Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blog Challenge #2 (Batman & Robin reign supreme)

So it was a little bit of different match compared to the first challenge but the result was exactly the same 6-4, 6-2.
A close 1st set with a late break of Jim Yauch allowed Jeromi to serve out the first set. The 2nd set started on serve but then two early breaks set up Jeromi to serve at 5-2 and yet again close it out.
I have to say the ball was flying a lot faster than in our first match. Both Marc and Jim blast the ball as well as Jeromi so I spent most of the night attempting to mix it up a bit.
We did play a 3rd set for fun which the OC crew won 6-3.
I don't think anyone played their A game probably since none of us have played due to the weather lately and also some wind gusts and chilly temps that made the ball a little tougher to smack around.
Overall a pretty good match.
Next victim???


  1. I was a good match by Jeromi, and showed up Cary wearing Black Tights.
    I think he is taking the Batman thing a little too seriously,
    My prediction,
    next Challenge match Cary shows up in a Toys R Us batman cape.

    I don't think Jim felt real comfortable, leading to some early error and breaks, he usually does not make that may errors, But I guess that what happens when you take a few weeks off,

    Being on the same team as Jim, I did not enjoy watching him trying to keep up in extended baseline rallies with Jeromi,

    However, If I was just a spectator I would enjoy watching somebody running Jim's 250+? frame from side to side.
    I'm going to have to put him on the singles mailing list.

  2. I actually wear those all winter long. I also have a grey pair. Looking for some red ones with sequins if anyone knows of a good place to order some.

    There was a some good baseline rallies that set up some good net play. Jim and Jeromi are lucky enough to hit so hard they can end points from the baseline and actually set Marc and I up often.

    I have seen Marc play but never been on the court against him and when he takes that huge wind up for his forehand it is like you might as well just watch because he either hits a winner you have no chance of getting to or he hits it in the net.

    Jim's serve was tough but I actually had more trouble with Marc's serve he was able to go down the middle and disguise it well on big points.

    Batman had trouble with the wind but was able to come up with the big serves when he needed to and some great touch at the net when I left him hanging up there.

    I still don't know how I held serve against these big hitters. I tried to serve and stay back early but that was a hit or miss (literally) strategy. After that I just decided to serve and volley and take my chances and it seemed to work well. I don't even think I faced a break point. (thump, thump) that is the sound of me patting myself on the back.

    Get ready Noel/Sisk, can you handle all 40 mph of my monster serve???????????

  3. We're ready. We will probably have to wait until after the holidays because I'm leaving town for two weeks Saturday. That will give you guys enough time to prepare and load up on holiday dinners.

  4. Sounds good Jeromi and I should be carrying around our cotton bowl trophies by then along with our extra holiday weight.

    Jeromi could stand to gain weight but not me so I will try and limit my return trips to the buffet.

    Should be an even matchup, 1st match we played a combined 7.0 team although very top level 3.5s and last night a 7.5 combined team with Marc being a borderline 3.5/4.0 and Jim being a brand new 4.0.

    So we have a straight up 8.0 match. John has his infamous double racket action going so that will be interesting but big serves are not a problem for us so I think it will come down to trying to neutralize the 4.5 player and not letting Corey dominate but to your own admission you are a singles specialist which might be more of an equalizing factor.

    I can't wait in the meantime Batman and Robin will split up to have a superhero showdown with Jonathan Marcus and Joel Pickett as partners.

    Prediction: Boy Wonder will dismantle Batman much like Joel Schumacher did via film.

  5. It was a really good match. The sad thing is that Cary wasn't being funny when he said that he has a 40 mph serve. Of course, that is with the wind at his back. I'm looking forward to the next match, but first I have some more pressing matters to take care of... the Cotton Bowl. I guess that my biggest concern is that they spell my name right on the trophy (there is only one 'i'). HAHA Just kidding. I hope to meet a lot of people out there so come on up and say 'hi' if you recognize me.