Friday, December 7, 2007

Tennis, Tennis and more Tennis (Another challenge match)

As most of you know coming up in early January is the 2nd annual Tri Level Tournament.

January 4-6: Lower Level Tourney 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0
January 11-13: Upper Level Tourney 3.5, 4.0, 4.5

The Upper Level tourney filled up extremely fast. Two of the upper level teams have asked me about some top level 3.5 players if any of you are interested let me know.

I am also working to build teams in the lower level tourney on Jan 4-6. So feel free to contact me and I get you on a team.

The winners of both tourneys play in a State tourney down in Houston on February 22-23. (Road trip!!)

Also wanted to let you know about I have heard great things about it and I saw they had an ad in our Tennis Life USTA magazine and they are starting leagues in Texas. These are flexible schedule leagues and have fun prizes like KSWISS shoes. The inaugural season in Texas is free so if you are interested sign up quick. I am already signed up and waiting for ya.

Also check out the article in Tennis Life about sandbagging. Apparently the eyes of Texas are upon us and are talking about unveiling some rules for the 2008 season. I will be interested to see what new changes will arise in 2008.

Marc’s Singles Battle Royal coming up next weekend (12/15), email him or post your info to his site.

Kelsey/Marcus v. Bazan/Pickett looks like it might happen this weekend or Monday barring rain.

Also don’t forget the deadline to sign up for the Cotton Bowl is December 9th.

Whew, did I forget anything……………..I thought I said this was a the dead time of year for tennis.


  1. I'll play in the tri level tournament. Just let me know if you need me.

  2. Cary I'm registered in the ultimate tennis league. What rating did they give you for this league? I'm playing 4.5.

  3. What locations are hosting the Tri-Level?

  4. Great Jeromi I think you are in the same league I signed up for.

    OC BL and others,

    Tri Level Tourney is at Brookhaven

    Jeromi I have you down as well as Jonathan so I will put you all on the same team.

  5. Does anyone need a decent 3.5 player for the tri-level? Let me know. I am playing a sort-of try out type of match for some team, but can you play on or in more than one team or event? Thank, David

  6. The Ultimate Tennis league looks and sounds like a lot of fun. I signed up. Their rating system is a little bit different than the USTA’s rating system. I’m currently rated by the USTA as a 4.0 (got bumped @ midseason) and I was rated by the Ultimate Tennis league as a 4.5 -.

    Yes I did see Kenny Mc’s article (page 23, recent issue of Tennis Life Magazine) titled DNTRP, Red Flags and Sandbagging. It will be very interesting to see what the USTA Texas Section will implement. They should be publishing something within the next couple of weeks.

    Houston is playing their Tri-Level Tournament this weekend. In the 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 division, Houston only has four teams. Jason Freeman’s team won their first two matches today. Jason’s team is currently in first place and will be playing the second place team tomorrow.

  7. FYI – The USTA Texas Section published the following press release -

    Correction to 2008 Tournament Directory
    12/7/07 4:19 PM

    The 2008 USTA Texas Section Tournament Directories are on their way to your home and are being delivered poly-bagged with Tennis life magazine.
    Unfortunately, we have realized an error within the database that caused several tournaments to be listed under the wrong city. We regret this error.
    Below is a list of tournaments by page number in the directory and their correct city.

    Page Tournament - City
    30 Village Open - Dallas
    33 Village Classic - Dallas
    39 Village Summer Open - Dallas
    44 Village ZAT - Dallas
    46 Texas State Fair Classic - Dallas

    Page Tournament - City
    61 Village Open - Dallas
    62 Cowtown Open - Fort Worth
    63 Village Classic - Dallas
    64 Samuel Grand Memorial Day - Dallas
    67 Village Summer Open - Dallas
    71 Texas State Fair Classic - Dallas

  8. I actually e-mailed Steve from the Village and told him that all of his tournaments were listed in the wrong city.

  9. wow good info John on the wrong notes on the tourney schedule. I have been carrying that around and haven't read it yet. I am going to try and play a few. I got put in the same ultimate tennis bracket. I hope to see you on the court, we have never played although our teams have played one another many times.

    I did see Jason's group in the Tri Level. Surprising that our participation looks to outrank Houston in this tourney format this year. They might have a bit of burnout with their 20 trips to nationals and all.

  10. Is anyone familiar with Top Tier Tennis They are based out of Southlake, Texas. Top Tier Tennis is also a flexible tennis league. I first heard about them at the Standford Championship Tennis Tournament that was held at the Star Center in Frisco (Oct 18th – 21st). They had a booth at the tournament. I originally thought the organization was for juniors only. After checking out their web site, they also have leagues for adults.

  11. I haven't heard much about it other than seeing that booth as well and grabbing a couple of pens. has been pretty good, this is the first season I have played and I got some good matches. I am in the next to highest level and depending on how you do you have an option to move up and if you do poorly you are only allowed to register for the next lower level league. I like that rule. Also if you beat people too bad and you are a new member you are the regular season champ but aren't allowed to compete in the playoffs. I think that is a interesting and effective rule as well.

  12. The fact that the wrong dates were published for mostly The Village tournaments or ones that Steve Franklin officiates, couldn't have happened to any place better, as they run the worst tournaments.

  13. Jason Freeman’s Tri-Level Team (4.5, 4.0, 3.5) won the Houston Tournament (Score: 3 – 0) this weekend.

  14. impressive although only 4 teams signing up for the Houston area seems like a small number.

    Although you couldn't drag me out to play tennis in this cold weather.