Friday, December 14, 2007

Singles Battle Royal (RAINED OUT)

Well the weather spoiled our plans but Marc is attempting to get us together for another date. It was a miserable day for tennis or existing outdoors for that matter. YIKES! I am still cold.

Blog Challenge #2 still set for Monday night, bring your long johns.


  1. Robin,
    I knew that I would wind up regretting that doubles match. Now you know my secrets. I'm looking forward to it in the morning. Hopefully, it won't be too windy.

  2. ahh the wind, that was Plan A against you. I expect some serving issues and the fog should cover up the bat signal.

  3. I hate the wind,
    But it may be the only thing that will dry the courts,

    My advise watch out for Jerry,
    He just seems to maintain good court position and does not give up any easy points, Rallies often lasting 8 -12 shots.
    Him v Jeromi should be the set of the Day,

    I tried to group things in a way so we would avoid playing people that have already played each other,
    (not counting Doubles)