. Hopefully when the weather doesn't "drop" the way that it did on Saturday.

  5. Jonathan said:

    Cary is better than I thought.

    Thanks, wait a minute was that a compliment???

    Jonathan was also better than I thought...

  6. I meant it as a compliment. I had never seen you play before, and had seen Joel play, therefore I knew that Joel was near the 4.5 level, and just assumed from all of your comments that you were a borderline 3.5/4.0 player, but as the match wore on, you got better with your returns.

  7. well thanks. I have always been able to make up for my lack of serving power with my ability to break serve. I would like to play you in singles sometime when I get in better shape. Someone with your power makes me play my best at singles.