Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blog's 1st Challenge Match

So it is on!

Date: December 5th
Place: High Point Tennis Center
Time: 6:15 PM

Jacques Delira and David Prather
Jeromi Kelsey and Cary Bazan

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to give advice either way and your thoughts on who might win and how. Odds? Score predictions?

I look forward to playing these guys especially since Jacques gave me a loss a month or so ago.


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  2. Dave,
    Put some bass in your voice, man!
    If you think your going to win say it with some confidence,

    The power of positive thinking.

  3. So I may be a little biased, especially considering I don't know who Jacques is and I have never seen Bazan play. But I'm going to have to say Kelsey and Bazan at 6-2 6-3. I guess that we'll see later. :)
    Good luck to all of us and lets have some fun.

  4. OK, bl.
    I'm looking forward to playing and winning the match tonight and I believe we can in straight sets.

  5. By the way oc bl, who are you?

  6. I played Phil in the play-offs

  7. It will come down to who cheats the most. You ain't trying if you ain't cheatin.

  8. I cant wait for the result of the match. Its the 2 4.0 guys with the biggest egos against 2 3.5 players that are at the top of their level. It should be fun for you guys. The winners can BRAG and the losers can make excuses. Good luck to both teams.

  9. I've never known any of those guys as cheaters in fact Bazan often plays "out" balls unless you consider that cheating

  10. I've played three of the four in singles, but never have seen them in doubles. The biggest challenge, is how the darkness and playing under the lights affects the other. I predict Cary and Jeromi, just because their reflexes are younger and more adaptible to playing at night.

    But, it could go the other way, because I have played singles against Jacques and Dave and they are "crafty" players and sometimes experience is better than ability.

  11. You may have very well hit the nail right on the head when you said that experience may be the deciding factor. I don't play nearly as much doubles as the other 3, so that may make things a little more interesting. I think that the wind could turn out to be a little bit more of a factor than the lights. HP is known to get very breezy and the wind usually swirls. I think that it is going to be fun and interesting.

  12. I am prediciting a score of 6-2 , 6-1 Prather and Delira. I have to go with these two individuals as I know them.

    Sorry about that Jeromi and Cary.

  13. OC BL and myself (OC Yauch) would like challenge the winners...we are available tomorrow night (Wednesday) or early Sunday afternoon if the winners are up to it.

    OC BL is not one of my normal partners...that is if it matters to anyone.

    My email is OC Yauch @ gmail.com (without any spaces).

  14. OC BL in dubs, you sure you can carry him Yauch?

    Jeromi some good thoughts but I have played in the elements of HP for a few years now shouldn't be a problem. I feel good about this matchup other than the fact I have never played with Jeromi before and he is more of a singles player. He does remind me of one of my old partners (Patrick Jacobs) who had a similar forehand which matches up well with my game so predict a big win. I do respect them enough to know we won't get the double bagel but maybe the double BREADSTICKS (6-1, 6-1)

    I am confident in my doubles play but if I played any of these guys in singles I would be lucky to get a few games.

  15. Prather,
    You may have started something with the challenges. We are already forming a line. Haha. This could help some of us younger guys who don't get to play seniors stay sharp for next season. But everyone has to remember that Jonathan and I are still looking for a match with Bazan and Joel. We have to be able to fit that into the picture somewhere.

  16. Better question is, can he carry me? OC BL and I have never played together on the same side of the court but having played against him we should be very competitive.

    I did play against Dave and his partner last weekend. On that night Dave was much better than his partner and had his partner been just a little more on or a little less off, I think the match could of easily gone the other way.

    Should he and Delire win, I'm sure he would like the rematch and should you and Jeromi win, I will look forward to playing a couple of young 4.0 guys. Need to see what I will be up against in the Spring.

    I know I'm going to have to practice and play more to be competitive at 4.0. Hope I can find the time.

  17. so are you playing a full 3rd set or a coman tiebreak for the 3rd set? That could determine the winner

  18. any wagers being made?

  19. guess we will have to decide, may depend on time HP can get busy and playing 3 full sets would be hard to do.

  20. Wager: I usually like to be paid in the currency of beer.

  21. Beer is a good currency to me too. I like the idea of a full 3rd set, but since I'm playing with a bunch of old guys that may not be a possibility. HAHA Just kidding guys. I'm fine with which ever we decide to go with.

  22. 3 out of 5 sets with no Tie-Breakes

  23. Hiho Hiho. It's off to the match I go. Talk to you later.

  24. OK, here's the scoop, Jeromi and Bazan beat us 6-4, 6-2 and we began a 3rd set and we were up 5 serving 3 when we had to stop. They beat us soundly! Jeromi will do well in the 4.0 level. He is a very good player.
    Cary is also a good player and has a tricky serve. Congratulations to the winners of the first challenge match and I look forward to playing some more. Thanks, David

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