Tuesday, October 2, 2007

4.0 Week Four Recap

4.0 Week 4Well there were some big matches and they seemed to have lived up to the hype.

Flight A:
The clash of undefeated High Point teams went to the underdog Adrian Giuhat’s team as they edged out a 3-2 win. I was most impressed by the win by Steven Bolden and Sam at line #3 doubles. I practice with Steven so I know how well he can play but he had been struggling with injuries lately. You must have played great, congrats! So now the Giuhat’s team stands at the top there are 4 teams locked at 3-1 (Stonebridge, Hackberry, Canyon Creek and High Point/Somabut) I think these teams are rather even, they all have some weak points but obviously are good enough to beat anyone. It looks like this flight will be decided late in the season. Some more big matchups this weekend before the bye week will be important including Stonebridge v. Hackberry and LB Houston v. Canyon Creek.

Flight B:
The three undefeated teams stayed undefeated and we just have to sit and wait till they play one another because they are just chugging right along with somewhat easy wins. I will mark my calendar for Oct. 20th when Greenhill meets the Lakes so we can see something happen in this flight.

Flight C:
Big win by T Bar started the weekend as they knocked off previously unbeaten Lifetime. They now bump up near the top with a strong 3-1 record. Brookhaven Bartlett stands at the top at 3-0 as they took out JCC and my team this weekend. We hung close but missed out on winning two 3rd set tiebreakers. Brad’s team is very good at doubles, I personally got killed at #1 doubles and I thought I played awesome. I guess my version of awesome wasn’t all that great. Garland has not posted yet and is still missing two match results so who knows what is going on with them but they are still 2-0. Pearlman’s team climbed from 0-2 back to 2-2 and is trying to make a run but with 4 teams in front of mine and Burt’s team it looks rather impossible to make up that type of ground unless some other teams fall backwards.


  1. 4.0 C Flight update, Garland loses to JCC this weekend and now only BH/Bartlett remains undefeated. Damn I was ready to pack it in for the season now I have to go get my racquet strung for the weekend match v. Garland. This tightens up this flight with 2 loss teams now having a shot to get back into the mix.

  2. By the way, Lifetime didn't lose to T Bar, they lost to Canyon Creek/Madison. Lifetime beat T-Bar, the third week of the season, 3-2. Having said that, I expect the season to get to be pretty tight further down.

  3. you are right I was looking at our flight yesterday and I think I misread it. A Canyon Creek loss was even more of a shock. This flight will get interesting for sure.