Sunday, December 9, 2007 (FREE for Winter League)

Hey guys wanted to let you know about this:

There is another new flexible tennis league that is just launching in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. They offer singles AND, doubles formats. Individuals sign up for singles or with a partner for doubles and get a competitive schedule of matches over a 7 to 8 week time period. Very similar to the Ultimate Tennis or flextennis format.

They are offering all of their leagues FREE this Winter ( a savings of $25 which is the regular fee). They also offer a referral program that allows players to earn $2 in LeagueTennis dollars every season a referral plays so if you refer 13 players who play regularly, you could essentially play for free forever :)

Go check out their site for more info and get in quick for the doubles league the registration deadline is January 6th and the singles registration deadline is February 11th.

It seems like online tennis is growing and this seems like an interesting new site especially since they include a doubles format which for a doubles specialist like me peaks my interest. Also the creators of this site seem to have cost in mind since $25 is cheaper than other sites and even cheaper than local club leagues.

So many new tennis leagues to try out please let me know positive and negative feedback about any of these new sites.

Go check it out!!


  1. Kelsey and I are in. Also in the doubles 4.0 division Kyle Bowman and partner. Kyle has been working his doubles game so this is shaping up to be a good league.

  2. John Sisk and I would like to get in line for a challenge match against you and your partner Cary. I know you have a lot of other challenges to defend but we are willing to play at High Point whenever your schedules will allow. I think we are both free on Tuesday nights and Sundays every week. I look forward to it.

  3. Yikes the big guys are lining up now. Sounds good Jeromi and I don't mind beating up on 4.5s as well. We are equal oppurtunity dominators.

    I will get to organizing the Yauch/Klamecki destruction so we can play you all.

    Jeromi, Marc and Yauch,
    You all up for sometime next week, we could do the match with Jonathan later but he is out of town for a week I believe. I could do Mon or Tue.