Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cotton Bowl Tourney Update

So the list of competitors is now listed for this tournament. There are 42 and 48 entries at 3.5 and 4.0 singles respectively and 15- 3.5 and 17- 4.0 doubles teams.

Some good entries at both levels. Ismael Dutchover and Tuyen Nguyen are coming up from Houston and playing singles and doubles. Hai Nguyen and Tim Newman playing together should be strong at 4.0 and Jeromi and Jonathan are playing in that draw as well. Jacques and Ron Corcoran should be strong too.

Any other thoughts and entrants?



  1. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Jonathan and I are going to win the doubles draw. :) As for singles, I'm going to wait and see how the draw works out when it is posted. Any information about my opponent(s) will be appreciated.

  2. To Jeromi, Sounds to me like you should be up in okla. with all the broken tree limbs. I think your EGO is getting the best of you. You need to get a little humility. Good Luck in the tournament anyway.

  3. I think you all will do well but it definitely depends on the draw for anyone including Jan and myself. To me the best thing is to get a 1st round opponent that you can beat but still get some good warm up. For me an easy 1st round doesn't do much and it is tough to come out blazing against a very tough opponent in the 1st round. Jeromi I actually think you have a better shot at singles especially if the tourney goes indoors which I believe it is. The wind effects your serve more than most due to your toss so you should do well inside. That is one reason I opted not to play singles because I need weather, natural disasters and anything else other than my game to help me in singles.

  4. Anonymous,
    Get a sense of humor. Didn't you see the smiley face??? I'm counting on Jonathan to carry me in the doubles portion anyway.
    I will be the first to admit that I don't like my odds in the tournament. It has been a long time since I have played more than one match in a day and I have a bad habit of being my own worst enemy in tournament situations.

    I'm preparing for the worst but hoping for the best with the court situations. I like my chances a whole lot better if it gets moved indoors for three reasons.
    1.) I don't have to worry about the wind.
    2.) I seem to focus better on indoor courts because my field of vision is restricted.
    3.) I grew up playing on covered courts. I love the sound of the racket hitting the ball on the indoor courts. It has such a nice solid 'thump' to it.
    I can barely wait. I'm trying to pick my practice schedule up to get ready for the tournament, but the weather isn't helping any.

  5. If my racket makes a thump noise it is usually an accident. I used to hate indoors but I actually have grown to like it recently so I am looking forward to the tourney.

    don't worry Jeromi I think I am going to win every time out if you don't why step on the court.

    oh yeah and this weather sux. i was supposed to play tonight and now i guess I have to go to the gym.

  6. Cary and jeromi are you down for Saturday or not?

    I have never know Jonathan for his ability at net, Just his work from the baseline,
    So good luck with having him carry you,

    I was going to get in the Cotton Bowl, but backed out at the last minute when Winter kicked in on Sunday,
    Too many bad memories of Leagues and Tourniments let un-completed and un-played in December and January due to rain and cold,

  7. Tim and Hai will roll over all in the 4.0 division. Anyone else essentially wasted their money by even entering. I just hope that noone gets seriosuly hurt standing in the way of the inevitable onslaught. But at least you have been warned. Seriously.

  8. Saturday. I won't know unfortunately until tomorrow night. If I win my match I will have to play over at Westlake Tennis Center at 10a. I hope to be there I will let you know as soon as possible. Do you want me to call ya or just update the evite?

  9. cotton Bowl: I agree Jonathan is more of a singles player but his results at doubles this year at 4.0can't be overlooked.

    I was looking over the entrants and yes Hai and Tim are the favs but I wouldn't say hands down. I think Stevens/Nishizaki will be strong as well as Helterbrann/Mattes. past that I think the draw looks pretty wide open so hopefully those 3 are in one section and the rest of us play in the other half.

  10. Just hit the Evite,

    Seem like the weather forecast is changing everyday,

    Might be raining Sat after all

  11. any comments on the 3.5 doubles?

  12. I would not want to play Ismael Dutchover at any level. I have a feeling he will make his way into the 2008 4.0 Maters in singles. It will be interesting to see how he does in the major zones this year.

  13. Tuyen Nguyen is getting better every day as well. By June/July, he may be a factor.

  14. 3.5 doubles:

    These look pretty good as well as Olivares and his partner

  15. 4.0 singles:

    I agree Dutchover will do well but masters? I will be interested to see him at the end of the month because I just don't see it and the same goes for Nguyen. Their style of play will be hard to translate to the top of 4.0 but if they are committed to playing a lot of tourneys they should rack up enough points but I don't see them winning or getting to the semis of majors, maybe the quarters. Looking at this draw though as long as they avoid the big hitters they could catch some people tired at the end of the weekend.

