Monday, October 22, 2007

4.0 Update

Flight A:
This flight is starting to take form as it looks like it comes down to 3 teams for 2 spots. Stonebridge has a big tie break edge on High Point Somabut but they also have a remaining match with High Point/Giuhat. The only problem for Bob’s team is that team Giuhat doesn’t need to win that match so why would they play their best players? Who knows what will happen but I think the High Point groups will get in here although I wouldn’t be shocked if this Stonebridge team messes things up because they are on a roll lately.

Flight B:
So the clash of Lakes and Greenhill turned out to be rather anti-climactic as the Lakes won easily 4-1. That result in my mind kind of cements Springpark and the Lakes as the winners in this group, I just don’t see one of them dropping back far enough to have Greenhill catch them. I am still not totally sold on the Springpark team as a big contender but I do think the Lakes could cause problems in the playoffs for some of the other top teams although they would still be an underdog.

Flight C:
My team’s hopes ended Saturday with a loss to JCC so our big match up with Garland turned into a casual match for us and it showed as Garland won 4-1 and also picked up a 5-0 sweep over T Bar M to shoot up to 3rd in this flight. Lifetime had a dominating win to hold position in the 2nd playoff spot. Bartlett’s continued to look good as they won over Canyon Creek. So it really comes down to these three teams. I have played all three and Bartlett’s team is the best of the bunch but not by a huge margin. Both Garland and Lifetime use good 3.5 players to fill out #3 doubles and last I checked those players couldn’t even play in the playoffs because they would be needed more on their 3.5 teams for the playoffs. It should come down to the last week of the season when Lifetime plays Garland and they will need to win because they should be a 2 loss team by then since they still have a date with Bartlett’s team. If I had to put money down I would go with Garland because of their singles players but if they can manage to split singles with Garland I think they have better doubles teams.


  1. So Cary,
    You lost to a 3.5 player this week,
    0 - 4 at 4.0? Is that right?
    Missing 3.5 yet,
    So first had is Oberto Ready for the DQ?
    Had 2 more 4.0 doubles wins?
    Don't get me wrong I'm not rooting to see anybody get DQ'ed,
    I would just like to be able to know how it works and see some examples on what gets someone a strike and what does not.

  2. Quick question, when you say, put your money down on the singles players of Garland winning over Lifetime. How much might we be talking? If you look closer, one of their Singles player is undefeated in 4.0 Singles and undefeated for the entire season in all other matches.

  3. That match was wierd when I saw his name my first thought was should I lose 6-0, 6-0, nah that would be wrong, right? We actually had a good 1st set and my partner got broke serving at 4-5. After that the wind got frustrating and I decided to "hit some forehands" so we will see what happens. I would never try and get some DQ'ed but if it helped me get back to 3.5 I wouldn't be upset about it. I miss competitive 3.5 matches but I don't miss being "clearly above level" at times at that level. I am with you I don't like DQs but you do like to see the system work equally for all. Even more strange I was playing doubles with the guy who got DQ'ed off my 3.5 last year, it was his 3rd loss of the season and this time out we lost to two 3.5's so you can see how the system is obviously flawed.

  4. I guess it depends on if my payday lands on the Friday before that match or if my mortgage pmt is due but I would bet my house that William "Trey" Mckinney won't lose in the regular season and would bet at least $100 he won't lose in the playoffs if Garland gets there. Vijay will be hard to beat as well past that Malachai and Albert are both beatable but tough players. I haven't seen Oberto plays singles but he is young and about six foot and moves well so he would be worth betting on as well.

  5. Stop the presses---------High Point Giuhat in Flight A lost to the Village, yes you read that right the VILLAGE. You can find a bigger upset this year. HP was 5-0 and the Village was 0-5. That just shows you how wide open 4.0 tennis is in Dallas. There is not a large gap and now there are three teams with 1 loss tied at the top lead by Stonebridge.

  6. Looks like High Point/Somabut made up a match mid week and has improved to a 5-1 with a convincing 4-1 win over Hackberry. They keep adding players and they seem to be finding the right mix at the right time of the season.