Monday, October 22, 2007

4.5 Update

Flight A:
At first I was shocked when I saw this, Branch’s team loses 1-4 to T Bar M but I wonder how much of that is just “working” on their ratings and hey I totally get that. They are still in first place an with no seeding in the playoffs as long as they get in the tourney they will be fine. This result will bolster the hopes of T Bar M to get into the playoffs since they only have one loss and two winnable matches left.

Flight B:
Looks like Fair Oaks will ease the rest of the way and finish undefeated here as far as the 2nd spot it comes down to OC/Feldman v. LB Houston this coming Sunday. The winner of that match should hold the tiebreaker over the loser and advance onto the playoffs. My pick goes with Oak Creek.

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