Monday, December 31, 2007

1st weekend of Tri Level (Jan 4-6)

So the 2nd annual Tri Level tournament has expanded this year to include a lower level tourney with 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 players.

Thanks to many of you on this blog and your answers to my constant email cries for help we were able to create 4 very good teams to compete against one another this coming weekend for the right to represent Dallas in February at the Sectional Tri Level tourney in Houston-Kingwood.

Team Bazan
Team Hess
Team Kelsey
Team Dewan

I of course would love to say my team is the strongest but I took a lot of players on referral so many I haven’t met at all especially the 3.0 players so this should be pretty evenly matched up. The final match I will get another match against Marcus/Kelsey unless I decide to send in my ringers to beat you all. :)

I look forward to playing this weekend and I have been checking out the rosters of week two of the tournament (3.5, 4.0. 4.5) and there are some very good rosters there as well. I will update my predictions once you all have a schedule.


  1. Who said that Marcus and I will be partners in this tri level? I am the only one that you can count on playing because I have three 3.5 players that I could pair up with. Haha. Take that!!!!

  2. Either way should be a good match. So 0-2 and you are ready to dump your substitute Robin?

  3. Great turnout at practice (15 people) in 30 degree weather. These guys must really want to win. Looks like some good new players Ed Patschull at 3.0 could be a wildcard he was playing as well as most of the 3.5s out last night. I sure hope we are indoors or the weather forecast remains good because the ball sure was dead last night.

  4. I think that cold would be an understatement for last night.

  5. good luck to everyone playing this weekend.

  6. Okay Jeromi proved that our first match wasn't a fluke. He wins our 1 setter tonight in 30 mph winds 7-5 (and sadly my loss this evening is a personal huge improvement over our last outing).

    Icepick let's hit Lifetime while I'm on a loosing roll here. I feel pretty certain that your singles game is better than your doubles (come get your redemption). I'm ready for the big hitter now.

    Call me

  7. Cary,
    I hope that you are getting ready for the beat down that you are going to get tomorrow morning. I wouldn't invite the family, it could get pretty ugly.

  8. Good matches today. Team Kelsey won two close ones while Team Bazan won 3-0 in both matches although there was some close scores in our matches.

    This sets up a Batman v. Robin Round II. Kelsey had opted to use a 3rd Robin (Zach Stein). It has been two years but I have a win over Stein as well so I look to add to my streak over Zach as well as Batman.

    Our 3.0s our tough and Greg and CJ are cruising so who knows we could have a great match tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to it.