  16. Bazan,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence on the 4.0 singles. I'm using this tournament to gauge where I am now and where I need to be in this new division. I'm going to go out and have fun.
    The reason I say that I count on Jonathan to carry is because with his flat left handed stroke he should set me up with a lot of very poachable balls at the net. Which translates into a lot of easy points, assuming I don't have a brain fart and dump them into the net.
    Does anyone have any idea when the draws should be posted?

  17. Sorry I forgot. I should know tomorrow night if I am going to be able to play Saturday or not.

  18. What's the deal with Aranda?

    Looks like he signed up for 4.0 doubles under applicants but was put in the 3.5 doubles competitors.

    Looks like his partner is a 4.0

  19. I don't think Ismael or Tuyen will win any major zones but they will accumulate enough points throughout the year to be seeded high in the major zones which will allow them to gather more points with winable matches.

    The Masters tournament really isn't for the best players, if so, then it would allow all the Major Zone winners to automatically be qualified and then go by rankings to fill the remaining slots; rather, it rewards folks who play in the most tournaments with reasonable/moderate success (consistently making the quarters in majors should get you to the Masters).

    With that being said, Ismael has already proven himself against the top 4.0s from 2007 beating Eddie Janek and Stephen Newberry. His style of play neutralizes other folks strenghs...you literally have to blow him off the court with winners to beat him. His scores are typically the same regardless who he plays (lower 3.5 or high 4.0)...his matches are battles and I have yet to see someone outlast him, physically, on the court. I'm not saying he has the best form or the most talent...but he is very effective.....and......like I said, I would not want to play him.

    Also, the top of the 4.0s is different in league and tournaments. I agree, their style of play (Dutchover and Nguyen) is not at the top of the 4.0s as far as league tennis goes....but their style will fit in comfortably with all 4.0s within the framework of a 4.0 "singles" tournament.

    I am as curious as anyone to see how they will do throughout the year. I'll continue to weight in as the tournament season goes along.

  20. you are right Jason tourney and league are definitely different and looking at the draws for 4.5 at the cotton bowl most of the good dallas league 4.0 players are playing up so as long as Ismael gets off to a good start you are right he should do well unless some of those guys decide to come back down and go for the masters. Not that far away now.

  21. Seeds for the Cotton Bowl are out!


  22. 25% of the draw is seeded in mens 4.0. That is crazy. Is that normal for a tournament?

  23. Some regulations say you are supposed to seed one player out of every 4. That's how they do the Grand Slams now in the pros. It still doesn't prevent a seeded player playing a ringer in the first round.

  24. yep some of the seeds make sense but I don't think it will make much different this early in the year. And you are right Corey when guys like Jeromi and I who never play tourneys just hop in occasionally and play it doesn't really make true 1st round match ups for seeded players. I will be interested to see the draws the top 2 seeds in the 4.0 dubs are solid picks to be 1 and 2, after that I think this tourney is up for grabs.

  25. Interesting analysis about my questionable doubles play. All I can say is that "we'll see." Personally speaking, I've won more doubles matches than I have lost. I made it to the semis of one doubles tournament with a very inconsistent partner and in 4.0 League, I was 1-1, and that loss went to three sets with a very good and experienced doubles team.

    In singles, I would LOVE to play either Tuyen or Ishmael, that would be a match in which I would come out blazing. I've seen both of them play, and yes they usually win almost all of their matches, but I don't see how. Neither one of them has any weapon that would give me any trouble. Those would be two guys who I would be extremely motivated.

    Lastly, Marc, you haven't seen my best match. Hopefully, we can go at it again, and I can utilize that net play that you have not seen me use too often.

  26. Remember when I am inspired, I am stronger than most people think. Ask Jorge Robles, who finished ranked in the top 3 of 3.5, who I beat easily (somewhat) in straight sets in the First Round of a Major Zone. Ask Matt Ellis, who I beat in the first round of a Major Zone as well (Ft. Worth), and Matt just beat Tuyen in a 4.0 tournament last week.

    So, "we'll see" :)

  27. Well hopefully you get to play one of them Jonathan. I am ready for those draws to come out. I would think with 17 4.0 doubles teams that means there will be one "play in" match on Friday night don't you think? I actually would like to play that night.