Tuesday, October 16, 2007

4.0/4.5 Week in Review


Pretty light action at 4.0 since we had a bye for the Dallas Tennis Cup (anyone know how that went?)

Flight A:
Stonebridge had a big makeup win by knocking off Hackberry convincingly and taking over 2nd place, moving into 3rd was High Point/Somabut as they made up a rainout match with Brookhaven and won by yet another 3-2 score. They have won or lost all five matches in this fashion which should make for an interesting ending in this flight. Still a lot of tennis to be played in this flight and I still like the two High Point teams to win some big matches, I am just not a believer in Stonebridge or Canyon Creek quite yet, but I have been wrong before.

Flight B:
Springpark was the lone makeup match here as they improved to 5-0 with a win over LB Houston. Oak Creek and Eldorado also squared off and Oak Creek got their first win as a season as Blog all star DQ Dewayne Ahner (formerly of 3.5) debuted at 4.0 and lost a close match, hey maybe you are a 3.5 Dewayne. Although Dewayne did have the closest match with undefeated Jeff Weiss of Eldorado, so what a minute, maybe you are a 4.0 after all.

Flight C:
Brookhaven remained the only undefeated team with a make up v. Garland. Garland took line #1 singles with William McKinney (undefeated on the season) but lost the rest of the matches. The 2nd spot in this flight is still up for grabs with 5 teams with legit chances to finish up behind Brookhaven who looks to be unbeatable in this flight. Big matches this weekend T Bar v. Garland, High Pt. v. Garland and Lifetime v. LB Houston.

4.5 Matches

Flight B
Fair Oaks had off this week so they remain undefeated. LB Houston and Brookhaven squared off for sole possession of 2nd place. LB Houston won the match 3-2 by dropping two singles matches and winning all the doubles. Oak Creek/Feldman jumped up to 3rd place with a solid 4-1 win over the Lakes. This sets up a big match on 10/28 between LB Houston and Oak Creek/Feldman to see who will take over 2nd place. The would actually be tied record wise but they are currently tied at 19 individual wins so Feldman’s team would almost certainly win the tiebreaker if they just win out in their final two matches.

Flight A
Canyon Creek faltered for the 2nd week in a row with a loss to Stonebridge. Now that the luster has fallen off them it will be interesting to see who joins Rusty Branch’s team in the playoffs from this flight. Possibly T Bar M or Boverman’s Oak Creek team but they still have a date with Branch’s team at the end of the season so we will see how nice they are to one another when those lineups come out. Looking at these teams I am not sure at all who will come out and at risk of making a bad prediction I don’t see the 2nd place team in this flight making any noise in the playoffs.


  1. Branch's 4.5 team will win the fall with great ease. Fair Oaks are pretenders. Feldman's team is not what it used to be. Brookhaven lacks depth. Canyon Creek- not a chance. Branch wins unless "tank-itis" hits.

  2. Yeah after seeing some of these results I am beginning to realize just how easy it is starting to look for them. I do think you are right the only obstacle may be setting their lineups so they don't lose key players to bump ups. Good news is that ratings come out before the playoffs, so if James, etc keep their 4.5 ratings they can go crush people in the champ tourney.

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