Tuesday, October 2, 2007

3.5 Vegas Nationals

The Houston (with a little Galveston, FW, Dallas) super team is headed to Vegas for 3.5 Nationals this weekend. Do you think they have a shot of being 3.5 National Champs?

Some of you I know have played a lot their players in tournaments throughout Texas and John Kraemer is from here in Dallas and so many of you have seen or played against him. So let me know your thoughts.

I think they will do well if they can make it out of their flight. They truly only have one ringer Francis Tongol and after that they are just very deep and consistent. 3.5 Tourney champ Ismael Dutchover will be hard to beat in a long tournament so I see him doing well. The doubles teams of Freeman/Hart and Goodwin/Johnson will be tough to beat, I don’t think Freeman/Hart have dropped a set this year.

I had the pleasure of playing them on the court at sectionals and hope they do well this weekend.


  1. The Houston team just won their first match 4-1 over the team from the Oregon. Next up they will play the team from the Colorado who also won their first match 4-1 so if they win that match it is all but assured they will be moving on to Sunday's semifinal match.

  2. The Texas 3.5 lost to a team from Colorado 3-2 today and pretty much have no chance of advancing to Sunday now. It kind of blows my mind that their team could get beat like that. Kraemer and Dutchover were beaten in straight sets and their best doubles team was beat 6-3, 6-1.

  3. So the team from SD took the 3.5 crown with a convincing 4-1 victory over Intermountain (the team that took out Houston). I know I have ragged on my former section of So Cal for their lack of participation but I can never get on them for their level of play, the So Cal women also made it to the finals. Sounds like a good time and it is too bad one of the Texas teams couldn't have made it to Sunday but there is always next year and hopefully it will be in Vegas again.