Monday, October 29, 2007

3.5 Update

Flight A:
Trae warned me he wasn’t confident about the lineup and maybe paired with my constant talk about the good play of Westlake they scored a big upset over previously undefeated High Point 3-2. Gleneagles and Oak Creek stayed in contention with solid wins this weekend and the playoff spots will come down to the GE v. HP match and the OC v. CC matches. High Point needs to just win 2 individual matches to secure a spot and GE needs to win and OC needs to win and wait for the scores to roll in. Should get interesting…And I know they are like my adopted team but strange things could happen and Westlake could end up in the playoffs. We will just have to wait and see.

Flight B
Garland continued to roll along and they are the only undefeated team at 3.5. Stonebridge is still in 2nd with a make up match v. Garland still pending. Brookhaven is staying on track at 5-2 and has a match up this weekend with Stonebridge. So this flight should be decided this Sunday afternoon and could get very interesting. My prediction (SB and Garland)

Flight C:
I hope I didn’t jinx Lifetime when I predicted them as an early lock but I am shocked to see them out of the race in this flight. Oakridge is now in the playoffs (congrats!) The 2nd spot will be decided this weekend on the court between Springpark and Greenhill/Kayser. My pick (sorry if I jinx you) Greenhill 3-2. Jeromi Kelsey took on blog poster Jonathan Marcus and handed him his first loss of the season at 3.5 or 4.0. I would love to know your thoughts Jonathan. DQ material???


  1. Anytime you experience a loss, it's a humbling experience. Jeremi is a really nice guy, who plays tennis on the weekend, while serving for our country in the US Army. I don't like losing, and I am still in a shock that it happened.

    But let me change the scouting report that Cary got me. HUGE first and second serve, very good backhand and strong dependable backhand and excellent lobbing ability when opponent is at the net.

    DQ material? Possibly, based upon the criteria that has been used as of this point; but I don't think he should be. Let him play, but don't be surprise if a team like Oak Ridge doesn't complain. He would easily beat any of their top players hands down. Their captain told me that they "complained" about Jeremi after their first match.

    My thoughts, just lace up, go at it, if you win, you beat a very strong player and their best player. If you lose, you lost to a very strong player. Then after the lost, be like me and just make adjustments to your game, and hopefully that will make you a stronger player for the next match you play.

    That's my strategy.

  2. I am with you Jonathan, he is nice guy and good player and I say leave him in the mix because he makes it interesting. And by definition if he is a DQ then Sunny (my guy who beat him) should be DQ'ed as well. Sunny did what you mentioned and radically changed his game to try and match up with Jeromi and it happened to work. He is beatable but at the 3.5 level there are only a few who have multiple game plans to cause him problems. Oak Ridge shouldn't complain they are in playoffs with some very strong players and Springpark is still in need of win to make it in.

  3. Interesting Result,
    JCC/Mellman losses to Chandler's Landing/Rogina 2-3

    Jcc Defaults Line 2 Singles,
    Chandler's Landing defaults line 3 doubles,

    Theoretically, Why would JCC not play one of the default line 3 Doubles Guys at Singles,
    Then you would only have one player not playing instead of 3,
    And if there was strategy behind it apparently it did not work.

  4. And how would that work anyway?
    Double Default at line 3 dubs,
    Then you split matches 2 single and 2 double, 2 -2 who wins?

  5. I looked at it and I am still confused. I am guessing they defaulted the doubles before and then someone didn't show up to the match for singles maybe?

  6. I'm Jeromi on the springpark team and I was just told about this blog today at the greenhill match. I want to say thanks for all of the nice comments. The day that I played Jonathan I just happened to be serving well and the rest of my game came up from there. He is by far the strongest player that I have played in this league and I was lucky enough to have a good day against him. Not to sound nasty, but that also includes my loss to Sunny. I think that match very easily could have gone the other way had the wind not been such an issue. If Sunny is interested in replaying it "for giggles" I would be happy to. Every team that I have played has mentioned to some extent that I should not be in this league. Some teams have made a bigger deal about it than others. I may hit one time a week outside of the league match on Sunday. If I get bumped up I'll go and I won't complain about it, but until then I am just going to sit back and play and have fun.
    I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to what people have been saying when I'm around and I don't know what is being said when I'm not around. I am just using this chance to speak my peace. I just hope that I haven't offended anyone because that is not my intention.
    If anyone would like to play some time they can always email me and we can go from there.

  7. Thanks for commenting Jeromi. I wouldn't take offense to any thing said about you. The people who are talking (like myself) are just upset you aren't my teammate instead of my opponent. The only shame is that you will be bumped to 4.0 and won't be a 3.5 in the big Spring season but you can hang at 4.0 and help out a good Springpark 4.0 team. I wish I could have seen the end of your match with Sunny. I was shocked when he called me and said he came back and beat you. I hope he doesn't get bumped up either but probably will since he beat you. Best of luck and I hope to see you on the courts.

  8. Good Point Jeromi. Sorry about mis-spelling your name. My question is what is it about me, that people with big serves always serve well against me and are inconsistent against others.

    It's funny about people complaining. Last year I played and won a 3.5 Tournament and everyone complained about me, then when I played the same tournament a year later, no one complained about me because it was realized that I was beatable.

    Then you get the point that people wished you were on their team. Well maybe captains need to recruit better #1 Singles guys. I am ranked in the top 25 in 3.5 in the state of Texas and only one team asked me if I would play on their team. And I told that captain that I hadn't planned on playing any 3.5 League this season, but since he went out of his way to invite me, I would do it. It is all about recruiting.

    I said that to say this, there are lots of people rated 3.5 who are as good as Jeromi. I know I played them. If John Kraemer can be recruited from Dallas, TX to play on a Houston, TX team, than anybody from anywere in TX can be invited. Don't get "stuck" on playing your guys all the time, and not be open to expanding your roster for that one or two players to get you over the top.

    And Jeromi, I would love a rematch. Because I love playing anyone that has the ability to push me. Winning against a very stronger player is much more rewarding than beating someone by a lopsided score.

    My email is

  9. How many teams have limitations on who plays for their teams?
    I play for Stonebridge and we are limited to club members, so recruiting is not really an option.
    How much of an advantage do you think it is for some teams to be able to get players from all over?