Monday, October 15, 2007

3.5 Week in Review

3.5 Week in Review

Flight A:
High Point continued to look impressive with a 5-0 win over JCC and knocked them down to 6th place. Their new addition Di Zhao debuted with an almost double bagel at line #2 singles. Canyon Creek dropped two singles match but managed to win all the doubles matches to beat Chandler’s Landing and remain in 2nd tied with Gleneagles. Canyon Creek has three big matches that will show their true record very soon with Westlake next week, then Gleneagles followed by Oak Creek. Westlake swept over Eldorado to get back in the mix at 3-2 tied up with Oak Creek. So essentially 6 teams are alive here with legitimate chances to capture the top two spots. I have a feeling there will be a tie for 2nd place here so winning 4 and 5 lines will become important over the next few matches for these teams. High Point must remain interested and continue taking care of business and if they win big over the next two matches they could build up a big enough lead to clinch the #1 spot before the last match is even played.

Flight B:
Garland remained on top knocking off Hackberry rather convincingly only dropping a singles match. Ben Oberto dropped a double bagel on Stephen Levine at line 1 singles (ouch!) I don’t wish any bad luck on Garland but can you say STRIKE! (possibly his 2nd already) Stonebridge rolled to an easy victory to remain in 2nd place while Brookhaven notched a rather impressive 4-1 win over early front runner Lifetime/Kaiser. This flight should get interesting as it looks to be a fight between the top four teams (Garland, Stonebridge, Brookhaven and LB Houston) They all play one another down the stretch so this flight will take shape rather soon, I really think the Stonebridge v. Garland makeup match should be very close as well as LB Houston v. Brookhaven. I think when the dust settles you will see Stonebridge and Garland hang onto their top spots.

Flight C:
Greenhill remains on top as they knocked Lifetime/Ferrell further down the rankings with a 3-2 win. The doubles matches looked very close with Greenhill taking lines 1 and 2 with the most impressive win coming from the captain v. captain match at line 1 doubles where Kayser/Hall took out Ferrell/Blackburn. This win was very impressive and although this Greenhill lacks ringers at singles they do have some very good doubles teams. Terry Newman played #3 doubles in this match, I believe I played Terry at line #1 doubles at 4.0 a year or so ago. That shows you how deep this team is. The other team that finished this weekend looking good is the new Oak Ridge team headed up by David Prather who moved to 5-1 with a 4-1 victory over Oak Creek only losing the Jonathan Marcus at line #1 singles. Springpark also stayed on track with a close win over Greenhill/Lyon. I will get to see this Springpark team in person so I will let you know more about them next week as my team plays them. I am missing some good players so take it easy on me.


  1. I would be very surprised if Ben Oberto is not DQ'ed out right this week,
    Winning doubles matches at 4.0, then dropping the Double bagel has to be the kiss of death,
    Seriously, you really have to have it in for someone not to even toss them a courtesy game,

    "Friends don't let friends 6-0"

    If it does happen at least they will not lose any matches,

    Why was the JCC, Canyon Creek canceled last week, Weather was fine,
    Cary as the resident Jewish expert (aka - KotJ) and you advise me of any holidays that may have come into play?

  2. RE: Oberto

    I guess this cuts to the root of what the problem is,
    If I was the captain of this team, And this guy made it though the week,
    I would tell him to lose his next match, And that's how the DQ encourages sandbagging,
    If it was a situation where a player got bumped up, and off they went, that's fine,
    But who wants a ticking time bomb on there team, That goes off during the plays offs or sectionals?
    or if you had some 3-2 wins in your record?
    What would be the worst thing that would happen if people knew there dynamic NTPR rating?
    if someone was a 3.99 do you really think they would throw there next match on purpose or just move on to greener pastures,
    Then the Captains could at least police themselves.

  3. As much as I would like to see the discussion on the Dynamic DQing process continue, it is very apparant to me that the USTA is very aware of the issue, yet has done nothing. Play on, play hard and hope "Big Brother USTA" doesn't interfer.

    See posts on the usta petition site.

    It is quite unbelieveable as to not only how some teams but when some teams were impacted by the rule.

  4. It is only Tuesday AM if they counted that Manoutch win of 6-4, 6-2 as a strike then he is gone. I think I saw the DQ of Dewayne show up late on a Tuesday. I know what you mean about double bageling, if you are that in control of a match and it is nice weather then give the guy a few games. BTW if he loses matches that doesn't mean he is out of hot water, he is a ticking time bomb still, he can lose 3 times and then double bagel someone at playoffs and get DQ'ed.

  5. I know what you mean about just playing on. I will be honest I have never during a match thought about my final score, that is just way too much to think about and takes a lot of fun out of tennis

  6. Let me "chime" in on the double bagel scenario from someone who has given a couple of them in matches this year. One I gave to a top seed in a tournament and the other in 3.5 League Play.

    When you are up on an opponent, it is "key" not to let up, but finish the job. I played someone in Fort Worth, a Robert Foster, who was seeded, and ranked higher than me and still is. I had him 5-0 and I "let" up by just getting the ball back and stop playing aggressive which is the way I normally play, he won that game, got renewed confidence and just like that, I'm self-destructing and down 6-5. I eventually won the set at 7-6, but learned that even though it is nice to "let" someone get a game, there can be a domino effect. You also have to ask yourself, does your opponent want to win a game that way? 99% of them would say no, just play your game.

    One thing you can do after you have beaten someone 6-0, 6-0 is play them a set afterwards where all you do is just "keep" the ball in play, and see what happens. That way, they are bothered about being blasted off the court, but are encouraged that they played better afterwards.

  7. Looks like the Canyon Creek V JCC match just posted
    With a surprise win from JCC, boosting them into second place
    Bad News for Canyon Creek with tough Westlake, Gleneagles and an " Undefeated" Oak Creek
    JCC still with Westlake on the schedule

  8. wow that is a shocker! A default at line 2 singles, are you serious? I would say you guys are a shoo in as long as our guys win out which should happen unless GE puts up a big fight in the last match

  9. double bagel: Jonathan must be nice to have all that skill. I know what you mean, if you check out some of my recent scores I have lost and won matches in 3 sets where I won the first set very convincingly. Truly I only give games when there is "no" chance of the opponent coming back. Usually it happens more in singles for me because I am not a power player so if I am up big I practice shots I would not normally try in a match. If you ever see me running around to hit forehands then I am being "nice" to you. With that said in our team practices we love to throw down bagels on each other but it seems almost socially mean to slam a 6-0 on someone you don't know. Although certain players in our league I would relish the chance to throw a bagel to. Any one you all would love to bagel. You can post anyonymous or not. I will throw out a name. Craig K of OC, I actually like Craig but he beat me and my fav dubs partner a year ago and I still need a rematch, preferably at dubs but maybe singles.

  10. I still think you have to be some kind of Psychotic Mofo to hold your focus for 12 straight games.
    I would like to Bagel every pusher and slowballer I have ever faced,
    Guys like you friend TQ come to mind, although I have never played him,
    I got beat by few pusher last year, Just a total lack of patience,
    I don't see how someone can actually enjoy playing the game like that,
    I'll tell Craig you said that.

  11. I think Trae and I watched the match you are referring to (Cohen I believe) that was some ugly tennis. I agree I don't know how in the world that can be fun. I once played a guy who played normally the first set then just switched to that pushing style and literally did not try and win any points. I think I lost 0-6, 6-2, 6-0, it was ugly. TQ has least has some variety to this game and doesn't just wait for mistakes. He actually plays more agressive at practice but in matches tends to just get by on frustrating people.

  12. Would love to double bagel John Kraemer.