Wednesday, December 5, 2007

1st Blog Challenge Winners

So the results are in and 27% of you were right that Jeromi and I would win in straight sets. The first four games remained on serve and actually David and Jacques held rather easily while Jeromi and I struggled to hold serve. At 2-2 we were able to break David and held onto the break until Jeromi served it out at 5-4 but I believe we had 2 or 3 set points before we closed that out.

Jacques and David then held serve and immediately broke me to go up 2-0 in the 2nd set (I'll be honest I envisioned a 3rd set at that moment) Then Jeromi and I picked it up a bit and won the next 6 games for a final of 6-4, 6-2.

They are a good doubles team but I think we were just able to hold a little easier in the 2nd set which allowed use to take some risks.

Highlight of the night: Jacques hits a good serve down the middle to me and I hit a inside out forehand that clips the line and Jacques somehow curls a backhand around the post that just misses multiple water bottles and possibly a small child down the street and it somehow landed on the outside of the line.

Good stuff, I hope we can generate even more great challenge matches like this one.

Nice match guys!!!


  1. It was a really good match and I enjoyed it. David and Jacques will be a hard team to beat playing 3.5 doubles, and I will venture to say that they will go undefeated through the regular season.

    I hope in that picture you were considering my as Batman and you as Robin. Any other way just would not be acceptable.

  2. Thanks Jeromi for the comments and I already made a posting regarding the match on the previous heading, but it was a very good match. You are a very good player and I would like a rematch with you guys and if that doesn't work then Bazan has to play with a regular 4.0 player instead of you and I have a friend that is close to you in level that I could call upon.
    I would have to say that you the " Batman " for sure!!!

  3. What did you expect from USTA Texas Cover Boy.

    If two 3.5 players would have beat two 4.0 players I would have lost all my faith in the NTRP Ratings system,
    Which we all know is Infallible.

  4. I still need a few more singles players For the Battle Royal.

    Saturday Dec 15th 9AM

    I would like to get this all rapped up by Monday.

  5. Robin?? I wish I could argue but I took a picture afterwards and I look a foot shorter than Jeromi so I guess I can't argue (didn't get a chance to download pic yet).

    I did pull out some of my Batman shots last night but I have always been more of a Robin type (saving Batman's ass when he gets in trouble) Could be worse you could have called me Batgirl...

    Thanks Marc I just saw the cover that is awesome, I guess all those anonymous donations to USTA Tx helped

  6. If I am not mistaken that is Mark Hess in one of those pics as well but I can't tell for sure since he looks to be in angst.

    I agree Prather and Delira will be tough at 3.5 but be ready there will be players like Jeromi and myself at 3.5 just hopefully not playing together.

    They definitely play doubles well most all points were contested at the net and Jacques and Jeromi had about 15 overheads each. If I had one word of advice it might be a good idea to mix up your service placement a bit. David on big points you always went out wide to my backhand which is my best shot so I think that is why we were able to break in those games. Jacques I am curious how you grip the racquet you seem to have the same grip for everything and have extremely strong forearms because your racquet/wrist rarely break but it causes you to hit into the net more often especially when close to the net.

    Advice to myself, stop trying to lob over guys that are over 6 feet tall with long arms. It is a habit I can't seem to get out of.

    Rematch, we will see once we finish these other matches but I would like to get in match with Jan before we play in the Cotton Bowl so I will be in touch. I guess next up is Robin taking down Batman and Jonathan (think you can fill out my Robin suit Jonathan)

    Joel and I will be in touch.

  7. OC BL, Guess you and I will need to wait awhile longer to get a chance to play the winners...sounds like they have other business to tend to and want to retain their title for a bit longer.

    Cary and Jeromi, let me know when you want to defend your new title.

    E-mail address is OC Yauch (without spaces).

    In the meantime, anyone wanting to play Rivera and I or OC BL and I can send an e-mail to the above address and we can try to setup a match. Tuesday/Wednesday night or Sundays (the earlier the better) are the best times for us.

  8. I would love to play with Jeromi again against you and OC BL Maybe end of next week or early the following week definitely before the Cotton Bowl and before XMAS as well.

    You are going to have to slow that serve down though or I need to go string my racket with a thicker gauge and maybe bring some padding in case I get hit.

  9. You talking about my second serve?

    Actually having a few shoulder problems (imagine that) so I have been working on taking a little pace off and working on placement.

  10. From what I hear, I may need to try and bring the big serve with me for that match. I like it. It should be fun.

  11. Here you Go

    Cary and Jeromi Dynamic Duo Photoshop

  12. love it, I will add it up there

  13. Haha. That photoshop is awesome. Cary looks right at home in his Robin costume. I think we know what he'll be next year for halloween.

  14. Thanks for the match and all your insight(Cary). I was surprised by the second set run after we went up 2-0. Jeromi's second serve equals the rest of his play...very solid and Cary played much better than my previous match when I played with Ben in USTA team tennis. Watch out..Cary has a very strong backhand return of serve and he is serving much better than what I saw in our previous match. As for my grip...I almost use the same mainley because I relied on a slice backhand..but that has changed...I have added a new weapon on my backhand side that I have been working on for about 5 months. Time to bust it out for the new year in 4.0 Have fun! in 2008! Rematch?

  15. If the weather is better I would love to do it again. Interested to see you adjustments. I mentioned our match with you and Ben on here. I wouldn't say I tanked but once my partner got so frustrated I figured instead of trying to put the match on my shoulders I would focus on practicing my forehand so I didn't really utilize my backhand return or backhand approach which are my strengths. I actually did this alot during the Fall 4.0 league. It is one thing to work on my weakenesses at night with friends but I think I have got a lot better on that side my trying things out during league play when the "real" pressure is on. So hopefully when the Spring comes I will be ready since that is "real" season. Talk to you soon.