Tuesday, October 2, 2007

3.5 Week Four

Not too many surprises this week only one undefeated fell (Canyon Creek) but most all went according to plan.

Flight A:
Oak Creek continued to roll on with a convincing victory over Westlake and set up a clash for 1st place this coming weekend v. Gleneagles. High Point met up with previously undefeated Canyon Creek and won easily 4-1. So this coming weekend will tell a lot about the fate of this flight. Oak Creek could all but secure their spot at the top with a win or at least a spot in the playoffs. Gleneagles will put up a good fight, I don’t see another 5-0 win for Oak Creek because Gleneagles is way too deep for that too happen. High Point has a bye this weekend and Canyon Creek has JCC so they have a chance to get back on track and stay in the mix at the top of this flight. I really expected Westlake to do well this season but they have struggled so far and look to have fallen out of contention with loss # 2.

Flight B:
Garland is now the only undefeated here but has to play Brookhaven this weekend so they will be tested for sure. After that we have two others that are at 2-1 (Lifetime and Stonebridge) Lifetime started strong at 2-0 but now faces some more quality teams and may fall from this spot which paves the way for Stonebridge to take over that 2nd spot. The match to watch for the 2nd spot may be the last day of the season when Brookhaven meets Stonebridge at Brookhaven. The rest of this group has slipped to two losses and beyond and would need to go on a big run to have a chance.

Flight C:
So this flight is shaping up to be a battle between Lifetime and Greenhill who meet on Oct. 14th. But there are two one loss teams that I know are legitimate contenders to catch the loser of that match and that is Oak Ridge and Springpark. Oakridge seems to have strength in depth as they have good players all the way down to #3 doubles although no dominant ringer. Springpark I have heard does have some singles players to watch out for but lacks some depth at doubles. If I had to pick a winner in this flight right now I think Greenhill has enough to win with John Sims and Jason Fraser and some very experienced doubles players.


  1. Anybody figured out yet where Oak Ridge is at? Tried to google it came back with Oak Ridge CC in Garland, Is that right?

    Also, Care to give us a prediction on Gleaneagles v. OC

    You sound like your taking the Westlake loss hard, Did you have some money on them or something?

  2. That is the one, David Prather sent me directions and it is off Beltine near 75.

  3. Westlake, I don't even know any of them but it is good to see brand new teams do well like they did in the Spring and I am sure they expected to do well again and it hasn't worked out so far.

    GE v. OC Prediction:
    Send me your lineup and I will predict. Ok well if Fults and Rajiv play singles for GE I have to think you all split with them and doubles I will have to go 2-1 for OC unless GE mixes things up.
    So I would vote for 3-2 OC win.

  4. Ahh,
    The kiss of Death
    With your prediction skills I was hoping you would go the other way,

  5. exactly my plan is now in full effect for the fall of OC this weekend. Best of luck you will win for sure (ha! did it again)

  6. After Dewayne's DQ I will change my vote to 3-2 Gleneagles although I think now you all might have more motivation than before.