Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Playoffs 2 DAYS Away

Thanks for your spirited conversations regarding ratings. I have always been perplexed by the rating system but I do think the longer your play the more accurate the ratings become. I am sure they are always attempting to tweak the system so they are as accurate as can be.

But the playoffs are two days away and there are some good teams at each level who I think can win. From the previous poll it seems everyone agrees High Point is a lock at 4.0. Why? Is there any 4.0 team out there who will come out and say they can take them down? The 3.5 poll showed Garland, Oak Creek and High Point as favs and I believe that but as much as I knock Oakridge (just for fun) I think they could score an upset. I do hope someone in the blue flight goes undefeated because I hate a flight being decided by differential instead of who beat who.

At 3.5 as much as some of you have thought I have been unfair in my thoughts I truly think there are 5 out of 6 teams that would win this tourney at 3.5. I do think the Blue Flight is stacked and all those matches will be tough. I would love to watch a Garland v. High Point final because they gave us one of our only losses last year and I would love some payback. I would also like to see Oak Creek v. High Point because these two had a great match on the opening weekend of the season and I think both teams have gotten better since then. And of course I would love to see our Oakridge Boys make it to Sunday and get a shot at High Point. All that assumes the darkhorse Greenhill or longshot Stonebridge don't mess up my Sunday afternoon plans.

4.5 should be fun too as there are three good teams the only bad part is it might be decided early as Fair Oaks plays Oak Creek in the 1st match. The loser of that match will have to hope for no undefeated teams in order to remain in contention.


  1. Just for the record, OC actually beat HP 3-2 but due to the questionable DQ of Dewayne, the match was changed 2-3 in favor of HP. Had Dewayne not been DQ'd, it looks like OC would be undefeated thus far.

  2. I agree with you Cary about the 4.5. Whoever wins the first match will probably go on to win the whole thing. Not the situation I was hoping for but we are going to have as good a lineup as possible.

  3. "questionable DQ of Dewayne"

    Hmm sounds like a OC member fondly remember the old Dewayne days of September. Would have been interseting to see him play more at 4.0 this season and I think he would have shown to be solid at that level and thus not "questionable" any longer.

  4. Re: OC v. Fair Oaks
    1st matches are tough, I purposely held myself out of our first match at DCC and at Sectionals. Not sure how y'all feel about that but I am so ready to play I can't seem to focus my energy. It will be interesting to see how that plays out this weekend especially in this 4.5 match up. The OC v. Oakridge should be tough as well. Lineups are hard as well, do you want to save some players and get some guys playing time or bring your best 8 for that 1st match no matter the opponent??

    For those 3.5 and 4.0 teams with a bye on Friday I think you have a good advantage in knowing who is 1-0 before you play them.

  5. I don't think it was questionable,
    it was probably just,
    It is what it is,

    But he could not break the Oakcreek 4.0 team's line-up and they finished 4-5,
    So I think that speaks for it's self

  6. Who wins these matchups?

    OC Branch singles v. F Oaks singles
    Gonzalez v. James
    Noel v. Slezak

    HP v. Lakes matchups
    Runda v. Pickett
    Martin/Nguyen v. Balan/Valtierra
    Valteirra v. Endress

    3.5 Blue Flight
    Oberto v. Prather
    Oberto v. Klamecki
    Delira v. Molina
    Corcoran/Key v. Yauch/Rivera

    3.5 Red Flight
    Bowman v. Fitzpatrick
    Ohl/Davies v. Kayser/Hall
    Bostick/Swain v. Ridgley/Leopard
    Sims v. Ackerman

    Could be some great matchups, I should be there tomorrow for just a little bit after work but I have to be in Mckinney by 7:30 so I probably will just see the first set unless there are some blowouts.

  7. Query:

    Is a DQ in the play-off still a possibility even if the player has been move up to 4.0?

  8. Yep in fact it is probably more likely if they have a 4.0 yr end rating that wouldn't appeal down. I don't think there are that many in jeopardy, here are some:

    3.5: Oberto, Yauch and Rivera
    Oakridge is all self rated but had tourney ratings so I think they should be untouchable.

    4.0: Runda of Lakes(possible but a reach since he is playing off an old rating but possible still)

    4.5: don't see any