Monday, October 8, 2007

4.5 Week in Review

So the two big matches happened this weekend, let's start with the Battle of the Oaks which went to Fair Oaks in a sweep, yes they whipped up on Royal Oaks 5-0. I know I and another poster have doubted just how good this team is but if you start to win like this I believe it becomes contagious so I would say watch out Oak Creek teams this group looks good.

Speaking of Oak Creek, they went into thier big match up with undefeated Canyon Creek and spotted them a default and then proceeded to beat them 4-1. Hey Oak Creek ,I was free on Sunday I could have taken a beating at line 3, give me a call.

One day I hope to have a team good enough, I can give the other team a head start and then romp them.

Anyway in Flight B other than Fair Oaks there are a bunch of other teams that are fighting for leftovers and to take the 2nd spot including OC/Feldman who took out a good Brookhaven team in a very close match.

In Flight A Canyon Creek still looks good for spot #2 but OC/Boverman and T Bar are lingering at the top as well.

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